Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 342 chapters

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At the brink of death, Sun Qi was suddenly reminded of something. He activated the Skill Menu and selected the live streaming option.

Then, he typed the title, “I’m in a tight situation, requesting backup now. This is urgent…”

After the livestream began, he silently waited for other players to save a weakling like him.

Moments later, many players began to appear in the live streaming channel.

“What is this place? The view here is amazing!”

“Simple. Perform a Gecko Wall Climb and you can get up easily. Also, a Wudang Ladders sounds good, too.”

“Noob! Just do as I say, put your left foot on your right foot and levitate. You’ll be out of there in no time.”

Besides the players who were here for the drama, some of the players provided some supposedly helpful advice.

Sun Qi attempted every possible way, but to no avail.

An hour later…

Sun Qi was even more distressed as he laid down slowly and stared at the sky.

Lu Wu was anxious when he saw this. Therefore, he registered an account via the official website and posted a message in the livestream’s comment section.

“Hey man, cut your finger and try to paint your blood on the rock wall!”

Sun Qi looked at Lu Wu’s comment and quietly shifted his attention back to the sky once again.

Hopeless, he was too tired to try again.

Lu Wu was lost as well. It was clear that the player had given up and was no longer interested in trying out any groundless suggestions that were posted in the comment section.

Lu Wu had no choice but to activate his reward menu. He set aside five soul coins as a reward and posted another comment.

“Brother, just do as I say and these five soul coins are yours!”

Sun Qi appeared puzzled at the sight of the soul coins.

In Sun Qi’s opinion, this player had a convoluted mind because he seemed to enjoy watching someone else’s suffering.

However, for the five soul coins, Sun Qi sighed as he stood up. He held the greatsword and slit his wrist with it. He hurriedly pressed his wrist against the rock wall before the healing power of the wall was activated.

The following scene made the spectating players and Sun Qi’s jaws drop.

Sun Qi’s arm was magically stuck on the rock wall and he was unable to remove his arm. All the blood that came out of his wrist was absorbed by the rock wall.

That sight did not cause Sun Qi to panic. Instead, he was overjoyed. He thought to himself, I can finally be freed.

The other players were rather curious, “Brother, rest in peace. We’ll see you in three hours!”

Sun Qi’s face looked pale due to the massive blood loss. When he thought his life was about to end, a sudden wave of energy coursed through the rock wall.

Following a wail, a shadow of a white deer appeared from the rock wall. It danced around Sun Qi as fluorescent green specks of light filled the pit.

Everyone was stunned by the sight, clueless of the whole situation.

The white deer circled Sun Qi for a moment and Sun Qi suddenly realized that his health was completely restored.

When Sun Qi was about to close off himself, the white deer grunted softly. It then lowered its head and charged toward Sun Qi’s core.

Bei Li, who was already prepared, activated the weapon and began to digitalize the inheritance.

With Sun Qi as the center, a flash of green light ran around the pit. A green cocoon slowly took shape and encased Sun Qi.

“Server Announcement: Congratulations on player Sun Qi’s successful class advancement and unlocking of the hidden character class: White Phantom”

A server announcement popped up, causing a commotion in the game.

Soon enough, many people found Sun Qi’s livestream channel. The number of viewers quickly exceeded fifty thousand. Before long, the viewer count had hit a hundred thousand.

“I was snacking when this fellow advanced into a hidden character class. If you have just joined the livestream, you can watch the replay…”

“That’s awesome! The first hidden character in the region. But, you’re not as good as you seem?”

“Damn. What’s a White Phantom? Help me out!”

The page was continuously refreshed as hundreds of new comments appeared every second.

At this moment, Sun Qi felt as though his mind was overwhelmed by new information. However, the information was intercepted by the artifact before it was translated into data and displayed before his eyes.

A moment later, the eyes of countless players shone with excitement as the green cocoon burst open and the pit was instantly filled with green thick fog.

The players who were watching the livestream held their breath as they anticipated the White Phantom’s first appearance.

When the white fog slowly dispersed and Sun Qi finally reappeared, the other players put on an indecipherable expression.

A puppy with white, smooth fur appeared at the bottom of the pit.

In the comment section:

“Hahaha, I laughed so hard that I blew a snot bubble. Congratulations on transitioning into a dog!”

“I can’t stand it anymore. I just had my operation done today. I’m out. This is too hilarious!”

“Hahaha! Congratulations! Your hidden character class is so cool!”

“I accidentally choked on water just now. Anyway, congratulations, too!”

“Are you trying to kill me with laughter and then ruin my credit score? What a shameless fellow! Hahaha!”

Sun Qi was also very confused. He was not aware of what had happened. He only knew that he seemed to have transitioned into a hidden character class, not knowing that he had actually become a dog.

He instinctively opened his Skill Menu.

Player: Sun Qi (Player Level: Level 21, 26%)

Character: White Phantom Spiritual Beast (First Form)

Introduction of the White Phantom Spiritual Beast: A type of unique and precious Yin soul beast that inhabits the Land of Beiqi. The noble blood of the Divine Beast flows within them. When their lives are coming to an end, they will search for a concealed place to pass on their inheritance to the beings who encounter it by fate.

Character Class Specialty: Every level upgrade will increase the player’s attributes by 100%. At Levels 20/60/90/120, the player will receive an Inherited Skill. The second form will be unlocked upon reaching Level 150.

Note: The blood of the White Phantom has healing properties.

The players who were initially teasing Sun Qi were astonished after they read Sun Qi’s Skill Menu.

“Damn it! I want to be a dog, too. I didn’t foresee it to be the inheritance of the Divine Beast. I’m so jealous!”

“You’re in luck! You upgrading one level is equal to us upgrading two levels. This is crazy! You’re so lucky!”

“Apart from the adorable appearance, the attributes are amazing. I am absolutely jealous.”

“Have you all realized that his blood has healing properties? The first medic of the region has appeared!”

“He’s not a medic! He’s basically the holy grail! I have prepared a washbasin to fill up his blood because the potions in the shop are way too expensive!”

“I have prepared a water tank. Are you ready to extract your blood?”

“Shut up, guys. Mister white puppy, do you want to be my pet? We will be the strongest in Beiqi and eliminate all the traitors of the ghost clan! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Sun Qi’s Skill Menu had caused a hubbub among the players. All the players were enthusiastically discussing Sun Qi’s transformation into a puppy.

Sun Qi’s inheritance was deemed as pure luck. Even Lu Wu did not have the Class Advancement Menu of a White Phantom.

The other players were also keen to become a White Phantom. But they have to find the land where the White Phantom had left its inheritance behind.

Of course, the chances would be extremely slim.