Chapter 88 - Steal Hammer

Chapter 88 of 342 chapters

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At Fallen Fish Island.

Smoke clouded over the fish village while the water was boiling in the big cauldrons. The players were busy carrying the firewood and making fire.

“Seasoning… there’s no more seasoning!?” the displeased Fatty shouted, who could not find the seasoning.

The members of the Gillfish Clan were helpless as they were all tied up. Seasoning? Do you really have no idea who finished the seasonings?

However, the players did not actually plan to eat them. They only wanted the Gillfish Clan to get a taste of their own medicine.

The annihilation of the village was very successful. As the players tortured the Gillfish Clan, they also seized some fresh fruit and set the village on fire before they left.

When the players went to the shore to prepare for their embarking, they noticed an enormous wave in the distance before many sea monsters began to emerge from the water.

“Brothers, get ready to fight!” commanded Chen Ziyu as he put on a somber face.

The size of the Sea King Navy was clearly bigger this time and the players dared not take this lightly. They immediately hopped on the ship and sailed the warship toward their opponent.

From afar, Steel Hammer was burning with anger at the sight of the players’ warships.

Without much hesitation, he knew that they were the culprits who killed his son.

To avenge his son’s death, Steel Hammer had assembled the entire Steel Hammer division. It was eager to find out who had the audacity to provoke the Sea King’s Navy in the Void Ocean.

“Kill them all!” Steel Hammer yelled furiously before the sea monsters sped up as they charged forward.

After hearing the command, the warriors roared in unison before they accelerated forward.

The players did not fret as they confronted the Sea King Navy that was led by Steel Hammer as their own fleet continued to move onward.

In fact, the players had always thought that it was merely a matter of time before a war between the Sea King Navy and Beiqi Army broke out. They had always talked about the Sea King Navy on the forum.

Hence, the players were completely fearless even when they came without any preparation.

This time, however, the players’ headcount did not give them any advantage over the Sea King Navy which was led by Steel Hammer. Immediately after the violent exchange commenced, a few of their battleships were destroyed.

Countless sea monsters began to climb onto the warships from all directions before the warriors, aided by the sea monsters, jumped onto the decks. Then, they began to battle the players individually.

The players on the ships’ decks had a slight advantage, but those who fell into the water had a tough time defending themselves.

After all, the Sea King Navy was far more adept with fighting in the water compared to the players, who could hardly perform at all under the water.

Upon seeing this, Chen Ziyu got a little perturbed. They had certainly provoked a strong opponent.

Steel Hammer was the most vicious enemy during a battle. His ability was definitely unfathomable. Chen Ziyu decided to crush him with the Great Dragon Warship to relieve the stress of the other players.

The Great Dragon Warship, which was in the armor form, crashed into Steel Hammer, and caught it by surprise, causing it to flip backward.

“How dare you hit me?” Steel Hammer said as he regained his footing. He widened his eyes and bent his body before he charged toward the Great Dragon Warship.

Bang! Steel Hammer was thrown backward by the collision. The glimmer of the armor on the Great Dragon Warship was dimmed. The bow was slightly raised as the ship slipped backward.

“Come again!”

Steel Hammer’s bullheadedness was triggered and he refused to admit his defeat. He summoned all his energy before he charged toward the Great Dragon Warship again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Ziyu and his members felt as though they were on a swing as they were continuously pushed backward by the ceaseless attacks. They were in a daze.

They could not comprehend why Steel Hammer only aimed at their strong bow, instead of all the other weaknesses of the ship.

Steel Hammer’s head was buzzing after the repeated bangs. However, his headstrong personality did not allow him to give up, bringing him to throw himself at the Great Dragon Warship over and over again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The members of the Great Dragon Guild were rocked by the collisions.

“This retard is the commander of the Sea King Navy?” flustered, Wang Damang glanced at Steel Hammer as he raised his doubt.

“Tsk tsk tsk, doesn’t it hurt? I can feel the pain just by looking at him,” Chen Ziyu shook his head and said.

“Let him do as he likes!” Xue Li made a nonchalant comment.

The members of the Great Dragon Guild were rendered speechless.

After dozens of thumps, Steel Hammer’s head was buzzing. He grit his teeth in agony.

“I’m going to break you!” Steel Hammer gathered all his strength and charged at the Great Dragon Warship once again.


The golden armor on the Great Dragon Warship shattered immediately, while the ram at the bow was also broken by the great force. The entire warship had suddenly lost its defence system.

At the sight of this, Chen Ziyu glowered as he shouted, “Let’s get into the water and finish him!”

Upon the command, the members of the guild quickly grabbed their weapons and dove into the water. Chen Ziyu’s red ruby glimmered as he took a leap forward and threw a punch at Steel Hammer.


His punch penetrated the water and hit Steel Hammer’s head.

The impact landed on Steel Hammer’s head before it threw Steel Hammer away by force. At this moment, Steel Hammer’s body was covered in blood as well.

Chen Ziyu was a little terrified. This is why the monster has been relentlessly throwing itself at the warship. His skull is so tough!

At this moment, Steel Hammer was slightly dizzy. The previous collisions had made him extremely sick, and the blow from Chen Ziyu had certainly caught him off guard. He felt as though his brain had been stagnated into a halt and he could no longer distinguish the directions.

However, confronting Wang Damang and the others, Steel Hammer subconsciously swung his arms.

Steel Hammer had always had great strength. Just as Wang Damang and the others got nearer to him, they were sent flying. After all, they were no match for him.

When Chen Ziyu came back alongside his men, he noticed that in the distance, Steel Hammer’s Sea King Navy had arrived at the scene to aid their leader.

Upon seeing this, Chen Ziyu realized that they were in a quagmire before he hurriedly shouted in the regional channel.

“Withdraw! Save as many warships as possible!”

Although the warships could fix themselves, the repair required a long time. If they insisted on proceeding with a quick repair, they would require a lot of wood. Therefore, Chen Ziyu acted decisively and ordered the players to retreat immediately. Meanwhile, he could also put the marginally damaged Great Dragon Warships into the channel.

Chen Ziyu was prestigious among the players. The players, whose battleships had not been destroyed, immediately sailed away.

Surrounded by the Steel Hammer’s navy, the players who had fallen into the water fought for their lives.

However, they were very close to defeat and their final defense was merely a futile attempt before their deaths. Eventually, the players were surrounded and killed by the enemy.

“Boss, a few ships are trying to run away!” a warrior of the navy said as he pointed at the players who were trying to escape.

Steel Hammer shook his head violently. He could not hear his subordinate at all. At that moment, it felt as though the world was spinning, and he was losing it.