Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of 342 chapters

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Wu Guoyi hung up immediately at Mu Qingshui’s unreasonable request.

Turning off the table lamp, Wu Guoyi wanted to continue sleeping at first, but Mu Qingshui’s words were repeating themselves in his mind.

As he couldn’t fall asleep, Wu Guoyi finally turned on the lamp and walked into the reading room.

He rubbed his eyes and turned his computer on. When the machine was booted up, he logged into the admin page of Platform173, and clicked on the list of games pending verification.

Among the hundred plus games, it took him quite a while to find the one named Battle Online mentioned by Mu Qingshui.

Just like what Mu Qingshui said, the game was surprisingly small, only 800 megabytes. Wu Guoyi was still for a moment, before he took down the VR headset, connected it to the PC, and downloaded the game into it.

With an intention of testing the waters, Wu Guoyi entered the game.

When the game booted up, Wu Guoyi’s eyes were wide open. The graphics were perfect, just like what Mu Qingshui said.

Wu Guoyi, still doubtful, continued to search far and wide in the game for bugs like invisible walls and such.

He spent the whole night playing, until he entered the Ghost Mountains and met a netherworld creature. He was knocked out with one hit and it was game over.

After quitting the game, he was still quite excited. A moment of contemplation passed before he fished out his phone from his pocket and called the platform’s manager.

The manager of Platform173, who picked up the phone freaked out. Usually, Wu Guoyi would not call him.

“Sun Chi, find out who developed Battle Online right now, immediately, at this instant! Then, send me their contact information.”

Manager Sun was a little puzzled, but he immediately received the task.

He did not dare delay his boss’s order, so he quickly logged into the backend portal of the website.

But when he found the game, he noticed that only the developer’s website was noted down, with no mention of their telephone numbers. This made him anxious.

Thankfully, they had a verification mailbox. He quickly typed a short paragraph and sent it to Lu Wu.

After that, he waited for the reply.

At the same time, Lu Wu was having a meal with Bei Li at a store by the road. His phone vibrated.

When he took out his phone, he realized that he had received an email from Platform173.

Feeling excited, Lu Wu opened the email.

Sadly it wasn’t to notify that his game had been verified. It was an email asking for his contact number.

While he wasn’t sure why they needed it, he still sent his number over.

Looking at Bei Li who was chowing down her food voraciously, Lu Wu smiled gently and slipped his phone back into his pocket. He rubbed her head, suddenly feeling sorry for Bei Li because she had to follow him through the many difficult days.

Pacing around the room anxiously, Sun Chi finally saw the notification of the long awaited reply, and he quickly clicked on it.

He saw the numbers that his boss wanted. He immediately exhaled in relief, and forwarded the number to his boss, Wu Guoyi.

Just like Sun Chi, Wu Guoyi was sitting in his reading room, smoking. The ashtray was filled with cigarette butts to the brim. His red eyes were a sign of a sleepless night.

But Wu Guoyi was still very excited, because he knew that this was a chance for the platform to rise.

After reading Sun Chi’s message, he immediately called Lu Wu without any hesitation.

“Hello, may I know who this is?” a young voice answered.

Wu Guoyi inhaled deeply, and said, “Hello, are you the owner of Battle Online? I am in charge of Platform173, and I have something to discuss with you. Are you available?”

Lu Wu was surprised, but thought that there were some issues with his game that the platform wanted to talk about. “Alright, no problem, I will be there soon!” he replied.

“It’s alright, I can come to you. Where are you?” Wu Guoyi asked quickly.

From these words, Lu Wu realized that his game was being recognized, and was subtly expecting more. He then sent his location to Wu Guoyi.

Wu Guoyi was still excited after he hung up the phone. He was going to arrange a flight, but he realized that Lu Wu was also in Indigo City.

He quickly contacted his driver to pick him up. He changed his clothes, tidied himself up, and left his home hurriedly.

Within twenty minutes, he arrived at the place shown on the navigation app.

There was an old restaurant in the distance. Confirming that the location coordinates on his phone were correct, he left the car and walked toward the restaurant.

It was noon, so there was quite a number of patrons. Looking around, Wu Guoyi couldn’t tell which one was Lu Wu, so he took out his phone to make a call.

Then, he saw Lu Wu who was picking up the phone.

Wu Guoyi took a step forward, “Nice to meet you… I’m Wu Guoyi… we talked on the phone!”

Lu Wu was shocked. He did not expect Wu Guoyi to arrive so soon. He stood up and shook Wu Guoyi’s hand.

“Hello, how may I help you?”