Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 342 chapters

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Initially, Lu Wu planned to follow Bei Li’s suggestion and immediately restore the equipment depot.

However, after he learned from Bei Li that a whopping 500,000 soul coins were required for the restoration, Lu Wu decided to abandon his plan temporarily.

The reason was simple. Unlike the Library where only books were stored, a lot of items in the equipment depot contained soul power. As extra soul power would be required to fill the soul equipment, it would cost them greatly if they were to restore the depot.

However, the construction of a Specter Ship, which was also mentioned by Bei Li, had attracted Lu Wu’s attention.

According to her, the Specter Ship was a unique ship that could devour any spiritual materials in the world to self-remold and evolve.

The ship was indestructible. Even if it was completely dismantled, the ship could return to its original form after it consumed a large amount of spiritual materials as long as its core was still intact. Therefore, it was very suitable for gamers.

By the time they got their hands on the blueprint, they could start producing basic models of a Specter Ship and sell them to the players. Then, the players could proceed to customize and upgrade their ships.

Lu Wu hit upon an idea, thinking that he might be able to make development simultaneously on land and at sea.

Meanwhile, the live streaming video that was broadcast on the forum yesterday had evoked a strong desire among the gamers to visit the Underworld Sea. Many fans were ready to build ships on their own, intending to rescue Liuli District from Cha Na before they commenced their voyage.

Cha Na of Liuli District had now became a thorn in the players’ sides. They were itching to eliminate him for good.

However, many players had watched the scene at the shore. They knew how powerful Cha Na was. With the capability of the current players, they would not stand a chance against him.

Even if they had an advantage because of their huge numbers, they were still no match for Cha Na in terms of their individual strength. Hence, they had to focus on their personal development.

But there was never a lack of talents in the forum. Soon, a few Strategy Masters had started to chalk out a stratagem.

On the other hand, some illogical players intended to hunt for Poseidon in the Underworld Sea in order to team up with him.

However, the suggestion was immediately rejected.

Although a lot of players adored the fearless Poseidon, they knew that this man was not an easy man. Considering that even Cha Na had to bow down to him, it was impossible for the players to negotiate their terms.

In spite of that, the players had not been demotivated. They began to map out a new operation plan and, at the same time, allowed the other players to store their strength. Once they were strong enough, they were bound to wipe out the Ghost General, Cha Na, and pillage his territories.

Meanwhile, for the players’ convenience, Lu Wu told Bei Li to add in a new feature for the game – an auction house.

The auction house allowed the players to easily search for required items. Players would now be able to find an item, which had been priced by the other players, just by typing the name of the item in the search bar.

As for those gamers who were of a higher level and wished to obtain advanced equipment, they could sell off their unneeded weapons in exchange for the equipment.

Inevitably, Lu Wu charged for the service, imposing twenty percent of the total sales in soul coins.

On the day the feature was launched, tens of thousands of items were placed in the transaction column.

There were a variety of items on sale. Other than weapons and armor, some players were even selling peculiar stones at an insane price, hoping to snap up bargains.

Many players could not help but rant about the omnipresence of unscrupulous merchants, causing some experienced players to recall the times when they were cheated in other games.


The next day after the launch, Lu Wu was sleeping soundly before Bei Li woke him up by shaking him strenuously.

Lu Wu opened his eyes and was instantly terrified by Bei Li who was staring at him with a pair of glowing eyes and a shabby dagger in her hand.

“Wu, I’ve found a way for the assassins to advance their character classes!”

“Calm down. Can you please put the dagger down?” Lu Wu pulled up his quilt nervously.

Appearing excited, Bei Li took a step backward and made a stroke in the air with the dagger.

“This is a relic of the Cursed Clan. To my surprise, it was found by a player! I think there’s a chance for the assassins to undergo class advancement.”

Lu Yi glanced at the rusty dagger with an apparent broken knife edge. He did not find it special.

“Is this thing powerful?”

Bei Li nodded her head vigorously, “Absolutely! This is the weapon of the Cursed Clan, I’ve been considering to develop the Cursed Clan as the assassins’ class advancement or hidden character class. However, it had always been merely an idea. This time, it can finally be materialized!”

Lu Wu was astonished by Bei Li’s proposal, “Tell me all the details. What’s this about?”

Bei Li gave another firm nod before she explained, “The cursed apostles once formed an influential clan in the Land of Beiqi. This clan was said to be related with the Naraka of the Underworld’s large domain. All the clan members were born killers, possessing the ability to summon the Cursed Demons. In the past, they declared defiance to the Lord King of Beiqi and was violently quelled by the great army led by the King of Beiqi. The word is that the clan has vanished from the Land of Beiqi. I was surprised when I discovered the object. I was planning to try my luck and search for it at the equipment depot after it’s completely restored.”

As Bei Li spoke, her eyes narrowed and turned into a crescent moon-like shape.

“I was bored just now, so I decided to check out the auction house. Eventually, I found this cursed weapon. I’m not sure who the player was who put it on sale and it was only worth five soul coins. Haha, I got myself a great bargain!”

“What’s the strength of the item?” Lu Wu replied with a grin.

“I’ll demonstrate it to you,” Bei Li held Lu Wu’s hand and immediately activated the artifact to travel to the Mansion of the Dead.

Still in his pajamas, Lu Wu was dragged by Bei Li into the laboratory in the Mansion of the Dead.

Bei Li toyed with the dagger. Then, with the assistance of the experimental machine, the dagger was disintegrated into innumerable tiny particles. Bei Li waved her hands. Followed by that, the particles were absorbed by the subring, an artifact in her hand, and were transmitted into the space of a battle artifact and turned into a series of data.

Immediately, Bei Li began to meticulously arrange the numbers.

After two hours of work, Bei Li finally put on a big smile, appearing excited.

Lu Wu immediately went forward. He quickly noticed the content that was converted from the data.

[Introduction of Character Class]:

[The Cursed Apostle]: The ones who are willing to be cursed and abandon their faiths in order to turn into the wielders of death. The Cursed Apostles obtain their source of power from pain. From their perspective, death is the beginning, while life is nothing but hell.

Character Class Specialty: Possess the cursing power and the ability to summon the Cursed Demons.

Weapon: Dagger

“That’s awesome!” Lu Wu, out of pure thrill, rustled Bei Li’s hair.

“Don’t disturb me. This isn’t complete yet. Give me a minute!” in her lab coat, Bei Li pouted as she gave Lu Wu a push, causing Lu Wu to stagger backward.

Bei Li promptly returned to work.

Lu Wu felt reassured and relieved.

Behind every successful man, there is an almighty woman. Who can deny that?


At noon, a notification alerted all players in the game.

“Server Announcement. Game update. New character class upgrade for assassin’s advancement: The Cursed Apostle.”