Chapter 61 - Warship Moira

Chapter 61 of 342 chapters

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The opening of the new expansion pack had made all the players feel excited again. Hence, shortly after the maintenance period, a large number of players poured into the game.

Upon entering the game, the players’ vision moved to the new CG trailer associated with the expansion pack.

The sight of the words ‘Ferocious Waves’ appeared to them in dark blue characters. Thereafter, the scene switched from Liuli District to the Mansion of the Dead to the sky above the Underworld Sea.

The graphics kept on changing, showing seabirds singing in the sky as fish leapt out of the water from time to time, creating splashing waves of white amongst the blue. Everything seemed extremely pleasant and peaceful.

At this time, the words ‘Void Ocean’ emerged, followed by a huge black warship that broke through the words to land heavily on the surface of the sea sea, setting off a huge wave as it did so.

As the warship appeared, the sky flashed and thundered while the wind picked up to form a hurricane. Countless sea monsters emerged from the sea, roaring in the direction of the warship as they swarmed toward it.

Surrounded by the sea monsters, the warship looked like it was about to be torn into pieces at any time.


At that moment, a loud roar resounded from within the warship, overpowering the roars of the sea monsters. With that, a huge phantom of an eight-clawed monster appeared above the warship.

“Moira! It’s all up to you now!” at the foredeck, a man clad in black robes waved and pointed at the densely packed monsters at sea.

The huge monster called Moira turned and looked at the black-robed man, then its twinkling scarlet eyes blinked as if to answer the man. Subsequently, it broke away from the ship to pounce toward the sea monsters.

The moment Moira came in contact with the sea, a huge vortex suddenly appeared on the sea’s surface. Almost immediately, the surrounding sea monsters were pulled into it and torn into pieces.

After tearing apart all the sea monsters, Moira waved its eight claws as it let out a loud roar to the sky before floating back onto the warship in phantom form and slowly fading away.

At this moment, the black-robed man came to the edge of the boat and leaned against the railing. He looked at the sea that had been dyed red from blood and smiled.

“Moira! Time to eat!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the scarlet color in the sea visibly faded whereas the hull of the ship began to shine with a dark red light. Vaguely, a slowly wriggling on the surface of the hull could be seen, as if this was not a warship at all, but a living monster.

Thereafter, the graphics slowly dimmed while a row of introductory data emerged.

[Moira Level 13 (Calamity Specter Warship)]: Top-level Warship Moira bred through ingestion of a large number of sea creatures’ blood and spiritual materials!

Attribute Introduction: Hull Hardness Level 14; Navigation Speed Level 12 (A total of 24 levels from low to high)

Abilities Introduction: Wrath of Moira; Armored Impact; Sea Spirit’s Blessing; Bloodlust (Special Passive Skill)

[Wrath of Moira]: Summons the spirit of Warship Moira for 30 minutes. The cooldown period is one day.

[Armored Impact]: Speed is increased by 100% in one minute while hull hardness is increased by two levels. The cooldown period is six hours.

[Sea Spirit’s Blessing]: With the blessing of the sea, navigation speed is increased by 30% for three hours. The cooldown period is one day.

[Bloodlust (special passive skill)]: Under the cultivation of the captain, Moira obtains a new evolutionary direction. Besides being able to evolve through ingestion of spiritual materials, it also acquires the special ability to ingest the blood of sea creatures for evolution.

Overall Evaluation: A Disaster Level Warship with Bloodlust as its evolutionary direction.

As the data slowly disappeared, a line of words emerged again at the end of the graphics.

[Would you like to own such a warship, named and cultivated by yourself? Then, the sea is your ideal choice!]

Upon watching this CG trailer, the players burst into rapid discussion on the forum once again as lines of comments flew through the CG continuously.

“How should I cultivate to get a warship like Moira? I really want it!”

“Damn, different cultivation methods induce different abilities! How challenging! What should we do if we cultivate a weak warship?”

“In reply to the one above, only the weak will cultivate a weak warship. My warship will definitely be the strongest! Roar~”

“I’m selling myself for a sugar mommy, I want to cultivate a ship.”

“I have decided on a name for my ship, I will call it the Golden Meryl!”

“Can the one upstairs shut up? That’s my boat! Put it down! No one is allowed to take this name before I collect enough soul coins to build the Golden Meryl. This wand will only give warning once!”

“All I want is Moira, already in tears!”

“Slams the table, do you all even have enough soul coins? What are you arguing about without soul coins? Even though I too want Moira! Cry!”

“I want to cultivate a warship with an invincible defense. The name is already decided, it shall be called Invincible. I’m already in a fantasy and I can’t extricate myself. My heart is full of anticipation!”

“Looking at the surging waves on the CG, I wanted to recite poems for everyone, but I am uncultured, so I can only say, damn the waves are so big!”

“Good poem up there, I’ll give you a thumbs up”

“Oh sea, you are all water!”

“Shut up, the one upstairs! You’re even more uncultured.”

“I feel as though the price of materials is going to increase. Players should go to the auction house quickly to buy spiritual materials. The price is definitely going to skyrocket!”

“It’s time to hoard lots of materials and make a fortune. We just need to wait for the filthy rich to buy at a high price.”

“Fuck, why did you guys say that out loud, don’t you know how to keep quiet when making a fortune? (Angry)”

“We’re still short of three people to make up a ten person group. Come on, anyone with soul coins and a good character. Each of us will pay 20 soul coins. Let’s set sail first! As for the name of the ship, we can discuss it! In addition to that, our captain is a beauty~ The ownership of the ship also has to be given to the captain.”

After seeing the contents of the CG, the players began having a heated discussion on the cultivation methods and the names to be given to their respective Specter Ships.

The opening of the new expansion pack could only be considered as a brand new experience for the players, making them look forward to the follow-up of the game.


The death of Cha Na’s army during the Christmas battle had made Lu Wu a fortune of soul coins.

In collecting enough soul coins, the material storage room and the equipment depot of the Mansion of the Dead had been built during the maintenance period.

As for the Specter Ship that was seen by the players, it was originally a blueprint from the weaponry room that had been researched and digitized by the omnipotent Bei Li.

It was seemingly Lu Wu’s intention to open the main quest from both sides at the same time.

After all, besides the Rock Ghost King, the Sea King was also an overlord that was a big headache for Lu Wu.

With the threat of the Sea King, the players were not safe in Liuli District, so Lu Wu simply allowed the players to start the ocean development route in advance. When the players became stronger, then there would naturally be no reason to fear the Sea King.

At the same time, Lu Wu also set up a portal between the Mansion of the Dead and Liuli District so that it would be more convenient for the players to go back and forth.

In the shop, there were also many new things besides the most important specter ship.

Such as fishing tackle, bait, and so on.

The emergence of such things excited some players in the game because they had learned from the expansion pack on the official website that the Spiritual Fish of the Underworld Sea were all gems.

It was also because of the emergence of these new items that there was a new category of life players who would make a living with this in the game.