Chapter 73 - Demonic God (Part 2)

Chapter 73 of 342 chapters

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From that point onward, an all-out war erupted. The giants rose up in defense against the zombies.

Unfortunately, the zombie army was too powerful. Even when they fought with all their strength, the giants were still unable to turn the tides.

Due to their opponents’ merciless slaughtering, the number of casualties were piling up at a frightening rate.

Now, the blood child had also grown up into an adult, his height reaching almost six feet tall. He watched silently as the others who had grown up with him donned their armor and prepared to follow their fathers into battle. But his heart was gripped by an overwhelming pain.

He wished he could help his father in this moment. This was the first time that he felt so desperate for power.

The war raged on for days. The giants kept falling back to regroup and fortify their defenses. Over half of their numbers had already been lost, yet the zombie forces were still increasing in number.

This made the giants fall into despair.

At this moment, a coffin that measured about 320 feet long and 100 feet wide fell from the sky. When it landed on the ground, the entire City of Giants trembled, like it was hit by an earthquake.

As the cover of the coffin creaked open, a huge zombie appeared from within, its body wreathing with burning flames.

“Hiderigami!” several shamans from the Giants Clan shrieked.

When the figure appeared, the zombies immediately sank to their knees, as if they were welcoming a supreme being’s arrival.

“The blood source!” a harsh voice boomed as Hiderigami opened his eyes. His gaze burned with desire as it locked onto the blood child, who was being protected behind the ranks of the giants.

“Surrender it to me!” Hiderigami demanded as he stared at the giants in front of him.

“Roar!” All of the giants raised their warhammers and thumped on their huge shields, facing off against their enemies unflinchingly.

Even the shamans who had once said that the blood child would bring calamity to their clan were now standing firm, their eyes resolute and steady.e

Since he was accepted into the clan, he was considered one of them. Even if they did look down on him and had underestimated him before, the giants would never abandon one of their own because of the threats of some outsiders.

When he saw this moment, the blood child’s heart was filled with gratitude.

This time, Hiderigami did not say anything else. His eyes flashed red, and suddenly, all of the zombies got to their feet as they howled and threw themselves at the ranks of the giants.

Sadly, the gap between the strength of both armies was too wide. The giants could not hold off the zombies’ frenzied attacks, and so they fell, one by one.

The blood child’s eyes burned with hatred when he saw this scene.

At this moment, he hated himself for being so weak. He did not even have the strength to pick up a weapon, let alone fight against his people’s enemies.

He could only watch helplessly as his brothers died one by one in front of him. When he saw that even his father and mother had been torn to pieces by the zombies, the blood child broke down completely.

Tears of blood fell from the blood child’s eyes as he gazed upon the war-torn ruins of the world.

At that very moment, Hiderigami appeared right in front of him. He stared at the little boy before barking out a sudden laugh.

“As a blood source, I cannot believe that you’ve developed emotions. How ridiculous!”

“Why am I so weak? Why am I so useless? This is unfair!” the blood child glared at the huge figure in front of him as his face twisted into a grotesque expression.

“You are weak because of your emotions. Now your only choice is to become my blood food, which is the fuel for my evolution,” Hiderigami cackled as he continued staring at the blood child.

The blood child stiffened when he heard these words. It was as if something had shattered, as a powerful strength started to well up within his body.

Right in front of Hiderigami’s shocked gaze, the blood child started to grow taller and taller, surrounded by blood pillars that appeared out of thin air.

In the blink of an eye, the blood child had reached the same height as Hiderigami. Despite that, he continued to grow.

Hiderigami immediately hurled out his palm as the seriousness of the situation became apparent to him.


The hills trembled and the earth quaked, while the blood child was thrown into the air after being hit.

However, the blood child’s growth had not stopped at all. His body continued to expand as he flew through the air. Now, he was roughly the size of a tall mountain.

“Being emotionless will make you stronger! Being emotionless will make you stronger!” the blood child chanted to himself as a powerful strength that had never existed before started to course through his body.

The death of his parents and clan members had filled his mind with all kinds of negative emotions, which severed the last thread of attachment he had to this world. The strength of the bloody sea had been awakened completely.

In addition to the gifted talent from the giants, his body mass was still increasing. Even Hiderigami was shocked by what he saw.

“You are not a simple blood source… you are the source of the bloody sea!” fear arose in the heart of Hiderigami when he saw that the blood child had grown to the height of the sky.

He realized that he was completely wrong. Initially he had followed the scent of the blood source all the way here, but he did not expect that what he found was the source of the bloody sea, which was a power that even he could not control.

“Roar!” the blood child, who had transformed into a titan, emitted a mighty sound. Even the clouds in the sky were dispersed by his bellow, and powerful gales of wind were whipped up around them.

Confronted with this terrifying scene, Hiderigami had completely abandoned the thought of seizing the blood source. He returned to his coffin, and flew into the sky.

“Roar!” the blood child shrieked again when he saw that Hiderigami was trying to escape. His gigantic arm reached through the sky, and smashed toward the coffin.


The entire expanse around them quaked from the aftershocks of that blow. Hiderigami’s coffin cracked and shattered as his body was blasted to a distance far away, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


The power pent up within the blood child was too much for him to bear, yet he did not have any way to vent it out. Thus, he lifted his leg and brought it down hard on the City of Giants. The entire city, along with the zombies, were all crushed and buried into the earth.


Now that he had no more emotional ties, the blood child had gone berserk. All kinds of negative emotions flooded his mind. At this moment, he wanted to destroy the world.

Calamity had fallen upon the world. The blood child kept moving forward, tracking the scent of Hiderigami. Every place that he passed by became victims to his anger. Countless species and beings were destroyed by his strength. He wanted to destroy everything under the sky!

Gu Yu was completely stunned when he saw this. The overwhelming strength that allowed the blood child to reduce the world to rubble shocked him to the core. Now, he had an inkling that the identity of the blood child must be the Demonic God that was mentioned by the white-haired old man.

At this moment, the scene had changed again. The blood child, who had turned into the Demonic God, appeared in a new place. He could sense the presence of Hiderigami here, thus he decided to commence the destruction of the entire area.

However, he could not do that so easily right now. This was because he encountered someone, a lady who was not even the size of an ant in his eyes.

“Hi, my name’s Li. Do you want to be my friend?” the lady asked the Demonic God with a smile as she looked up at him.

The Demonic God did not deign to reply. Instead, he smacked his hand downward as he roared ferociously. The tremendous strength seemed to warp the very dimension that they were standing in. However, the aftermath of that attack was not as devastating as it used to be, as his palm stopped when it was about to collide with the woman.

The Demonic God howled in frustration, but his body seemed to be suppressed by an unseen force. He could not even move a single inch.

“Big guy, you are too dangerous. Please go to sleep, I will let you out once you know your place. We will be friends by that time. That’s a promise, okay!”

The lady smiled as she raised her hand. The gigantic body of the Demonic God was slowly lifted off the ground.

Then, the lady pressed her hand downward. As the Demonic God howled in anger, the ground cracked open, and his body sank into the earth.

Her strength was so great that even the Demonic God was incapable of fighting against it. He struggled valiantly, but it was all in vain. His body sank slowly, deeper and deeper, until he was completely submerged in the ground. Only the horn on his head was still visible.

Meanwhile, the graceful lady in the white dress smirked as she turned around and walked away.

Many years have passed since then. That Skyward Horn, which was once visible, had now been covered by dirt and soil, forming a mountain. The legend of the Demonic God was passed down through generations, and was still talked about widely among those who inhabited this land…