Chapter 59 - Annals Of Great Battles

Chapter 59 of 342 chapters

This time around, the falling Cha Na had truly fallen. The fighting throughout the night had completely consumed all of his energy, and he no longer had any lethal capabilities or skills to utilize. He had nothing but a broken and tired body.

Facing another onslaught from the players, with some of them climbing onto his body to stab and cut him, Cha Na’s eyes flashed with indignance as he thrashed his arms about in attempts to fight off the players. However, with the constant frenzied attacks from the mob of players, the burning fire of life in him began to diminish slowly.

Eventually, his body fell to the ground, the soul flame within his body finally extinguished.

Immediately, the white light of collective leveling up flashed through the area.


Looking at the sun rise up the horizon, all the players raised their weapons and cheered in unison!

The battle on Christmas came to a joyful stop with the death of Cha Na, and everyone felt extra jovial and satisfied.

In this peaceful world, only Battle Online could bring them the prime excitement of clashing blood and metal alongside the taste of humans’ most primal survival instincts.

The players’ blood pumped with lingering adrenaline as tens of thousands of players shouted in excitement, unable to repress their inner exhilaration. At the same time, a large number of players flocked to Ye Chen, raising him up in the air in celebration.

Ye Chen’s shot had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It could even be said that most players had not been confident in his last shot. As far as Ye Chen’s archery went, it was the butt of everyone’s jokes in the gaming forum and was the subject of ridicule to everyone.

Yet this time, at such a critical moment, Ye Chen’s performance had made all the players cheer for him.

Off the battleground, the players who saw this scene were slamming the table in excitement.

“Ye Chen, you’re such a fucking genius! I really want to give you a kiss now, you’ve made us all proud!”

“You didn’t screw this one up. I give a perfect score for this shot!”

“Smooth-sailing, Wu Guoyi! Ye Chen, this last shot was the best in the game!”

“That was awesome. This shot will be recorded in the game’s history books! It was so epic!”

“Suddenly, I’m this punk’s fan now. Fuck it. From now on, whoever dares to make fun of Ye Chen, don’t blame my wand for being cruel!”

“It’s a celebration for all of us, for the victory of our Beiqi army!”

“Everyone did a great job. The nine hours of hard work was worth it, we finally won the battle!”

“Cheers to our victory!”

“We are the strongest!”


At this moment, all the players were giddy with excitement as they cheered and shouted by the beach to vent their hot-blooded spirit.

Lu Wu smiled as he saw this scene and acted to capture and save this scene of excitement with his artifact. Simultaneously, a sheepskin book appeared in front of all the players in the game, titled with the “Annals of Great Battles” written on its cover.

The pages turned slowly.

“December 25, 2318, Merry Christmas! After nine hours of fighting, the Beiqi Army finally forced Cha Na’s army to the coast of the Underworld Sea, killing the rebel Cha Na and winning an epic victory! This Christmas battle shall go down in the Annals of Great Battles!”

Below the text was a picture of all the players shouting excitedly while holding their weapons up in the air.

[Server Announcement, all players who participated in this Christmas battle win an Epic Title: Aeonian]

[Aeonian (Epic Title)]: Dedicated to the warriors who fought hard during the Christmas battle on December 25, 2318!

Attribute of Title: Two free additional trials of Instance Dungeon every day!

Looking at the picture captured after the battle, the players raised their weapons in excitement and cheered on once again.

They felt honoured and proud of this achievement. Not only had they been contributors to this epic battle, they had also been awarded with an epic level title, the highest glory that no one had ever achieved before!

Outside the server.

“Congratulations everyone, give yourself a pat on the back! An Epic Title! That’s so cool!”

“I’m so happy! Although I was killed, I’m really happy!”

“Thanks for this wonderful Christmas, you guys! I will remember this forever!”

“I could never have imagined that I would be able to participate in such a real battle. From being frightened to being determined, and then to being angry in fighting for a cause. Thanks to the comrades who fought side by side with me! Thank you all!”

“Our Beiqi Army is the strongest! Let’s go to war! Our glory will fill the pages of the Annals of Great Battles!”

“Moving forward into the future, Xue Li, member of the Beiqi Army is ready!”

“Moving forward into the future, Wu Guoyi, member of the Beiqi Army is ready!”

“Moving forward into the future, Gu Yu, member of the Beiqi Army is ready!”

“Moving forward into the future, Chen Ziyu, member of the Beiqi Army is ready!”

“Moving forward into the future, Ye Xue’er, member of the Beiqi Army is ready!”


Everyone wrote their oaths to join future wars on the forum notice board as they firmly believed that the glory of the Beiqi Army would not stop here. In addition, they also wanted to challenge themselves with a new battle and a new phase of reigning in the coming year of 2319!


Subsequently, the players walked toward the direction of the Mansion of the Dead as they laughed merrily. At the front of their troop, Cha Na’s military flag had been torn off the flagpole and replaced with his decapitated head. It had been brought back as a souvenir and was afterwards hung onto the outer high wall of the Mansion of the Dead.

Many players then began taking photos with Cha Na’s decapitated head that hung outside the high wall. Each of the photos were uploaded onto the forum to show off the results of their hard work.

Today was a celebratory day for the players. Thus, it formed a rare sight where all the players were hanging out and having a celebratory meal at the Mansion of the Dead instead of rushing off to complete a quest, to level up or to look for treasure.

All the players took out their fine wines, spirits, and food from their inventory to share with each other.

After the celebration, the players instinctively gathered outside the Mansion of the Dead to erect a monument to commemorate Lu Mo and the dead. It was to this monument that all the players gave a deep bow to as a sign of respect to their sacrificed heroes.

Lu Wu felt that the death of Lu Mo and the others was a great pity as well, but it had been their exact sacrifice that had motivated the players’ passionate fighting spirit.

Although he would be able to recast the souls of Lu Mo and the others, it was pointless as they had already passed on. They would have no recollection of these players and the memories they had shared together. They would just become brand new NPCs and would no longer be the person that the gamers used to know.

After a moment’s consideration, Lu Wu gave up the idea of reviving Lu Mo and the others. However, he would recast their soul and send them back into the game with a different identity.

Just like the erected tombstones, there could only be one of each player in these players’ hearts. So it was for the best to let them stay in the hearts of these players and became part of the history they remembered!