Chapter 49 - Demonic Sage Of Ten Swords

Chapter 49 of 342 chapters

Chapter 49: Demonic Sage Of Ten Swords

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After a few rounds of violent exchanges, the bloody ‘-1’ that continuously appeared above Mu Jiuge’s head caused his face to turn pale.

He could not believe that his swordsmanship, which he took pride in, was merely child’s play in front of this man.

“Go to hell!” eventually, Mu Jiuge could not help but to unleash his berserker’s skill, the Groundbreaking Slashes.

A fiery red blade surfaced from the ground. It formed a crescent shape, then charged toward Ao Jian.

Upon seeing this, Ao Jian focused his gaze before he nimbly dodged the blade and avoided the attack by the skin of his teeth.

“Wu, one of the inheritances in the Spirit Summoning Palace seems unstable!” Bei Li, who was eating, said in a serious tone.

“Huh?” puzzled, Lu Wu stared at Bei Li.

“Let’s go and have a look!” Bei Li’s consciousness entered the artifact and Lu Wu quickly followed after seeing that.

The battle between Mu Jiuge and Ao Jian was still ongoing. Mu Jiuge could not help but use his skill after he learned that Ao Jian was a strong opponent. After all, his dignity did not allow him to fail.

However, he was surprised by the fluidity of Ao Jian’s sword skills. Ao Jian was able to avoid Mu’s skills and, at the same time, struck him with his sword.

Facing such a skillful opponent, Mu Jiuge was slowly worn out as the fight continued. He panicked when he saw his health that was soon going to be depleted and messed up his subsequent performance.

Conversely, Ao Jian remained cool and ruthless as he moved his sword agilely as though it was a part of his arm and launched multiple attacks toward Mu Jiuge.

“Ding! You have killed the player, Mu Jiuge.”

As the notification appeared, Mu Jiuge slowly fell onto the ground with resentment written across his face before he eventually turned into black smoke and vanished into thin air.

Ao Jian was surprised by Mu Jiuge’s extremely ordinary swordsmanship. In fact, Ao Jian thought Mu Jiuge’s skill was almost terrible. It was not what he expected from a swordmaster.

In spite of the disappointing battle, Ao Jian was astonished when Mu Jiuge showcased his skills during the later part of the fight.

Ao Jian could clearly sense the change of the surrounding energy when Mu Jiuge exhibited the skill. Ao Jian was completely amazed by it.

A man with the worst swordsmanship had actually fought and simultaneously activated the energy of heaven and earth. What was deemed impossible by Ao Jian had happened right before his eyes.

When Ao Jian was pondering over the question, a notification popped up and Ao Jian sensed that a great force had landed on him.

[Server Announcement: Congratulations to player Ao Jian for comprehending the sword spirit and achieving the hidden character class: The Demonic Sage of Ten Swords.]

Lu Wu and Bei Li were dumbfounded to see what had happened.

According to Bei Li’s settings, some of the hidden character classes in the Spirit Summoning Palace would only be unveiled under certain conditions.

As these valiant spirits still carried their remaining consciousness, they were allowed to choose their inheritors based on their own will.

As the actual location of the Spirit Summoning Palace was located within the artifact, the valiant spirits could absolutely feel the player. However, this was the first time the valiant spirit connected with the player, triggered the settings of the artifact and revealed the inheritance.

“What power is this!”

Ao Jian was horrified as he could clearly feel a force of the Supreme Kendo lingering above his head.

He appeared enthralled by the domineering yet overwhelming energy as his lips gently trembled.

This was the power of ultimate kendo that he had never possessed and had always yearned for.

Ao Jian raised his hand, intending to touch the energy above his head. However, at this moment, the energy rushed into his body.

In the meantime, the artifact was activated and all the inheritance was digitized.

Then, a man with a wrinkled face, who was carrying a Nine Spiritual Sword, appeared in front of Ao Jian.

The character class menu of the Demonic Sage of Ten Swords popped up.

[Demonic Sage of Ten Swords]:

Background of Character Class: Jian Chou devoted his life to comprehend kendo to avenge his father’s death. Owing to his lack of talent, many times he almost lost his life. While the other swordsmen continued to grow stronger, he was no match for his rivals. He went into seclusion for thirty years and vowed that he would never leave the mountains until the day he grasped the ultimate kendo.

Thirty years had passed when Jian Chou finally left the cliff of despair with nine swords and mercilessly killed his enemies.

Quote from Jian Chou: “One’s lack of talent can be curbed by a sword. If one sword is not enough, use two; if two swords are not enough, use three. I spent thirty years to comprehend kendo and created ten swords. And, I am the tenth sword.”

Character Class Introduction: The Nine Spiritual Swords will be upgraded alongside the player’s level. When one has fully grasped the kendo, one can slash the heavens, the earth, and all their foes.

Character Class Weapon: Unique character class, unarmed.

Character Class Growth: No additional attributes. Not allowed to acquire the berserker’s skill.

“Demonic Sage of Ten Swords… Demonic Sage of Ten Swords!” Ao Jian murmured with a blank look on his face.

“No. Where did the energy go? Where is it? Give it back to me now!”

Aggrieved, Ao Jian howled as he could no longer feel the energy after it fused into his body.

At this moment, he suddenly turned his head and found nine spiritual swords of different colors, that were levitating in the air, behind him.

“It will be upgraded alongside the player’s level…” realization hit Ao Jian hard as he reread the menu. He then rushed to the Mansion of the Dead.

Flustered, Lu Wu and Bei Li watched as Lu Wu sprinted toward the Mansion of the Dead, not believing that the level-zero player had actually earned the inheritance.

Unbeknownst to them, Ao Jian almost thought that his supreme inheritance was gone when it was actually being digitized.

After he learned that only upgrading his personal level could trigger the power of the Demonic Sage of Ten Swords, Ao Jian embarked on his journey to upgrade his level and grasp the true purpose of swordsmanship.

After Ao Jian had comprehended Jian Chou’s Demonic Sage of Ten Swords, Ao Jian reckoned that this might be the time for him to take his revenge. This was the true Supreme Kendo! He believed that if he thoroughly understood the power of Jian Chou’s kendo, he would be able to defeat Wu Qing!

Jian Chou’s kendo was aimed for revenge. Just like Ao Jian, Jian Chou had an enemy who was far stronger than him. Ao Jian felt as though they shared the same experience.

To quote Jian Chou, if one was not as strong as one’s rival, he or she should use two, if not three swords. Jian Chou’s kendo was what Ao Jian had always desired.

However, Ao Jian did not know that Jian Chou’s valiant spirit was moved because they shared identical sword spirit. That was why Jian Chou passed his inheritance to Ao Jian.

At this moment, Ao Jian had found his purpose in the game. He regained his enthusiasm while his cracked sword spirit was once again consolidated.