Chapter 342 - You lost all three rounds but didn't die!

Chapter 342 of 342 chapters

The appearance of this space tunnel caught the evil demon God off guard, and by the time he reacted, he had already been caught in the space tunnel.

However, what terrified the evil demon God was not the appearance of the spatial channel, but the feedback from the soul.

At this time, a burning mark appeared on his soul. It was also this mark that made him unable to resist the suction force from the space tunnel. His body kept shuttling back and forth in the tunnel.

The evil demon God’s face was filled with disbelief when he saw the mark.

In order to ensure that he would not be restricted after he seized the soul, he carefully checked the black Tiger’s soul thoroughly. He only started the possession after he had erased the taboo and made sure that there were no problems.

But why did the mark appear again?

The evil demon God thought of a possibility. The forbidden area that he had found before was fake and was just to lure him in. Only then would he be caught off guard and try to possess the black Tiger’s soul.

At this moment, the black circle at the end of the spatial tunnel appeared, and his figure was sent into the divine tool space.

Looking up, he saw two figures, one tall and one short, smiling at him not far away.

The evil demon God was on guard. He glanced at Lu Wu, then turned his eyes to Bei Li, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

Before this, he had guessed that this was all part of God Bei Li’s plan, but he had not been sure. However, after seeing little Bei Li, he was sure of his guess.

He was very familiar with little Bei Li. Although he didn’t know who little Bei Li was, she and Bei Qi Shen had always been inseparable.

“It’s really Beili? Where is she?” The evil demon God’s eyes were filled with hatred.

He had never thought that he would lose before the game even started. In the eyes of the evil demonic god, Bei Li must have set this up a long time ago and was just waiting for him to resurrect.

When Bei Li heard this, he squinted his eyes and smiled. He reached out and poked Lu Wu.

“He is!”

The evil demon God was stunned, and after taking a deep look at Lu Wu, he said in a deep voice,”

“I’m asking about God Bei Qi, Bei Li, who you’ve been following!”

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Lu Wu still nodded.””I am!”


The evil demon God immediately thought of the problem, but then he frowned.”

“No, you don’t have her divine seal in your body. You can’t be her reincarnation!”

“The divine seal has been destroyed. I was indeed Beili in my previous life. I have no reason to lie to you.” Lu Wu replied indifferently.

“Bei Li’s divine seal was destroyed?!”

Hearing this, the evil demon God was stunned. Even if Bei Li was the reincarnation, he would not believe it. In his opinion, unless the great emperor was involved, no one had the absolute power to force Bei Li to reincarnate. But now, hearing that Bei Li’s divine seal had been destroyed, the evil demon God was completely stunned.

“Tell me why?” The evil demon God asked with a Savage expression.

Bei Li was a strong enemy that he had acknowledged, and he had always wanted to win against her. Hearing her words, he didn’t feel happy at all, only endless anger.

Because Bei Li was no longer around, did that mean that he would no longer have the chance to win against her? he would have to be defeated by her for the rest of his life.

“You should know the reason. She tried to recruit you, but you rejected her!”

“The heaven defying Alliance?” The evil demon God’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

Bei Li nodded.”She’s never seen you as an opponent. In her eyes, you’re all gods on the yin God List. You should work together to fight against the heaven realm!”

“She’s courting death!” The evil demon God snorted coldly.

“But she has the courage, do you?” Bei Li looked at the evil demon God with disdain.

“We can’t make plans with different paths. Just because I don’t defy the heavens doesn’t mean I don’t have the courage, because the goal I pursue is to destroy those great emperors who control the netherworld but do nothing, and then pursue the great Dao of the heavenly demon!”

“Without the ancient Yin gods fighting to the death with the heaven realm, you might just be a prisoner of the heaven realm. What dreams and pursuits would you have? you must understand that you can pursue your dreams because the ancient Yin gods are carrying the burden for you!”

“The three realm treaty allowed the Three Realms to return to peace, but did you know that this peace was exchanged with the blood of the immortal ancient Yin God?”

“And what she took over was The Last Wish of the immortal ancient Yin God. As long as she is here, the heaven realm will never relax. Some things have to be fought for by themselves. When the strength of the two sides is unequal, peace can not last forever. After living for so long, don’t you understand this principle?”

Bei Li’s anger was like a blow to the head, and it made the evil demon God’s expression become complicated.

Before the Treaty of the Three Realms was signed, the heaven realm, as the final Victor, proposed a series of unfair treaties. However, even though the ancient Yin God was in a weaker position, he did not bow his head and chose to continue fighting. Although the current treaty of the Three Realms was still unfair, it was exchanged with the blood of the ancient Yin gods.

The price of resistance was tragic, but it was their sacrifice that forged the peaceful years of the netherworld.

