Chapter 68 - New Year’s Eve Countdown

Chapter 68 of 342 chapters

Chapter 68: New Year’s Eve Countdown

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Based on the occasional pulls, it seemed to be a rather weak Ao. Thus, Shi Hu appeared to be stunned.

As he glanced at the scoreboard, he realized that his name came in first place. The corners of his lips twitched as he recalled the curse earlier on. All of a sudden, he found the situation both funny and extremely embarrassing.

The moment Shi Hu caught Ao, numerous questions asking for the selling price started to arise in the event’s chat box.

Yet, Shi Hu ignored them. Instead, he chucked the Ao into the creel. Then, he swiftly lifted the creel and headed toward the sandy shore.

For sale? He would not put it up for sale. Even though he did not consider himself realistically wealthy, he still owned and sublet more than ten houses. In other words, he was neither short of food nor clothing. Playing games was something he did just for fun, hence the issue of money never crossed his mind.

Thus, it turned out that the Sea Spirit Level fish was the first of its kind to be placed over the barbecue pit.

A few fellows from the Wood Spirit Clan were dumbfounded by Shi Hu’s action of generously grilling such a premium-priced Spirit Fish. To them, this was a reckless waste of natural resources.

If it were up to them, they would have used it to make elixirs or rear the creature to see whether there was room for nurturing.

However, since Shi Hu was insistent, they did not speak any further.

In a flash, the sandy shore was filled with the meaty fragrance of Ao.

As he gazed at the spam questions asking for the selling price in the event’s chat box, Shi Hu contemplated before chuckling. Then, he moved the cooked Ao which was skewered on a twig to the corner of his mouth and triggered a screenshot.


Immediately, Shi Hu meanly uploaded the screenshot into the event’s chat box.

“I heard that you guys are looking for this? Mmm~ It tastes quite good~”

After posting the photo, Shi Hu sat by the barbecue pit and savored his food while reading the replies of the enraged players in the chat box.

After munching for a bit, Shi Hu’s eyes widened.

The Spirit Fish had a silky smooth and tender texture. When the shredded meat was broken into delicate strands at every bite, a rich flavorful fragrance would fill his palate. The aromatic scent was caused every inch of his body to relax.

This sort of intense experience on his taste buds bewildered Shi Hu.

He had never eaten anything as scrumptious as this. At the same time, he could not stop munching and it was not until he bit into the twig when he realized that his food was gone.

[Digested Ao, earned a free attribute of 15 points!]

When the game’s prompt appeared, Shi Hu threw the twig aside and let out a breath of hot air. At that moment, his entire body loosened up and his desire for the Spirit Fish grew.

With an insatiable appetite, Shi Hu stood up and gazed at the girl from the Wood Spirit Clan before pointing at the creel,

“Miss, I’ll gift this creel to you~ I shall continue fishing now.”

The girl from the Wood Spirit Clan was stunned as she nodded her head. She was still astonished as she found it hard to believe that the Sea Spirit Level Ao was gone just like that.

After consuming the Spirit Fish, Shi Hu was overcome by the pleasure on his taste buds which he knew he could never experience in real life.

There was no point in continuing his original plan of having a big seafood feast. This time around, he decided to return to the beach and try his luck. Who knows, today might be his lucky day.


The fishing competition resumed with endless announcements popping up periodically, stimulating the desires of the players for the Spirit Fish.

Even if they could not catch a Spirit Fish, being short-listed would ensure the reward of an equipped weapon equivalent to the price of a standard Spirit Fish. All the players were hoping to be the lucky one.

The shores of Liuli District were scorching. Everyone was fixed on their fishing rods as they hoped that their next catch would be a Spirit Fish.

Meanwhile, at the region of the Void Ocean, while there were plenty of fish in the sea, sea creatures would emerge from time to time.

Once a small sea creature is spotted, none of these large associations would hold back. Instead, they would immediately steer their Specter Warships and ram it!

The simple collision of had no significant effect on Specter Warships as these battleships had self-healing powers.

Waves of small naval battles were taking place within the Void Ocean.

Even though the players were unfamiliar and untrained in naval battle, they continued to mess around in exhilaration together.

Some players even went to the extent of posting mischievous photos of fished up sea monsters on the activity chatbox. The festive atmosphere of the whole game was filled with joy.

Due to the overcrowded situation at the Wood Spirit Clan’s barbecue stall by the shore, no room could be spared for the remaining players. Many players then cleverly improvised by setting up their own barbecue pits. Unfortunately, they were not as accommodative as the Wood Spirit Clan because they imposed fees and earned lots of soul coins through their services.

As long as the players had tasted the Spirit Fish, they would naturally be captivated by its excellent fragrance.

This experience was deeply relatable to Lu Wu. At this moment, he and Bei Li were observing the happenings in the game while feasting on a Spirit Fish that was left in a shop by a mindless player.

The Spirit Fish’s acquired flavor was addictive to Lu Wu, not to mention the glutton Bei Li.

After devouring the entire Spirit Fish, there was no effect on Bei Li’s face yet Lu Wu’s face reddened. It felt as if a warm current was flowing through his body, causing him to fall into a relaxed state.

While rubbing his belly, Lu Wu was already mentally plotting the tactics of conning a few more Spirit Fishes from the players.


The launching of this event ran smoothly. When the event came to an end, a bell was sounded off, ringing from the ears of the players as the jumping scoreboard came to a halt.

[The New Year’s Fishing Competition has ended. The rankings are as follows]:

First place: Sang Yu

Second place: Shi Hu

Third place: Ye Jingjing

Fourth place: Sun Qi (Little White Dog)

Fifth place: Feng Xiaoxin

After the event had ended, all the ships and boats were on their return voyage.

Meanwhile, by the shore, countless players sat down together, sharing their rewards of the day while boasting to one another on what they had experienced at sea.

This was the first time for many people to spend a holiday in a game. They enjoyed this kind of atmosphere.

The relationship among themselves was complicated within the game. They could either be supportive comrades or notorious enemies or even a group of buddies who savored on delicacies by the beach.

This sincere attitude of treating one another with open-heartedness in the game by the beach was comforting, not to mention memorable as well.

Removing the superficial masks of reality may enhance the crudeness in them, but what was there to be afraid of?

With amplified voices, mouthfuls of liquor were gulped down as words were spoken freely under the moonlight. Standing before the campfire, a friendly challenge was held where everyone was to drink for each other. This sensation was amazing and truly enjoyable!

As the sea breeze fluttered, everyone drunkenly waited for the arrival of dawn in the dark night of New Year’s Day!