Chapter 100 - He Is The President?

Chapter 100 of 100 chapters

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“Get lost! You’re just here to apply for the security guard’s position, so what’s the rush?”

“Exactly, go away!”

The group of people behind Tang Hao jeered at him.

At that moment, Tang Hao had already squeezed his way to the front of the door. The two staff glanced at him oddly, furrowing their brows.

“You’re here to apply for the security guard position?” A slightly tall and burly staff asked in an unpleasant tone. “Didn’t you see the notice at the front? Those who are here to interview for factory security have to go to the end of the line.”

“Go, go, go, you can come back in the afternoon.” The other staff said, waving his hand at him.

“Hear that? Hurry up and get lost! Don’t just stand there and continue being disgraceful.”

Fu Renjie yelled at him.

As he said this, he pushed his way through the crowd and smiled at the two staff. “You two, ignore this fella. Can we start now? I’m Fu Renjie, I’m here to apply for the director’s position. This is my resume, you can take a look.”

The two workers took the resume and looked it over. When they were done, they immediately became considerably more respectful.

One of them said politely, “Mr. Fu, please get ready first, we still have to wait a while.”

“We still have to wait?”

“It’ll begin shortly. We heard that the president would be here today to personally pick out his assistant, so we wanted to wait a bit longer. If he’s still not here after a while, we’ll just start without him.”

“The president is coming?” Fu Renjie was shocked.

He had heard about this company from a friend. According to him, the company had a relatively powerful background. Many of its investors were business moguls in the Westridge district, and they had even received strong support from the district’s government.

This company had a huge potential, so he had decided to come here to apply for a job.

The president of this company must not be an ordinary person.

The corridor rumbled with commotion, the crowd becoming excited. This was especially so for the fashionable and beautiful women who were all dressed-up, they became even more nervous and excited.

“I wonder what the president looks like. It’d be great if he was younger.”

“No way, it’d be better if he was older. He’d be mature and stable, and would have a lot of money too.”

The group of girls started chattering among themselves.

When Tang Hao heard them, he could not help scratching the back of his head, an odd look passing over his face.

“Hey! Why are you still here?” When Fu Renjie turned around and saw that Tang Hao was still standing there, he suddenly became annoyed.

“Hurry up and leave, didn’t you hear what I just said?” The large staff waved his hand, demanding impatiently.

“I’m not here to apply for a job,” Tang Hao replied.

The staff member was stunned for a moment, then he said angrily, “If you’re not here to apply for a job, then hurry up and get lost! Honestly, if you’re not here for a job, what are you hanging around for?”

Tang Hao looked at them incredulously and asked, “You two… don’t know who I am?”

“Who are you? Why would we know who you are? What a joke!” The other staff member retorted.

Fu Renjie snickered. “You’re just a poor hick? Who do you think you are?”

At that moment, the sound of heels clicking against the floor echoed from down the hallway.

It was followed by a woman’s voice, “What’s going on?”

The crowd looked over and was greeted by the sight of a woman in her thirties. She was wearing a professional suit and had short hair, giving off the aura of a strong, capable woman.

“Manager, there’s someone here who’s causing trouble!” The two staff members shouted.

Then, they pointed at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao turned around, and when he saw the woman, he exclaimed, “Big Sis Yan!”

This woman was Liu Yan and had been recruited by Liu Dajun from another company. She was now holding a managerial position and was responsible for the company’s operations.

Liu Yan was taken aback as she exclaimed, “President Tang?”

In an instant, everyone was stunned, their expressions horrified.

Then, they looked toward the young man before them in disbelief.

They almost thought that they had misheard her. Otherwise, why would this manager have called this kid ‘President Tang’? In a company, the only person who would be called ‘president’ by the manager was the president himself.

Could it be that this seventeen or eighteen-year-old teenager who was dressed so casually was this company’s president?

That was too ridiculous!

The two staff were frozen to the spot, their expressions filled with horror.

They had just been hired yesterday and had no idea what the president looked like. They had initially thought that he would be a middle-aged man, and had never expected that he would be a teen.

Then, they started trembling in cold sweat, their blood draining from their faces.

As for Fu Renjie, his mind had gone blank. He was completely stupefied.

‘That… That’s impossible!

‘How is this poor hick a president? There must be some mistake.’

At that moment, Liu Yan walked over and said with a smile, “President Tang, you’re here! Why didn’t you let me know?”

Fu Renjie felt a jolt pass through his body, and his face turned an ashen, pale shade.

He could not believe that the so-called big guy was the hick that he had always looked down upon.

“Oh my God, he is the president! How old is he?”

“He must be a fuerdai!1 Otherwise, how could he become the president at such a young age?”

The crowd was making a ruckus, some of their gazes shocked, some of them envious.

In the crowd, Han Yutong’s jaw dropped, her expression full of shock.

“He truly is a weird person!” She scrutinized Tang Hao again, feeling odd.

Those who could become a president must be rich! However, he was dressed so plainly, so he did not look like he was wealthy at all.

“That… Manger Liu, is he the president?” The tall, burly staff member asked in a whisper.

Liu Yan smiled and said, “Of course, he is. When I first met him, I was just like you too.”

The two staff members suddenly started wiping away their sweat, their hearts full of panic.

“Tang… President Tang, we’re so sorry we didn’t recognize you.” The two men bowed and apologized.

“It’s fine!” Tang Hao waved his hand. He then looked at Fu Renjie and said coldly, “You can leave now! My company doesn’t need someone like you.”

Fu Renjie trembled, his face becoming even paler as if his soul had left his body.

“Alright! Let’s begin!”

After Tang Hao walked into the room and sat down, the interview began.

Tang Hao was unfamiliar with handling interviews, so he had entrusted Liu Yan and the others with the task. He was just a spectator, and would only occasionally chime in with suggestions.

A few people had applied for the director’s position in the beginning, and most of the people here were applying for the regular positions, making it extremely competitive. Many people were competing for the assistant’s position as well.

Thus, the recruitment process only ended when night fell.

“President Tang, which one are you more satisfied with?” Liu Yan selected a few resumes and placed them before Tang Hao.

Tang Hao picked them up and looked through them.

In all honestly, these were all not bad. They all looked pretty, and were very capable.

“Why, are you dissatisfied? What about this?” Liu Yan smiled and handed him another resume.

Tang Hao glanced at it and was startled. ‘Isn’t this Han Yutong?’

“Wasn’t she here to apply for the assistant manager’s position?” Tang Hao had quite the impression of her.

Other than her outstanding appearance, she was highly capable and was even a graduate from a prestigious university.

“I don’t need an assistant, but President Tang, you, on the other hand, need a capable assistant. This one is not bad,” Liu Yan replied.

Tang Hao pondered for a while, then nodded. “Alright, let’s hire her!”