Looking at the evil demon God, Bei Li continued to speak softly,”

“Someone had to step forward, and that was what she did. She hoped that more Yin gods would have the courage to stand with her, so she came to you. Do you really think she wanted to play the heaven and earth chessboard with you?”

“What do you mean?” The evil demon God’s expression suddenly froze.

“You lost all three games of the heaven and earth chessboard, but you survived!” Bei Li chuckled.

“That’s because I had the ability to survive. Do you really think that Bei Li couldn’t bear to kill me?” The evil demon God suddenly flew into a rage. Bei Li’s words had thoroughly provoked him.

“In the first game, you used two large domains as a chessboard to start the battle of large domains. You lost, but you didn’t die!”

“That’s because I used a wisp of evil thought to die in my place!” The evil demon God snorted coldly.

“But do you know? that evil thought didn’t die, because she didn’t plan to kill you at all!” Bei Li chuckled.

“Impossible!” “Die!” The evil demon God shouted in anger.

Bei Li didn’t explain and continued,”

“In the second round, you used the power of heaven and earth as a setup to start a battle of power. Each of you controlled a wisp of the clan’s fate. You lost, but you didn’t die!”

“I used the blood demon ancient altar to suffer the backlash of the world’s momentum in my place. In the end, the ancient altar shattered, and I naturally survived!”

“But did you know that the blood demon ancient altar wasn’t even destroyed? It was also because she didn’t want to kill you!” Bei Li continued to chuckle.

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” The evil demon God’s eyes turned even colder.

Bei Li shook his head and waved his hand. Three altars appeared on the ground.

These three altars were obtained by Bei Li from the path of Hell’s instance dungeon. They were also things that ye chen, ye Xue ‘er, and the others did not want.

Seeing the three altars, the evil demonic God’s mind trembled.

Bei Li waved his hand again, and an image appeared in the space of the divine artifact.

On the screen, Xie Wang was chatting with Li Xing, his face full of smiles.

The evil demon God who saw the evil king was so shocked that he could not speak.

This evil thought had been stripped away from him before he became a God. It had been by his side all this time and only completely disappeared after he lost the heaven and earth chess game. How could he not recognize it?

“What about the third round? if she didn’t want to kill me, why did I die in the third round?” The evil demonic God’s face was filled with malevolence.

“The third round is a battle of laws. You were also devoured by the laws and died. She couldn’t protect you, but she knew that you would be resurrected and also knew your plan!”

Looking at the shocked writing Demon God, Bei Li continued,”

“After you lost the third round, you set up two tombstones for yourself and engraved the” great art of Foundation snatching “on them, hoping that one day you could take over her body and revive. But she didn’t destroy the two tablets and placed one in your death garden and the other at the border of the two domains, giving you a chance to revive!”

“Do you understand now? Evil god!” Bei Li’s eyes were cold as he spoke.

Seeing that Bei Li was completely different from before, Lu Wu suddenly felt a little distressed and couldn’t help but reach out to rub her little head.

The evil demon God was completely stunned. He couldn’t accept that the opponent he wanted to defeat the most had actually bypassed him again and again in the dark. He couldn’t believe that it was just him who wanted to win. Bei Li had never even thought of accepting his challenge.

“What about this time? Did she arrange everything after I was resurrected?” The evil demon God asked with a complicated expression.

Bei Li shook his head.”It was all a coincidence. She reincarnated a long time ago, and her goal has always been the heaven realm. She never liked internal strife!”

“A coincidence?” The evil demon God muttered.

“Then what is your purpose in bringing me here?”

“She’s always hoped that you would continue to follow her!” Bei Li said solemnly.

“After a million years, this is the fourth time. On behalf of Beiqi God Beili, I would like to invite you again. Are you willing to defy the heavens with me?” At the end of the sentence, the cute and obedient Bei Li actually had a powerful aura around him, which really stunned Lu Wu.

Hearing this, the evil demon God’s heart was filled with struggle. His mind was in chaos, but the hostility in his heart continued to rise.

Suddenly, the evil demon God raised his head with a Savage expression.

“That’s her pursuit. Even if she didn’t Kill Me Three Times, I wouldn’t remember her kindness. What bullshit heaven-defying? what does it have to do with me, the evil demon God? even if the netherworld collapses, what does it have to do with me? my goal has always been in the outer realms!”

Hearing the evil demon God’s words, Lu Wu was a little speechless, and he was even more upset that he didn’t strangle this bastard in his previous life.

Thinking of this, Lu Wu turned his eyes to Bei Li, wanting to see what he was going to do.

At this time, Bei Li’s aura dissipated, and he looked at Lu Wu and said,””The negotiations have broken down!”

“Then what do we do?”

“You refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. If the soft approach doesn’t work, then we’ll use the hard approach!” As Bei Li spoke, he made a gesture of waving his blade.