Chapter 55 - Christmas Battle

Chapter 55 of 342 chapters

Christmas, a festival from the West, was now popularized in the Dragon Nation and had become an important festival. But unlike in the West, Christmas in the Dragon Nation had a romantic atmosphere that could not be put into words.

Walking on the street at night, Christmas trees were placed outside many shopping malls. The streets were decorated with flashing neon lights and filled with Christmas vibes.

After finishing dinner, Lu Wu and Bei Li were hanging out at the shopping mall. They could see many couples in pairs.

Looking at Bei Li who was enjoying her ice cream, Lu Wu suddenly felt that this festival was not friendly to him.

Initially, Lu Wu planned to buy some new clothing for Bei Li but she did not seem to be interested. Her gaze was locked on the snack shops.

After giving Bei Li’s head a rub, Lu Wu pointed at a children’s clothing store, “It’s time to get you some new clothes.”

Bei Li was about to answer Lu Wu but suddenly, her expression changed, “Wu, let’s go home!”

“What happened?” Lu Wu asked as he realized something bad might have happened.

“Cha Na is here!”


During Christmas, there were fewer players in the game, which was rare.

Obviously, single people were excluded.

At this moment, the players who were wandering around Liuli District suddenly saw a huge black army marching toward them from Liuli District.

The players who saw this scene had their hearts skip a beat and quickly rushed toward the direction of the Mansion of the Dead. At the same time, they shouted in the guild live chat channel crazily, asking everyone to spread the news, or else they would soon lose control over the Mansion of the Dead!

As the game master, Bei Li found out the movement of Cha Na’s army through the players who first discovered them. So, she had immediately asked Lu Wu to rush back home.

At this moment, thunderous roars of beasts could be heard at the border area between Liuli District and the Mansion of the Dead. A great army of 100,000 soldiers had arrived at the border.

At the very front of Cha Na’s army and on the Skeletal Throne, Cha Na asked with a cold gaze, “What are those creatures along the way? Why are they here?”

The soulbringer beneath the throne bowed at Cha Na, “Lord Cha Na, these creatures always appear in Liuli District, but they are extremely vulnerable. I think they are a nomadic race from other large domains.”

Cha Na nodded and turned his gaze toward the area of Mansion of the Dead, “March on!”

The Beast Cavalry comprising of zombie wolf riders, zombie elephant riders, and zombie rhino riders rode on after receiving Cha Na’s order.

More and more players heard the news of Cha Na arriving. They quickly mobilized more players to form a temporary army, preparing to defend against their enemy.

As he got closer to the border of the Mansion of the Dead and Liuli District, Cha Na became more confused as to why the creatures were increasing.

Eventually, he instructed the Yin soldiers to catch a few stragglers and bring them before him.

These players had seen the video of the seaside, so they were naturally familiar with Cha Na. Looking at the figure on the Skeletal Throne, the three captured stragglers started worrying.

The players frequently discussed on the forum that their idea was to attack Cha Na at the right time, but they never expected Cha Na to initiate the attack first. The worst part was that the number of players tonight was obviously lower than the last few days.

“Which large domain have you come from, and which race are you?” the soulbringer asked the three players after glancing at Cha Na.

“Descendant of the King of Beiqi, Gao Dashan!”

“Descendant of the King of Beiqi, Yu Dahai!”

“Descendant of the King of Beiqi, Peng Wanli!”

The three players were not afraid of facing Cha Na at all. They reported their identities out loud.

Having heard the replies of the three players, Cha Na was stupefied and had a weird expression on his face.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Seeing this, the soulbringer went forward and gave each of the players a slap on the face, “How dare you disrespect Lord Cha Na!”

“Fuck you!”

“Bitch, I dare you to hit me again!”

These players were clearly bad-tempered. After being slapped, they lost their temper and started scolding the soulbringer aggressively.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The soulbringer slapped them again while remaining expressionless.

“I shall ask you again. Which race are you and why are you here at the Mansion of the Dead!”

“Bitch, you’ll be dying a painful death and your son will have no butt!”

“Cha Na, take care of your dog! If you can’t handle it, tie a leash on it!”

Being restrained and slapped again, the three entrapped and angered players could only continue swearing and scolding.

The soulbringer was angered by their words. He turned and looked at Cha Na. After Cha Na nodded, he raised the sickle in his hand and beheaded all three of the players.

Looking at the players who turned into black vapor, Cha Na showed a surprised face. He did not say much but only instructed the army to march on and behead all creatures of the same kind along the way.

In Cha Na’s point of view, since he had moved to the Mansion of the Dead, he would not allow other races to settle here. This would be his territory before he breaks through the Ghost King’s Territory.

But as they got closer to the Mansion of the Dead, the number of players had suddenly reduced drastically. When the mansion appeared right before his eyes, Cha Na was dumbfounded by the scene before him.

There were hundreds of thousands of players densely packed together, looking at them from afar.

“Brothers, that bastard Cha Na is coming. Is everyone ready!?” Wu Guoyi, the temporary Commander In Chief growled boldly with his battle axe raised and his head turned to look at his brothers.

“Kill the bastard!” all the players behind chanted in unison.

Looking at the players’ camp from far, Cha Na’s face darkened, “They’re quite a huge number. If we started a war, my army will suffer many unnecessary losses as well.”

Seeing this, the soulbringer quickly said, “Lord Cha Na, we cannot go back to Liuli District. Even though there are a lot of them, they are weak. We will definitely win this battle!”

Hearing that, Cha Na nodded. To him, after killing several thousands of them, they would be terrified. The rest would be in disarray and easily defeated. He nodded and said, “Then, we shall fight!”

After receiving the order, several giant rhinos with war drums on their backs started marching forward with heavy steps from behind Cha Na’s army.

Looking at the players’ camp from afar, Cha Na slowly stood up from his Skeletal Throne. A huge banner that read ‘Cha’ was lifted behind him.

Then, Cha Na raised his hand up high and held his fist. Immediately, the sound of the war drums started to play at the back. Thump! Thump!


The beasts growled after getting the command to attack. On the backs of the beasts, the Yin soldiers’ thirst for blood could be seen in their eyes. They roared as they charged recklessly toward the players.

The image of hundreds of thousands of soldiers charging forward was devastating to the mind. The players who had never seen a real war was stunned by the sight before them.

As the smoke billowed, even the earth was shaking unceasingly as Cha Na’s beast riders charged on wildly.

Then, Wu Guoyi lifted his battle axe, “Follow me and kill! We must take Cha Na’s head!”


The players came back to their senses after hearing Wu Guoyi’s roar, with much boldness on their faces. All of them followed Wu Guoyi and charged toward Cha Na’s army while crying out loud.