Chapter 13

Chapter 13 of 100 chapters

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When Tang Hao stepped out of the fitting room, the store manager could only gawk at him.

The boy that stood in front of her had undergone a full transformation by only changing his clothes. The trim business suit emphasized his fit body and well-proportioned face. It gave him the aura of a noble.

Her eyes sparkled as she heaped silent praises on him.

Not too far away, Li Qiaoqiao happened to look at him. She was also stunned as if she did not recognize him.

Zhang Tianhao could not believe his eyes as well. His face then darkened as his heart burned with the fire of envy.

He had always thought that he was on a level above everyone else. He considered himself to be the most outstanding man, especially against people of a lower social class like Tang Hao. However, he had been utterly defeated this time.

He became angrier as he saw Li Qiaoqiao’s changed expression.

‘Hmph! What’s the use of his good looks? He’s still a lowly peasant laborer. I think he has the potential to be a gigolo. Those rich fat cougars love unweaned little boys like him.’

“I say, Tang Hao! Don’t tell me you earned the seventy thousand yuan from being a gigolo!” Zhang Tianhao jeered.

Tang Hao cast a steely glance at him and retorted, “How lowly and despicable! How your mouth stinks! Young Master Zhang, can’t you stop farting from your mouth?”

“You… Tang Hao!” Zhang Tianhao was enraged. His wide and round eyes were shooting daggers at him. Even his face was contorted and looked vicious.

Tang Hao chuckled and ignored him. He turned around and told the store manager, “Not bad, it fits my body. I’d like this suit and another two more of the same design.”

The store manager replied with glee, “Yes sir!”

She quickly brought over two suits of the same design and wrapped them up.

“One set is nine thousand, and a ten percent discount makes it eight thousand and a hundred. For three suits, that will be twenty-four thousand and three hundred. Let’s round it to twenty-four thousand.”

Tang Hao retrieved three stacks of banknotes and removed six thousand yuan from them, then handed the store manager the rest of the cash.

“Excuse me!” Tang Hao stepped outside.

Li Qiaoqiao looked at him with a perplexed expression. The boy in front of her was so dazzling, she almost could not recognize him.

As for Zhang Tianhao, his face was as sullen as a puddle of muddy water. His squinting eyes flashed with a hint of disdain.

For an instant, a hint of viciousness flashed past his eyes. Just as Tang Hao passed by him, he took a step forward and pretended to tap his shoulder. “Not bad, you look like a dog in human clothes.”

As he spoke, his other hand reached out and planted a small box in Tang Hao’s backpack.

His actions were inconspicuous to the normal human eye. Of course, Tang Hao did not have normal human eyes and saw all this happening.

‘This bastard!’ Tang Hao knew that he was framing him.

In a flash, he immediately thought of a way to counter it. He immediately grasped Zhang Tianhao’s wrist and gave it a hard twist.

“Ahhhh!” A piercing scream.

Sweat rained down Zhang Tianhao’s face. “What are you doing? Let go of me!” He yelled.

“Tang Hao, let him go!” Li Qiaoqiao panicked. She rushed over and tried to pull the two boys apart.

In the confusion, Tang Hao retrieved the small box from his backpack and shoved it into Li Qiaoqiao’s handbag.

He then let go of Zhang Tianhao and said angrily, “Don’t touch me with your filthy hands.”

He then smirked and headed out of the store.

He had only stepped out of the store when he heard cries of shock behind him. “My ring! My ring is missing!”

“How did it go missing?” Li Qiaoqiao asked.

“How about I know, I saw it just earlier… I know, it must be him. He stole my ring! Hold it right there, Tang Hao! Tell me, did you steal my ring?”

Tang Hao smirked and continued walking.

“Stop! Stand right there, do you hear me, you thief? You despicable thief!” Zhang Tianhao yelled with all his might.

The people all around stopped walking when they heard the word “thief” and crowded around.

“Stop! Tang Hao!”

Zhang Tianhao rushed out of the store and pointed a finger at Tang Hao. “Tang Hao, I did not expect that you’re a thief! I used to think that you are only poor, I didn’t think that you are shameless as well.

“I was wondering how you could earn that much money. Turns out that you stole it! Tang Hao, I despise you!”

The people standing all around them spoke in low voices and pointed at Tang Hao.

“He looks handsome. Too bad he’s a thief!”

Tang Hao stopped walking and turned around. He glared at Zhang Tianhao. “Young Master Zhang, you’ve been saying that I stole something from you. So, can you tell me, what did I steal, and if you have any proof? If you don’t have proof, I will sue you for slander!”

“Proof? Of course I do. It’s in your backpack. I bought a pair of rings with Qiaoqiao earlier, and you stole the one that belonged to me. Do you know how much it costs? Twelve thousand!”

“A ring that cost twelve thousand? Wow! Young Master Zhang, you’re pretty rich!” I didn’t know your father earns so much money as a school principal!”

“It’s none of your business how much my dad earns. Security! Where’s the security? Arrest him and throw him in jail!” Zhang Tianhao was yelling in all directions.

The crowd around them grew bigger and the discussions grew wilder. Soon, two security guards squeezed past the crowd and arrived at the scene.

“What’s the matter?” One security guard asked.

“He is a thief. He stole my ring. Quick, arrest him and bring him to the police station.”

The two security guards glanced at Tang Hao and their faces sunk. As the security guards of this high-end mall, they hated thieves the most.

The two security guards exchanged glances, then walked toward Tang Hao. “Kid, you’re coming with us!”

“Wait! Why are you two such idiots? I’m a thief just because he said so? Then I’ll say that he’s a rapist!” Tang Hao smirked.

“Well…” The two security guards were taken aback.

“Tang Hao, you still don’t admit it? Looks like you’ll only be convinced when the cruel reality hits you in the face,” Zhang Tianhao said viciously. He ran toward the two security guards. “The ring must be on him. You should search him.”

“You have a point. Kid, you better cooperate.”

The two security guards walked toward Tang Hao.

“Search all you want! Zhang Tianhao, what if they don’t find what you lost?”

“How is that possible? The ring is definitely with you.”

“I’m not so sure of that,” Tang Hao smirked and submitted himself to the search.

The two security guards did not find anything out of the ordinary on his body. When they opened his backpack, they were stunned when they saw the stacks of banknotes. They looked suspiciously at Tang Hao.

“What’s so strange about this? I’m here to shop for some clothes. It’s not out of the ordinary that I have cash on me, right?”

The two security guards did not know how to respond.

They finished searching the backpack, and their faces became awkward. “We didn’t find the ring you’re talking about. So what’s going on?” The two security guards stood up and looked suspiciously at Zhang Tianhao.

Zhang Tianhao was taken aback, and the color of his face changed.

“No? How is it possible? How Is it possible, I had just…” He immediately choked on his words. He rushed madly at Tang Hao, snatched his backpack and spilled its contents.

He did not find the item he was looking for.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Tianhao stood there as if his soul had left his body.