Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 342 chapters

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Upon seeing the attributes menu, Sun Qi was overjoyed.

As a beginner with neither skills nor cash to spend in the game, his only means to upgrade his level and obtain equipment was to fight monsters. But now, everything had changed.

Owing to this hidden character class, he would definitely be able to turn into a pro. Perhaps, he could even become one of the top-notch players.

However, he was not quite accustomed to his new dog form yet. He glanced at his paws and began running in the pit experimentally.

As he slowly got used to the body, Sun Qi put on an ambitious expression as he braced himself for a mighty leap. Then, he started to bounce between the granite walls.

Buffed by his new form and powerful attributes, this time, Sun Qi managed to spring out of the pit with ease.

Taking a deep breath of the fresh air outside, Sun Qi was satisfied. He could already foresee himself on the path toward the glorious peak of his life.

In the comment section:

“What an agile doggy! So, his previous attributes were doubled as well after his class advancement? I wish I were him!”

“Buddy, are you interested in joining the Association of the Guardian Angels? We are in need of talent like you!”

“Hey buddy, the Battle Wolf Guild would surely be the most suitable for your development. Come! Join us on our quest to build this game’s strongest guild!”

“Doggy, be my pet!”

Reading the players’ comments, Sun Qi smiled. For the first time ever, he felt popular and important.

Just as he was falling into his fantasy, a net made of vines suddenly fell from a tree nearby. Sun Qi was caught within and before he realized what was going on, several heavy blows from a wooden stick struck him.

Sun Qi barked in agony.

“Brother, this doesn’t look like a zombie wolf to me. It’s just a white puppy,” lifting a corner of the net, a girl with a wand said disappointedly.

“It’s fine. Tie it up. We can use it as target practice. Zombie wolves are rather difficult to tame anyway. This little white puppy should be pretty easy to handle,” said the disheveled assassin player.

“Hmm! Let me try it out!” the female player grabbed her wand and nodded.

In the midst of Sun Qi’s utter confusion, he was dragged out of the net and tied to a dead tree.

In the comment section:

“Hahaha! Oh my god! Someone, I need help! Our almighty hidden character class is going to be tamed!”

“These two players are unbelievable! They managed to kidnap the first player with a hidden character class! My stomach hurts from laughing. Hahaha!”

“I’m just sitting here waiting to see him tamed. Use as much violence as possible. Don’t go easy on him! I need this to relieve my jealousy.”

“The first-ever White Phantom pet is going to be born. Let’s join to watch the fun!”

When Sun Qi saw the female player took her cane out excitedly, his mouth went agape and he began to wail.

“Hey, hey, hey! I’m a player. A player!”

Due to his transformation, his wails simply sounded like barks to the female player.

“Look, sister. All wild beasts carry their vicious instincts. Don’t underestimate it for its size. You have to cane it with all you’ve got to make it fearful of you. This is the first step of beast taming, like what the beast taming master taught me.”

“Got it, brother!” the female player replied with a firm nod.

Upon listening to that, the audience burst out laughing. Even Lu Wu and Bei Li, who were watching the scene, were unable to bite back their laughter.


Sun Qi grit his teeth as the blows rained upon him.

“Smack, smack, smack!”

A couple of consecutive blows later, Sun Qi was left whimpering. He was filled with dread when he saw a shred of excitement flash through the female player’s eyes as she continued her brutal caning.

If he could, he would have hidden his face. Then, he recalled that he was still in the midst of a livestream. He was so embarrassed that he would rather die.

He had missed the best chance to escape earlier. Now that he had been tightly restrained, Sun Qi was clueless about what he should do next. He even began to worry whether the two players would decide to simply kill him off in the end, the assassin player especially.

Sun Qi had heard that all assassin players had been going mad over Blood Essence points lately, to the point that they would kill all the plants for it if they could.

Then, Sun Qi suddenly recalled that he probably would have received an Inherited Skill, considering he had achieved Level 20.

Immediately, he activated his Skill Menu.

[Sweet Rain Dew (Inherited Skill)]: Players are able to summon a healing rain within a certain range. This will drain 2 percent of the player’s max health per second and trigger a huge range of area of effect healing.

Seeing that it was actually not a battle skill, Sun Qi glanced at the female player, who was standing before him, in despair before a tear rolled down his face.

“Brother, the white puppy is crying!”

Noticing that, the assassin approached Sun Qi and said, “Old dog, why are you crying? You ought to be ashamed to cry at this old age.”

In the comment section:

“I’m choked with laughter! He’s right! Why is an old dog like him crying? That’s so shameful!”

“I’m keeping this as a meme, hahaha! I swear I’m going to die from laughter as I watch this livestream channel.”

“Didn’t you all notice the Inherited Skill? It’s insane! I’m sure whoever recruits this puppy to join their guild will get a huge leap in their ability for wilderness player killing!”

“I noticed. This is the first time I’ve seen a healing skill, not to mention an area of effect one! The puppy is probably going to be a popular target for recruitment from now on.”

Meanwhile, facing the two torturers, Sun Qi turned his face away before he let out a few sobs. He had given up on resisting. He turned his pain reception down to zero so that he could at least be spared from the pain.

Indeed, the two players carried out a whole series of inhumane taming trials on him that were nothing short of his expectations.

Eventually, the mistaken taming process came to an end when other players, after laughing their heads off, finally decided to take pity on the white puppy, who was already on the verge of submission, and rescue him.

Sun Qi’s experience was a laughingstock for the players, but many also came to realize something, too.

It was true that there were inheritances in the game, and heirs of these inheritances would receive a powerful hidden character class.

This sparked the flame in many players, as they began to search all over the map for pit holes and tunnels in hopes of receiving an inheritance for a hidden character class.

It led to many weird occurrences in the game — some obsessive players went to the extent of jumping into every pit and hole they came across, creating many hilarious incidents.

Others went even further — they specifically jumped off cliffs in the delusion that there were some ultimate inheritances beneath the cliff.