Chapter 339 - Otherworldly demon

Chapter 339 of 342 chapters

Looking at the evil demon God laughing wildly in the image, Lu Wu and Bei Li, the two old cunning men, could not help but laugh out loud.

In fact, not only were they not surprised by the resurrection of the evil demon God, but they were even a little surprised.

Bei Li had already discovered the problem when the divine artifact was analyzing the “great art of Foundation snatching”. This cultivation technique was not as simple as they had thought. It contained a killing intent.

[Foundation stealing technique (God-level cultivation technique Volume 1)]:

[Cultivation technique information: this cultivation technique was created by the ancient evil demon God in the blue Void big domain. It contains the essence of the evil demon God’s lifetime cultivation. It can seize other people’s cultivation Foundation and turn it into its own use.]

In the analysis of the divine weapon, the surface meaning of this technique was that it could seize the foundation of others for one’s own use, but in fact, there was a hidden meaning, which was to seize the foundation of the cultivator of this technique for the use of the evil demon God.

Lu Wu didn’t notice it at that time, but Bei Li had already noticed it.

Therefore, when Lu Wu was about to give all the players in the black prison sect access, Bei Li stopped him because she had a way to make the resurrected evil demon God fall into the trap successfully.

The resurrected evil god was just a consciousness that had been awakened in the black Tiger’s soul. In other words, he did not have his own soul at all, because he was attached to the black Tiger’s soul.

However, the black Tiger was a player, and the player’s soul was controlled by the divine weapon, which meant that it was controlled by Lu Wu.

The evil demon God had planned for this for a million years. He wanted to use the recovery of his cultivation technique to start the chess game again. However, the moment he was resurrected, he had already lost.

However, Lu Wu did not intend to capture the evil demon God into the divine artifact space now, because the time was not right yet. At this time, the evil demon God had already become a chess piece planted by Lu Wu and Bei Li, and it was impossible for it to escape.

However, it had to be said that the evil demon God was a true genius. He used the power of law to scatter his consciousness and integrate it into the world. Only by following the fixed trajectory of the cultivation technique to absorb the spiritual energy of the world would his scattered consciousness be summoned back bit by bit, and enter his soul with the cultivation technique.

This step was hidden too deeply, and even the gods would find it difficult to discover. As long as one cultivated this technique, they would definitely be parasitized by the evil demon God, and in the end, the evil demon God would use this body to be reborn.

However, Bei Li, the God of North divergent, did not take a fancy to his cultivation technique and abandoned it at the border of the two large domains. The evil demon God’s original plan of parasitizing Bei Li was completely fruitless.

In fact, Lu Wu was also very curious about why he gave up this skill in his previous life. Even Lu Wu felt that this skill that robbed other people’s talents to grow was really powerful and should be very tempting. Could it be that he found a problem with this skill in his previous life?

Lu Wu asked Bei Li about this.

Bei Li’s answer was that in Lu Wu’s previous life, he felt that the “following fate heavenly method” that he created was the best, and the other skills were all rubbish. He didn’t accept any rebuttal!

Lu Wu was speechless.


Emperor tomb mountain range, inner Lake.

The evil demon God’s consciousness turned into a thick black mist and rolled in the air.

At this moment, the evil demon God was very excited, because he had been resurrected, and everything could start over again.

Although it was a pity that he didn’t obtain Bei Li’s soul, at least he was alive. With the foundation stealing technique and his own godhood on the yin God List, he would be able to rise again.

Looking at the black Tiger that had stopped moving on the ground, the black mist that the evil god had turned into suddenly descended and pounced on the bodies of the black prison sect elder Han Xue and another disciple who had died long ago.

Although it was an Age of Chaos, under the call of the evil demon God’s powerful consciousness, the thin spiritual energy gathered here madly, carving a Foundation-stealing blood array on the bodies of Xue Han and the other black prison sect disciple. As the spiritual energy entered their bodies, their bodies began to melt rapidly, finally turning into two pills that shone with a blood-red luster.

Then, the black mist wrapped around the two blood pills and rushed into the black Tiger’s body.

At this moment, the black Tiger was not dead yet. Its soul flickered and trembled slightly. A black hole slowly formed beside it, as if its soul would leave its body at any time and enter it.

However, after the evil demon God entered his body, the black Tiger’s soul was locked in his body. With the nourishment of the blood pill, it gradually stopped being restless.

At this time, he could not let the black Tiger die. Although his consciousness was strong, it was too little. Killing Han Xue had consumed a part of his consciousness. He still needed the black Tiger’s soul to nourish his consciousness, and then he could choose the time to occupy the black Tiger’s soul.

If it wasn’t for the urgency of the situation just now, he wouldn’t have woken up.

After an unknown amount of time, the black Tiger slowly opened its eyes.

The moment it woke up, the black Tiger suddenly got up and began to observe its surroundings vigilantly.

I didn’t die?

At this time, the black Tiger was surprised to find that the bodies of elder Xue Han and the disciple had disappeared. Only their clothes were left on the ground, but the people were gone.

Black Tiger did not believe that elder cold blood had let him go. There was no good person in the black prison sect.

At this moment, the black Tiger suddenly thought of something and quickly reached out to touch its head.

The crack on its head was still there, and when he touched it, he felt a sharp pain, causing the black Tiger’s face to Twitch slightly.

He didn’t die even after this?

Black Tiger could not understand what was going on. Why was he still alive, but elder Xue Han and the black prison sect disciple had disappeared?

