Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of 100 chapters

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“One bottle, two bottles, three bottles…”

Tang Hao counted the bottled of weight-loss herbal tea that stood in a line on the table. There were twenty bottles in total.

“Twenty bottles. That’s about all I have!” Tang Hao mumbled, then packed the bottles of weight-loss herbal tea into his backpack. If they sold at six thousand yuan a bottle, he was looking at one hundred and twenty thousand yuan.

“And this other potion. One bottle, two… eight bottles, that’s about enough.” He packed the other potion into his backpack too.

The last one was the beauty enhancement cream. There were ten boxes in total.

His backpack was bulging after all the potions were packed. He carefully wore the backpack then left the house. In town, he bought another three-wheeled motorcycle and clocked into work.

It was already noon when he arrived at Azure Sky Gardens.

“Lil Tang! You’re finally here.” President Biao was standing in front of House Number 18. He shouted excitedly when he saw Tang Hao arrive.

Tang Hao almost could not recognize him after only a day. He was already down forty or fifty pounds and looked only slightly chubby.

The contours of his face changed, and he did look quite handsome.

Standing next to President Biao was a thirty-something-year-old woman. She was President Biao’s wife, and her name was Wu Yanyan.

“Bro Biao, Ma’am!” Tang Hao greeted them after he got off the motorcycle.

“Lil Tang! Your beauty cream is wonderful! Look at this, my skin is so much fairer after one day.” Wu Yanyan lifted her left arm to show Tang Hao.

Then, she lifted her right arm.

The skin color on both arms was obviously different. The left arm was fair, and the skin on the right arm was much duller.

‘Looks marvelous!’ Tang Hao thought.

“So did you bring more, Lil Tang? Let me see,” Wu Yanyan said impatiently.

“Yes! I brought ten boxes.” Tang Hao opened his backpack and took out the boxes of beauty cream.

Wu Yanyan was incredibly thrilled.

“How about mine, Lil Tang?” President Biao was impatient too.

“No rush. They’re all here. Eight bottles in total.” Tang Hao took out the bottles of aphrodisiac potion one by one.

President Biao cradled the bottles in his arms as if they were priceless treasures.

“Oh my! Eight bottles!” President Biao could not stop smiling.

“And there’s weight-loss potions too. Twenty bottles in total. Do you want them all, President Biao?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I want them? I’ll take all that you have. My friends tried it and now they’re pestering for more. It’s always in demand,” President Biao said.

“Alright then!” Tang Hao handed the backpack to him.

“Let me calculate. This potion, I’ll give you twenty thousand each for them, so eight bottles are a hundred and sixty thousand. Weight-loss potions are six thousand each, no, eight thousand. My bunch of friends have nothing but money and will buy no matter the price you ask. So that’s a hundred and sixty thousand too.”

“As for the beauty cream… what’s the price, Lil Tang?”

“It’s up to you, Bro Biao!”

“Hm… how does five thousand sound? So ten boxes are fifty thousand, and the total is three hundred and seventy thousand. I’ll transfer it to your account later, Lil Tang!” President Biao said.

“Alright!” Tang Hao replied.

President Biao saw the delivery packages on the little three-wheeled motorcycle and said, “Lil Tang, you’ve made yourself a pretty penny now. Why are you still delivering packages? I, Bro Biao, have never admired a person. You’re the first one, Lil Tang.

“You’re a legend, Lil Tang. With all your hidden talents, why are you still a delivery boy? You can make a fortune with these potions alone.”

“Right, right!” Wu Yanyan continued, “Eh, Lil Tang, do you have a girlfriend? If not, Sis Wu will recommend one for you.”

“It’s fine!” Tang Hao blushed.

“Ah, what are you embarrassed about, kid?” Sis Wu chuckled.

Tang Hao waved goodbye to the two people, then rode on his three-wheeled motorcycle and drove forward.

He contemplated quitting the job. He still had about sixty thousand yuan in cash, and with the three hundred and seventy thousand earlier, it was four hundred and thirty thousand. It was a small fortune.

He will definitely earn more than that in the future.

Considering that there was nothing important in his life at the moment, he did not mind delivering packages in the meantime. Furthermore, Uncle Li had reserved his job in the half-month he was in the hospital. Quitting his job immediately would be sheer ingratitude.

He planned to stay on his job a little while longer, then give Uncle Li an advance notice so that he can look for his replacement.

At this moment, the phone in his pocket vibrated. He checked the notification to see that the money was already in his bank account.

“Four hundred and thirty thousand…” Tang Hao’s heart skipped a beat. If it was like before, he did not know if he could save up that much even if he toiled for his entire life.

“Should I buy something for myself?” He mumbled as he looked at the shabby clothes he wore. He also looked at the outdated phone in his hand and the tattered shoes on his feet.

He thought about it for a while, then shook his head. “Never mind, it’s not necessary. Four hundred and thirty thousand isn’t that much, and I’d rather spend it on something practical, like more lingzhi and medicinal herbs. If I can reach the middle period of this State soon, I can start practicing sorcery.

“Clothes and other stuff are all superficial. They’re not necessary. Right, I should buy something for Uncle Li.”

He was suddenly reminded of what Sis Wu said earlier.

“As for a girlfriend…”

Tang Hao sighed. A silhouette appeared in his mind. It was a girl with a ponytail. She looked pure, cute and gentle, and when she laughed, two faint dimples appeared on her cheeks.

This girl’s name was Li Qiaoqiao. She was his first crush.

Back in school, they were in a steady relationship, however, he was supplanted by someone else. That person was Zhang Tianhao, the son of the principal of Westridge First Middle School.

Because of this incident, he was caught in a fight with Zhang Tianhao and was subsequently expelled from the school.

The truth of the matter was that Zhang Tianhao had goaded him and even punched first, though unfortunately for Tang Hao, his opponent was the son of the school principal. Tang Hao was indignant, though there was nothing he could do.

After leaving school and prematurely entering society, Tang Hao struggled to survive on the edge of poverty. He never thought about the matter of relationships. Now that Sis Wu mentioned it, the memories came back to him.

Somehow, his thoughts wandered to Sis Xiangyi. Her beautiful face appeared in his mind.

He got off his ride and went through the packages. His eyes focused on one particular package.

“House Number 9… That’s for Sis Xiangyi!”

Tang Hao was surprised at this coincidence.

He gave her a call and found that she was in the house, then hastily drove over to House Number 9.

He rang the doorbell and the door was soon opened. A beautiful woman appeared from within.