Chapter 72 - Demonic God(Part 1)

Chapter 72 of 342 chapters

Chapter 72: Demonic God(Part 1)

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Regarding the warning from the descendant of the King of Beiqi, Gu Yu and Sun Qi promised earnestly that they would listen to his words. For the sake of the safety of the Land of Beiqi, they would never climb the mountain.

Half an hour after they had said goodbye to the white-haired old man,

“Come on dog, hurry up, it’s getting dark. Put in a little more effort, we have to reach the top before we max out our time to be online.”


With their strengthened bodies, it was easier for the man and dog to climb the mountain than it would be in reality. They kept on moving toward the summit of the Cliffs of Desperation.

However, as they were moving upward, both of them could feel a force continuously sweeping over them. It was like there was a pair of vicious eyes looking at them.

It took them eight hours, with short breaks in between, to finally pass through the clouds and see the summit of the Cliffs of Desperation.

It was also at this moment that Gu Yu’s heart wrenched.

He could not help but squat down and start to retch as all kinds of negative thoughts came into his mind. He felt that his body was as if it was out of his control, and both his eyes had turned red.

“Boss, are you alright!?” Sun Qi asked worriedly when he witnessed this scene.

At this moment, the crimson-eyed Gu Yu reached out his hand all of a sudden and choked Sun Qi by the neck, his fingers gradually tightening.

Sun Qi was so scared that he gave out a bark subconsciously.

“Boss, what’s wrong with you!?” Sun Qi tried to pull off Gu Yu’s hand, but he realized that his Red Ruby Rune had brightened up, and the strength of his hand was increasing slowly.

Just when Sun Qi was at a loss, Gu Yu let his hand go suddenly. He laid on the ground once again, his jaw dropped and his face appearing horrified as he began to pant heavily.

An indescribable strength shrouded all over his body just now. His mind was filled with various scenes of bloodshed and slaughter. Under the cover of this kind of negative emotion, he felt as if he almost had a mental breakdown.

It felt so real that even if he thought that it was just a game, he still had a lingering fear.

He once again stared at the summit, and thought about the warning from the white-haired old man. He was really scared this time.

“Boss, it’s quite creepy here, I feel like there is something staring at us…”

“You felt it, too?”

Gu Yu looked sullen. Before this, he thought that it was just his delusion, who would’ve known that Sun Qi had felt it, too.

“Are we going to continue…” the cowardly Sun Qi swallowed as he stared at the summit.

“What are you afraid of? There’s no big deal. It’s not like we are going to die in real life,” Gu Yu gave Sun Qi a hard look and said firmly.

Thus, Sun Qi had no choice but to keep on climbing to the summit with Gu Yu.

Finally, after another half an hour, the figures of a man and a dog appeared at the summit.

Gu Yu and Sun Qi were stunned when they saw the scenery in front of them.

A rusty and mottled pillar pagoda stood in the middle of the summit, and there was a black skeleton that sat beside it.

Both of them walked to the pillar pagoda curiously. They opened the screenshot function and took a few photos. Then, they started to look around this pillar pagoda.

Meanwhile, Sun Qi walked around the pillar twice. Suddenly, he lifted his right leg up.

“What are you doing!?” Gu Yu opened his eyes wide.

When Sun Qi realized what he was doing, he put down his leg in embarrassment, “I had no idea either, it seems to be a kind of instinctive reaction.”

In order to ease the embarrassing situation, Sun Qi decided to pat the pillar pagoda with his paw. When he touched it, a black light appeared, while green light also appeared from the body of Sun Qi at the same time.

The moment both those rays of light collided, Sun Qi was bounced off before hitting the ground brutally.

This made Gu Yu surprised. He quickly ran toward Sun Qi and helped him up, “Dog, are you alright?”

Sun Qi shook his head in confusion, “This pillar is weird. Just now, the moment I touched it, a sudden thought appeared in my mind. It seems like it’s telling me that it doesn’t like me.”

Gu Yu let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Sun Qi was okay. He stood up and walked toward the pillar once again.

Gu Yu thought of what Sun Qi told him. Then, he reached out his hand as well. He wanted to know the feeling that Sun Qi described just now.

When his hand touched the pillar pagoda, he could feel the negative emotions once again, and they were drilling into his mind in a craze.

At this moment, Gu Yu’s eyes once again became red and the world of a raging bloody sea appeared before his eyes.

Above the bloody sea, a tiny figure was all huddled up as he swayed along with the waves.

Without knowing how much time had passed, this lonely figure kept on swaying. He would open its eyes once in a while and take a look at this world curiously. However, most of his time was still spent in deep sleep.

Gu Yu did not know why but he could feel that time passed quite quickly in this void. He did not know how many hundreds of years, thousands of years, or even ten thousands of years had passed before a light shot across the sky, appearing in this blood colored world.

Along with the appearance of light, gigantic waves surged on the bloody sea. The entire world began to tremble as it collapsed and shrunk before flooding into the little boy’s body.

The light was getting brighter. In the end, this blood colored world was totally absorbed by the little boy, and the surroundings became deserted.

The little boy who was finally shrouded by the light, opened his eyes slowly.

“Wah!” he cried out for the first time in this new world.

“Why is it red?” a voice filled with confusion asked.

This time, a gigantic palace appeared before Gu Yu.

A few enormous giants were surrounding an altar. They looked at the little boy who was crying on the altar with confusion.

“Bloody red! Calamity! An ill omen!”

“Abandon the child. This child was born full of the power of blood. I’m afraid that he may bring an unknown fate to our clan!”

A few of the priests in the clan looked at the blood colored little boy, and spoke with a sullen tone to the King of Giants who was in heavy armor.

“No, he is my child. I will not abandon him no matter what happens,” the King of Giants picked up the child from the altar and placed him in his arms. Then, he touched the blood child’s face gently with his hand, showing a smile on his face.

At this moment, the blood child turned tears into laughter.

When they saw their patriarch walking away, a few of the priests gave out a sigh, but they were unable to do anything.

As time once again went by, the blood child started to grow.

Unlike the other people in his clan, children the same age as him already had a height of three meters and above. Meanwhile, he still remained with a height of just one meter. He was discriminated against by his fellow clan members as he was like a square peg in a round hole.

However, the blood child was not upset about it. He was living a happy life because he had parents who loved him very much.

One was the patriarch of the clan, while another was the newly appointed high priest. Under the protection of his parents, he felt extremely happy.

It was also at this time when the scene in front of Gu Yu became distorted.

When the scene became clear again, the world in front of him had changed drastically.

At the sky above the City of Giants, many coffins which were ablaze shot across the sky and fell from it. The entire City of Giants was covered in a sea of fire.

And the most terrifying thing were those fierce zombies who got out from the coffins that fell to the ground.