Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 342 chapters

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Upon seeing the server announcement, the assassins in the game were fired up.

After they entered the class demonstration of the character class, the surrounding of the players rapidly changed to the familiar wilderness.

At the bare plain, the Rune Master had transformed into a silhouette who wore a tight black suit on his body and a demon mask on his face.

[Introduction of Character Class]:

[The Cursed Apostle]: The ones who are willing to be cursed and abandon their faiths in order to turn into the wielders of death. The Cursed Apostles obtain their source of power from pain. From their perspective, death is the beginning, while life is nothing but hell.

Character Class Specialty: Possess the cursing power and the ability to summon the Cursed Demons.

Weapon: Dagger

Prerequisites for the Character Class: Players must be Level 30 and above, with assassin as their default class.

After the introduction faded out, the silhouette began to move.

“First Level of the Naraka Realm – The Night Killer”

As the voice disappeared, a black circular formation appeared beneath the Cursed Apostle’s feet. Followed by that, a dense black fog spewed out of the formation and the demons’ cries reverberated across the atmosphere. It seemed like there were a mass of black, shrivelled-up arms reaching out of the formation, as though they were trying to grab onto something. But, soon, they disappeared in a flash.

Followed by the surfacing of the formation, a three-meter-tall shadow of the demon slowly appeared behind the Cursed Apostle.

The demon, which was crimson from head to toe, wore a livid face. Holding a bloody blade in its hand, it emitted an extremely intimidating aura.

After the formation disappeared, the Cursed Apostle made a strike with the dagger. In the meantime, the Night Killer Demon imitated the Cursed Apostle’s action and charged forward with the bloody blade. All of a sudden, a beam of red light flashed past, leaving a bottomless crack on the surface of the ground.

The scene paused and an introduction of the skill popped up.

[First Level of the Naraka Realm, the Night Killer’s Spell]: Summon the Night Killer Demon as Guardian Apostle for 30 minutes. During this period of time, any attack will strengthen the power of the Night Killer. Meanwhile, with the protection of the Night Killer, any damage the player suffered will be reduced by fifteen percent.

The introduction of the skill disappeared and the tutorial continued.

“Second Level of the Naraka Realm – Avīci”

As the second skill was activated, the Night Killer Demon vanished. This time, another formation emerged under the Cursed Apostle’s feet. The shadow of an Avīci Demon, coupled with a pair of wings, appeared behind the Cursed Apostle.

The Avīci Demon made a strenuous flap with its wings and brought the Cursed Apostle into the air.

In mid-air, the Cursed Apostle launched an attack with his dagger. The shadow of the Avīci Demon then let out a low growl before it dashed toward the direction where the dagger was pointing at.


The earth quaked and a deep pit appeared at the area of explosion while raging fire burned relentlessly within the pit.


The Cursed Apostle gradually descended from above. His toes gently touched the ground before he eventually made a landing.

[Second Level of Naraka Realm – the Avīci Demon’s Nihility]: Summon the Avīci Demon as an Attacking Apostle for one minute. Within this period of time, players will be granted the ability to fly. Players are allowed to choose an area as the Avīci Demon’s target. Extensive damage will subsequently be triggered.

“Third Level of Naraka Realm – Prajñā Scarification”

After the third skill was actuated, the third formation took shape on the ground.

Out of the players’ expectations, this time, what appeared at the back of the Cursed Apostle was not a demon, but a golden buddha that was sitting cross-legged on a lotus throne.

Meanwhile, a berserker, who held a silver greatsword in his hand, materialized before the Cursed Apostle.


The berserker roared as he charged toward the Cursed Apostle.

The Cursed Apostle gave the berserker a chilling gaze before he lifted the dagger and thrust it forward.

All of a sudden, the berserker, who was initially storming forward, was stunned and stopped in his tracks. He struggled with a scowl on his face, but there was no way for him to break free from this invisible fetter.

Before long, the players were astonished by the subsequent scene. The Cursed Apostle lifted the dagger and mercilessly stabbed himself in his chest.


The Cursed Apostle was not injured by the self-mutilation at all. On the contrary, blood gushed out from the mouth of the berserker, who was at a distance, and his chest was punctured.

Upon seeing that, the Cursed Apostle sneered. Then, he moved the dagger to his neck and stabbed it ferociously.

At this moment, an amicable smile was painted across the face of the Prajñā Golden Buddha’s statue. As if a kind man who offered salvation to all sentient beings, the Buddha shimmered in glory and an enormous symbol ascended above his head.

The color of the bloodstain on the neck of the berserker gradually darkened. He then fell onto the ground and dissipated into a waft of black smoke.

[Level Three of the Naraka Realm – the Prajñā Scarification’s Ultimate Move]: One of the three ultimate levels. Reincarnate as the Prajñā Magic Buddha for one minute. Within this period, the targeted opponent will be forcefully controlled and restricted. In the meantime, any damage suffered by the Cursed Apostle will be reduced by 85 percent and the chosen target will bear the damage instead.


Once the class demonstration of the 18 levels of Naraka were completed, another notification popped up:

[Attention: The Cursed Apostle will be able to illustrate 18 types of demons of the Naraka Realm and possess the ability to perform 18 forms of attacks, that consists of four stages ranging from basic to advanced, namely spell, nihility, void, and ultimate. Among all the levels, the third, ninth, and 18th are levels of extreme evilness, which will be exceptionally difficult to acquire. For further details, please refer to the Class Advancement Instructor.]

The notice regarding the class advancement of the Cursed Apostle electrified the players.

Strike_Gold: “Fuck! I have a feeling that the Cursed Apostle who grasps all 18 Naraka Realms will be more powerful than the Rune Master. This is insane! He can kill his opponents by inflicting suicide. He is matchless!”

Ye_Xueer_is_the_cutest: “Argh! Please allow me to undergo class advancement immediately! I want to rule the Naraka Realm. This is so cool! Nothing is better than fighting alongside the shadows of the demons! As expected, assassins are the best job in the game. The remaining character classes will be thrashed within a fraction of a second.”

Crayon_Shinchan: “How about the mage? My middle finger is losing control. Someone please hold it down for me.”

Assassin_Creed: “I’m on my way to find the Class Advancement Instructor. I think I will get insomnia if I don’t complete the class advancement now.”

A_Mammoth: “Honestly, the Cursed Apostle is terrific! This character class completely fulfills my fantasy, especially the shadows of the demons behind the player. I’m begging for class advancement materials. I want to go through class advancement right now!”

Black_Witch: “What happened to the wonderland the mages were promised? How can assassins turn so powerful? All the mages will be dead if we encounter an assassin who has mastered the third level of Naraka Realm in the later stages of the game.”

Jia_Xu: “Shut up, everyone. I predict that Athena will be the class advancement for mage. Successful class advancement would immediately promote the character class to god. Then, we will be able to destroy the earth within a second.”

A_Mysterious_Deity replied Jia_Xu: “That’s bullshit. Athena? Do you want me to send over a few cockroaches for you to form a team of Saint Seiya?”


Following the debut of the Cursed Apostle, all the assassins were pumped up.

In the public’s opinion, the rise of the assassins was inevitable, providing that they could achieve the character class advancement to transform into the Cursed Apostle and master the 18 Naraka Realms. After that, they would basically be invincible.

However, there were circumstances that they did not foresee. All assassins lost heart after they read the prerequisites for class advancement.