Chapter 69 - New Year’s Day Treasure Hunt

Chapter 69 of 342 chapters

Chapter 69: New Year’s Day Treasure Hunt

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On the second day, players who had taken their break offline went back online to start preparing themselves for the event of the second day.

As compared to the fishing competition, more people were looking forward to this event. Countless players were hovering between the Mansion of the Dead and Liuli District in search for their most suitable feng shui spot. Then, they waited quietly for the event to begin.

At 8pm, following the players’ anticipation, the game’s prompt appeared.

[The New Year’s Day Treasure Hunt begins now and will last for six hours. The game credentials will be refreshed every ten minutes!]

At this very moment when the announcement was made, Lu Wu thought of something. Then, graceful and lithe figures which were clothed in traditional red dresses while carrying bamboo baskets started to appear above both the Mansion of the Dead and Liuli District.

Along with the official opening, these ladies began to waft around the air, simultaneously pulling out New Year’s Day certificates which appeared like red envelopes unceasingly from their bamboo baskets, scattering them toward the ground.

All of a sudden, all the players surged and rushed toward the rain of red envelopes.

The value of New Year’s Day certificates was clear-cut. It was as good as giving a free bonus to the players. Even if that person had picked up just one New Year’s Day certificate, it would already be sufficient to exchange for ten potions.

The lucky red envelope rain persisted in both regions for about a full minute, covering a wide area. The players were simply ecstatic.

The most thrilling part of this event was the hidden character class. This opportunity was open to every player, and everyone was looking forward to being the lucky one.


At the border between Liuli District and the Mansion of the Dead.

With the commencement of the game, Qi Ming, who was well-prepared way beforehand, pounded his staff on the ground. Dark fog tumbled on the ground as dozens of Yin soldiers emerged.

Then, with a change in Qi Ming’s thoughts, the Yin soldiers rearranged themselves into a horizontal row, each three meters apart, before they began to advance.

Multitasking was simply easy for Qi Ming. So long as the red envelopes were found along their way, Qi Ming would command his Yin soldiers to collect them. In this manner, their speed of collection would be significantly faster than the other players.

Qi Ming’s method quickly caught the attention of others.

A mage was extremely astonished when he saw how Qi Ming operated. He also summoned dozens of Yin soldiers to model after Qi Ming’s method in collecting certificates.

However, no matter how hard he tried, these Yin soldiers appeared to be incapable of executing commands other than attack and defend.

“Damn, I’ll report this!”

The indignant mage went behind Qi Ming to take a video of how he collected game certificates and posted it on the activity chatbox.

“I’m reporting this man for cheating! All of us had to go through the same compulsory education for nine years, so why is it that he can have such outstanding Yin soldiers!”

Many players became restless upon the sight of how Qi Ming collected all the red envelopes.

“Perhaps it’s like what you said, his Yin soldiers were educated, that’s why they are outstanding (comical!)”

“After watching the video, I tried it but my Yin soldiers were like broken off writing, totally unmanageable!”

“That’s multitasking. Do you know the ability to draw a circle with your left hand and square with your right concurrently? Some people are just gifted, you simply can’t compare!”

“True! So far, there are no cheaters in this game. Don’t you see that there are many honest players in this game?”

“This is so cool. Indeed, great people shall remain great wherever they go. There are more and more gods in the game!”

“A 100 meter long blanket search, this man is terrific. Look out for the one at the top of the list, it should be him!”

“Sure enough, it’s a cheater again. Here goes another suffocating operation, we mortal players just can’t hold a candle to that!”


Just like what the players had said, Qi Ming had escalated to the top of the list within an hour with his super multitasking talent and was constantly widening the gap from his competitor which was ranked second on the list.

Unlike Qi Ming’s systematic and steady blanket-search strategy, other players’ games appeared to be a crazy, disorganized, and aimless wild chase.

Once again, the Wood Spirit Clan was confused upon seeing the sight.

Based on what they could see, this race does indeed possess unique characteristics.

Yesterday’s fishing was understandable, but what is going on with today’s lunatic-like running on the mountain?

“Elder brother, are they all fools?” a little girl from the Wood Spirit Clan who seemed to be about seven or eight years old raised her head and asked her elder brother curiously.

This man from Wood Spirit Clan who was referred to as the elder brother patted his younger sister gently on her head,

“Mind your words, we have to respect the custom of other races!”

“Oh!” The little girl nodded, “Then I will go and play with them!”

The man’s expression congealed upon hearing her, “No, do not play with the fools!”

The little girl was speechless.


The treasure hunt event lasted for six hours. When the bell rang, some players yelled in excitement while some were dejected.

[The New Year’s Day Treasure Hunt officially ends now. All players with game certificates please proceed to the Event Messenger Area to redeem your rewards. The certificate rankings are as follows]:

First place: Qi Ming (328 certificates)

Second place: Xueli (133 certificates)

Third place: Qi Wen Jiang (102 certificates)

Fourth place: Lu Shun (102 certificates)

Fifth place: Li Chu Xuan (101 certificates)


With the powerful ability and talent of multitasking, Qi Ming surpassed everyone with his outstanding performance.

As the event ended, many players began to flock toward the Event Messenger Area based in the Mansion of the Dead. It was also a time for Lu Wu to give out a lot of things dear to him.

As expected by everyone, once the redemption activity began, Qi Ming redeemed the hidden character class (Ghost Monster).

[Congratulations to Qi Ming for successfully redeeming the highest reward of this event, the hidden character class, Ghost Monster]

Amidst the envy and praises from other players, Qi Ming felt a surge of power flowing through his body. A string of data appeared in front of him.

[Ghost Monster]:

Character class background: After 10,000 years, the most powerful ghost bred in the Ghost Mountains formed the spiritual body of the Ghost Monster. It used to be the strongest overlord of the Ghost Mountains. After its voluntary allegiance to the King of Beiqi, it died in the Battle of the Abyss and was sent to the Spirit Summoning Palace by its descendants for worshipping.

Character class abilities: Spirit Summoning, Strength of Ghost Monster, Destruction

[Spirit Summoning]: Summon all kinds of ghosts for its use. The quantity and strength of ghosts summoned increases with the character level.

[Strength of Ghost Monster]: A 200% increment in strength attributes when used. All damage from carrying Strength of Ghost Monster will last for ten minutes. It has a cooling period of four hours.

[Destruction]: Stimulate the use of Strength of Ghost Monster for a wider damage range. After the activation, the character’s body will explode within five seconds for a damage range of 100 meters. The intensity of the damage decreases according to the distance from the character.

Seeing that he finally possessed the inheritance, Qi Ming revealed a smile on his face.

After so many years of hard work, it was the first time he thought that it was just an easy task to possess the inheritance.

But when he saw the third ability of the inheritance of Ghost Monster, Qi Ming was stunned.

Isn’t that a suicide attack? It doesn’t really match my identity!