While he was confused, a voice suddenly appeared in the black Tiger’s mind.”

“Brat, I saved you!”

The sudden voice startled the black Tiger. It quickly looked around, but it didn’t see anyone.

“I’m In Your Mind, you can’t find me!”

“Who are you?” The black Tiger asked vigilantly.

“I’m An Evil God. The great art of Foundation snatching that you’ve learned was created by me!” The hoarse voice in his mind was clear, and the black Tiger could not help but shudder.

“Then why did you appear in my mind?”

“You’ve learned my cultivation technique, so you’re my disciple. I’ve died a long time ago, and this is just a wisp of my consciousness. I’ll be awakened after you practice your cultivation technique. I just saved you!” The evil demon God continued.

“Many thanks!” The black Tiger immediately said.

At this time, the black Tiger was on guard. Although the evil demon God had saved him and had not done anything harmful to him while he was unconscious, this consciousness had appeared in his mind after all, and it really made him a little worried.

After living in the black prison sect for a long time, Black Tiger was very wary of all uncontrollable factors.

“Kid, which region is this? why is the spiritual Qi so thin? Do you know the northern divergent God? And where did you get your cultivation method?” As he did not snatch the black Tiger’s soul, writing Demon God did not obtain the black Tiger’s memories. He could only ask.

“Big domain? God Bei Qi?” The black Tiger was stunned.

How could the so-called big region and Beiqi’s Black Tiger not be familiar with each other? wasn’t this something from the war game?

“Are you from the game world?”

“What game world?” The evil demon God clearly didn’t understand.

The black Tiger thought about it and told everything he knew to the evil demon God.

After hearing the black Tiger’s explanation, the evil demon God’s consciousness shook violently.

All of this was just too unbelievable to the evil demon God.

This was a huge conspiracy, and it was done flawlessly. There was no interference from the heaven realm or the netherworld Emperor. Everything was hidden so perfectly that even the knowledgeable evil demon gods trembled.

“Who is it? Is it Beili?”

At this moment, the evil god suddenly remembered something. Bei Li, the God of North divergent, had once recruited him, hoping that he would join the heaven defying Alliance.

When he thought about the plan to use the game as a cover to form an Army of players, the evil god once again firmly believed that it was Bei Li’s idea!

However, the evil demon God suddenly had a bad feeling.

Although he felt that Bei Li’s ability was not enough to completely control the black Tiger’s soul, as a player, there must have been some kind of control technique left in the black Tiger’s soul. He had to erase it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the soul that he had taken over would fall into Bei Li’s hands.

“Kid, from today onwards, I’ll help you grow as fast as possible. What you need to do is to speed up the cultivation progress of the ‘great Foundation stealing technique’!”

The evil demon God’s words made the black Tiger Alert again. He did not believe that the evil demon God who could create such a vicious cultivation technique would be so kind. However, he did not know how to expel the evil demon God from his mind, and his heart was filled with worry.

“I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Although I need a body to reincarnate, it won’t be you. As long as you’re strong enough, you can find a better body for me!”

30% true, 70% false. The evil demon God was born from the black Tiger’s soul, so it was very troublesome to exchange souls. However, these words once again lowered the black Tiger’s vigilance.

“What should I do?” The black Tiger continued to ask because he was too eager to become stronger.

“Tell me your current situation, I’ll think of a way!” The evil demon God replied.

The black Tiger did not hide anything and told the evil demon God about his situation.

After hearing the black Tiger’s description, the evil demon God laughed out loud.”

“This is considered a demonic sect?”

In Black Tiger’s description, the black prison sect was unpardonable and had no regard for human life, raising servants as slaves. However, in the eyes of the evil god, they were still too kind.

The she bi corpse race’s undying torture, the death garden that was watered with the blood of countless creatures, the great domain sacrifice, and so on … In the eyes of the evil god, everything that he had done was countless times more evil than the black prison sect described by the black Tiger.

However, this could not be called a demonic sect. It was only cruel and had nothing to do with the word ‘demonic’.

In the eyes of the evil demon God, the actions of the black prison sect were like child’s play. It was really laughable and did not deserve to be called a ‘demonic sect’.

In the demonic God’s mind, there was only one demonic sect, and that was the “heavenly demon” sect established by the human Emperor of the human realm. That was the true demonic sect.

They used the endless outer realms outside the Three Realms as their hunting ground, hunting down the various forces in the endless outer realms. When they were crazy, they would even fight against 28 endless outer realm forces at the same time with just one faction. That kind of madness and structure was completely incomparable to them. It was because of this action that they were called demons by the people of the Three Realms, and even called extraterrestrial demons by many outer realm forces!

(The endless outer realm is equivalent to a great universe, and the three Realms is equivalent to an incomparably huge planet. Therefore, the Three Realms are also an outer realm power in the eyes of the outer realm powers, just like how we are foreigners in the eyes of foreigners.)

In the eyes of the evil demon God, that was a true demon, and it was completely different from the cruelty of the black prison sect.

It was also the height that he had been pursuing all his life. He wanted to become as fearless as the extraterrestrial demon. He wanted to kill as he pleased. All living things were his targets. So when he heard the black Tiger describe the black prison sect as a demonic sect, other than sneering, he was even a little angry.

Because in the eyes of the evil demon God, they didn’t even have the right to become demon slaves, so how could they be worthy of the name of the demonic sect?