Chapter 51 - Do You Play Battle Online, Too, Master?

Chapter 51 of 342 chapters

The sun was rising from the east and its beaming light dyed the Cachito Mountains red that were usually covered with white snow throughout the year.

Gu Yu (Invincible_Loneliness) widely opened his arms to feel the amazing nature in this serene world. His cheeks had turned pink because of the cold air, yet he enjoyed the moment. Though incomprehensible, it was all shown by the expressions in his eyes.

Gu Yu stood on the highest cliff and looked down. The red crimson mist was like rolling waves and underneath was a sliver of silver lining. The mountains within resembled intertwining snow dragons, while the piercing cold wind clashing in the air created howling sounds like the roars of a raging dragon.

As he looked back at the few squad members, there was an expression of helplessness shown on Gu Yu’s face.

It was an order by his father to hike up to the peak of the Cachito Mountains. He had no choice but to obey the command and come all the way here.

Otherwise to Gu Yu, he would rather be cooped up at home playing Battle Online. At the same time, he could collect some soul coins to level up his game. That would make him happier.

His father was a business tycoon who owned countless properties and estates.

According to his father, he was once an ordinary extreme sports athlete. One year, he came to the Cachito Mountains with his team members for a wingsuit flying challenge sponsored by a dairy beverage company.

When his father climbed to the top of the mountain, he met a mysterious man. According to his father, this man’s guidance and blessing had led him to his success today.

An atheist like Gu Yu obviously would not take it seriously but merely treated it as a fable.

Naturally, he did not believe in the existence of any magical persons or divine entities. However, he just could not disobey his father, so there he was, obediently carrying out his father’s request.

Gu Yu’s father had even spent a fortune to hire a team of professionals to protect and help him on his journey to the peak of the mountain. At the same time, he was given a piece of jade by his father. He was to present the piece of jade when he reached the top in order to meet the mysterious man.

Gu Yu grew increasingly excited as he approached the mountain top.

He finally knew why his father liked extreme sports. It was the feeling of accomplishment in conquering nature.

As he stepped toward the peak of the mountain and looked down, he saw mountains shrouded in clouds and mist. He then gave a loud cry of excitement.

At the time, little did Gu Yu notice when the jade in his pocket suddenly flashed with a beam of light. In the meantime, in a wooden hut at the top of the mountain, a man wearing worn-out clothes who was seated cross-legged opened his eyes slowly.

“This is great! Hehe, it was said that the mountains at the Cliffs of Desperation are much higher than the peak here. I shall challenge it soon!” Gu Yu mumbled alone in excitement.

He had only treated this hike as an amusement.

While looking at his squad setting up camp for the night, Gu Yu took out his oxygen cylinder and took a few breaths. After informing the squad that he would explore the areas deeper into the mountains, he then walked in that direction.

He did not believe that anyone could survive in this place where the air was so thin and the wind so strong. The only thought he had in mind then was that his father had either been fooled by someone, or deceived by illusions…

As Gu Yu walked around the towering stone pillar and was about to continue moving forward, he was surprised to find a smiling bald man in thin clothes looking at him from a near distance.

Gu Yu stood there in silence.

There’s really such a master? Gu Yu was astonished in disbelief.

“You’re here!”

The man appeared to be the same age as himself, but Gu Yu was able to sense years of vicissitudes from him. It was a weird feeling.

“So… you’re the master my father spoke of?” Gu Yu asked suspiciously.

“It’s too much an honor to be called a master, but if your father is Gu Yuan, then I am the one you’re looking for.”

“Yes, yes, yes. My father is Gu Yuan. He wanted me to look for you,” Gu Yu replied responsively.

The bald young man then nodded, “Please come with me.”

At that moment, Gu Yu was convinced a little. One had to be very skillful like a master in order to survive in such a place.

He followed the man for a few hundred meters and a wooden hut appeared in front of Gu Yu. The man then opened the door and with a smile on his face, gestured for him to enter the hut.

Gu Yu saw his motion and stepped inside.

It was simple and crude inside the hut. There was a wooden bed and two wooden chairs, but there was no blanket or food of any sort except some white-colored plants. Gu Yu was surprised. He was extremely curious to know how the man survived that place in such a condition.

Seeing the man sitting at the bedside, he then sat on a wooden chair next to it.

“Back in the day your father saved my life. He disrupted my cultivation when I was about to lose myself and get taken over by the demonic side. I told him that I will grant him two requests. The first one was already fulfilled and now, please tell me the second request,” Qi Ming spoke with a faint smile on his face.

Gu Yu went blank for a second and said, “Err, my father has always said that I am useless, that I only know how to play games. He was hoping that you, master, could show me the light and guide me, to see if I could repent from my mistake…”

Gu Yu was to a point ashamed when uttering those words. Although he did not think that he had any problems, his father was resentful toward Gu Yu for failing his expectations. His father thought that the Gu family would eventually fall one day if Gu Yu inherited the family business.

Gu Yu disagreed with his father on this. He would continue gaming as usual and occasionally had some fun outside. He always believed that the wealth possessed by his family was unlimited, so why should he tire himself so much? One should be having as much fun as time allowed.

Qi Ming nodded after hearing what Gu Yu had said. He gave it some thought and nodded again, “Both you and your father have different personalities. Just as your father had said, if you’re going to inherit the family business, you’ll definitely lose everything.”

Gu Yu felt unsettled for a few seconds, yet he had to ask, “Do you have any way to deal with it, master?”

Qi Ming nodded, “I can pray for you with The Art of Five Fortune Ghosts to increase your luck in fortune. Under the protection of the Five Ghosts, your luck in fortune shall prosper. No matter how incompetent you are, you will still be able to preserve your family business.”

Gu Yu was stunned and speechless, he was somewhat assured by the master, yet he did not think that he was useless until that extent.

In terms of spending money, the biggest expense he had made lately was only on collecting soul coins in the game. He had not done anything over the line. How could someone compare him to a wastrel?

Qi Ming glanced at Gu Yu and smiled, “Alright then, let’s start. After this, there will be no more attachment as what I’ve promised is fulfilled. It is a blessing to me indeed.”

As soon as he finished talking, Qi Ming extended his arm and pointed at the ground. Gu Yu was flabbergasted at what happened next.

A dark vortex appeared slowly from the ground and cold air blew from the inside. Gu Yu could not help but shiver.

The cold was bone piercing. It was unbearable even when he was wearing thick protective clothes.

Such a trick was really a shock to the belief of an atheist like Gu Yu.

“Five Ghosts of Fortune!” Qi Ming bit his finger and the blood from his finger was sucked into the dark vortex.

“The successor of the Ghost Fortune Sect, Qi Ming shall borrow the power of the spirits and ghosts!”

Qi Ming’s face was looking pale as blood continued to flow out of his body. His gaze, however, appeared firm.

At the side, Gu Yu was stunned as his worldview was overturned at the moment.

However, Gu Yu’s eyes were enlarged as soon as he saw five translucent figures floating gradually from the dark vortex, “Master, do you play Battle Online, too?”