Chapter 96 - Special Spiritual Material Quest

Chapter 96 of 342 chapters

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The video of the battle with the Rock Ghost King was uploaded to the official web forum within a short time and it sparked enthusiasm among many of the players.

The strength demonstrated by the Rock Ghost King might not be as terrifying as the Demonic God, yet it gave the players an opportunity to witness the overwhelming power of a ghost king level monster.

When faced with the siege of over tens of thousands of gamers, the Rock Ghost King relied on his ability to form a wood element territory to massacre everyone. As the Rock Ghost King unleashed his move, the players were made aware that Rock Ghost King was close to invincible inside his territory, unlike Cha Na who was defeated merely because he was exhausted by a huge number.

However, the gamers did not retreat out of fear after the battle. Under the great temptation of spiritual material, the players had yet again formed small teams of their own on a quest to look for the Tree Demons in the North Rocks.

However, the Rock Ghost King was well-prepared this time around and had sent three Ancient Tree Demons to guard the outskirts of the North Rocks.

All gamers who were headed that way were butchered by the Ancient Tree Demons on the spot as they were powerless against them.

The gamers started discussing new approaches in the forum after hitting a wall. After all, killing the trees was the only way for ordinary players to upgrade their ships in the game.

Watermelon_Taro: “*slams table* They wouldn’t even let us kill the trees now. This is so frustrating! I’m already this poor but they won’t even give me the chance to make hard-earned money. When are we going to go and kill this Rock Tree for good? I’m so mad!”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to Watermelon_Taro: “Sit down, pinhead. How many times do I have to tell you this? The Rock is a horrible development and we can never defeat it with our current strength.”

Strike_Gold: “Now is not the time to start a war. We should all focus on getting enough rest, preserve our strength and continue to improve our abilities. The Rock Ghost King will be vanquished sooner or later and we mustn’t be hasty. We will be doomed if we followed Cha Na’s footsteps!”

Commander_Of_Demolition_Officers: “I might have found a great place with lots of advanced spiritual materials, but I’m contemplating whether to share that piece of information with everyone or not. The thing is, I can’t finish all of them.”

Peppa_Boar replied to Commander_Of_Demolition_Officers: “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and tell us! Have you forgotten that the Beiqi Army is a family?”

Commander_Of_Demolition_Officers replied to Peppa_Boar: “Aren’t you from the Myth Guild? That was not what you said when you were attacking me with a sword!”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Have you guys forgotten? The Ghost Mountains lead to the North Rocks. As long as we don’t enter from the front, we could still get away untouched after killing a few trees stealthily. *laughing emoji*”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to Xueli_The_Strongest: “Awesome, that’s a great idea! Who’s joining the team to stealth and kill the trees? It’s better to have an assassin!”

Watermelon_Taro replied to Xueli_The_Strongest: “My poor ass found another way to make some hard-earned money, thank you, little missy! Muah~”

Assassin_Creed: “The frontline is selling wood chips from the Rock Ghost King. The highest bidder gets them. Includes screenshot-”

[Rock Wood Chip (Level 5 spiritual material)]: Wood chips fallen from the Rock Ghost King contain strong wood element spiritual power.

Invincible_Lonliness replied to Assassin_Creed: “Bruh, that’s so cool. I’m getting that but I’m curious, how did you get it?”

Assassin_Creed replied Invincible_Loneliness: “It’s a long story. It was really a close call. I avoided the crushing branches with Shadow Step and approached the Rock Ghost King with agility from my Shenfa. Then, I aimed my dagger at the Rock Ghost King’s weak point and I made a sudden flat cut to obtain this baby. Oh, I died right after that. (laughing emoji)”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to Assassin_Creed: “Pinhead, do you want me to play a song for you as tribute? (laughing emoji)”

Assassin_Creed replied to Crayon_Shinchan: “As the person with the poorest judgment in this forum, you are the pinhead acknowledged by everyone okay? (laughing emoji)”

A_Mammoth: “Everyone should follow what Xueli suggested and take a detour from the Ghost Mountain. It’s impossible to win head-on against those ghost general level Ancient Tree Demons without a few thousand players.”

Young, Wild & Free: “Actually, we could all explore the ocean to find resourceful islands. I mean, look at Demolition Guild who got the Son of the Sea, aren’t you all envious?”

Ultraman_Tiga: “Speaking of which, what special ability do you get after consuming the Son of the Sea? I’m really curious, why are they being so secretive? Why not just show it?”

Monkey_King: “Maybe the guild master of Demolition Guild is brewing his power, preparing to surprise everyone. (laughing emoji)”

After further discussion, the players finally found a way to sneak in to kill the trees. Thus, the teams embarked on their journey to the Ghost Mountains, took a detour from there to the North Rocks and went on with their plan to make hard-earned money to upgrade their ships.

Lu Wu did not stop the gamers as Du Yan told him that the Rock Ghost King was being very cautious of the new force from Beiqi because he could not estimate the full force of the gamers’ army. Therefore, they dared not make any drastic moves.

The gamers’ courage in embarking on their journey into the North Rocks sent a clear message to the Rock Ghost King.

We’re not afraid of you!

This made the Rock Ghost King even more cautious than ever!

Lu Wu had already made preparations in case these gamers’ actions evoked a large scale war. This war was unavoidable since the Rock Ghost King was already a piece of delicious meat in the eyes of the gamers. Of course, the later they were to start the war, the more advantages the gamers would have.

Meanwhile, Lu Wu announced a new quest in the game.

[Special Quest: Collection of Special Spiritual Material]

Quest Overview: There are many peculiar islands in the Void Ocean and there are spiritual fields that could nurture special spiritual material on these islands. Explore the ocean and find the spiritual fields to collect spiritual materials.

Quest reward: Players will be rewarded with a generous amount of soul coins upon selling the spiritual materials in shops.

However, Lu Wu did not mention the coordination of Insect Island in this quest out of two considerations.

Insect Island was discovered by the Demolition Guild and since they had decided not to share it with the others, Lu Wu would not announce it to the public as well.

He would upset the members of the Demolition Guild by announcing the existence of Insect Island. Looking at the bigger picture, this should also be a privilege deserving of an explorer.

As for the second reason, it was because Xiao Tian was one of the four generals that served the Sea King with the capability close to that of a ghost king level. It was too early for the gamers to fight head-on with Xiao Tian with the little force at sea that they possessed at the moment.

Of course, Lu Wu announced the quest so that he could train himself.

He still needed a huge amount of spiritual rice currently to boost his body’s growth so that he could take the form of a human again.

This was an extremely tormenting stage for Lu Wu.

Firstly, he could never get full. Normal foods consumed by him were useless as they were digested too quickly.

Yet, spiritual rice was correlated to spirit energy and it would upset Lu Wu’s stomach with too much intake. So, he had to refrain from overeating and this caused Lu Wu to be unable to get full every single day.

As for the food made by Bei Li, Lu Wu tried it once and said that he would rather die than having to eat it ever again. He was afraid that he might get food poisoning before he could take on a human form.

However, Lu Wu could gradually feel the changes in his body as the days passed.

Even though he was still in beast form, his reflexes and body strength had clearly improved and his soul had also evolved through training. It could be said that his training paid off.

At least Bei Li could no longer beat him up!