Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 100 chapters

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“Why isn’t it there…”

Zhang Tianhao was behaving like a madman. He shook the backpack violently then tossed it on the floor.

“It’s impossible. Tell me! Where did you hide it!” He lifted his head and looked at Tang Hao with vicious eyes.

“I say, Young Master Zhang, you’ve already searched my backpack through and through. Why are you still so insistent? And why are you still so sure that I stole your ring?

“Don’t tell me… you’re trying to frame me of something?” Tang Hao’s eyes narrowed and he looked like he was toying with his prey.

“Don’t accuse me, Tang Hao!” Zhang Tianhao was starting to panic, “Tell me, where did you hide the ring?”

“Why are you asking me? I’ve never touched your ring let alone stole it. Might you have misplaced it somewhere and forgot about it?”

“How could it be? I was carrying it in my pocket all this while. After I tapped your shoulder, it’s missing. Who else could have stolen it if not for you!”

“In your pocket? Are you sure? Maybe you forgot that you put the rings together in her handbag!” Tang Hao pointed at Li Qiaoqiao.

“That’s impossible!” Zhang Tianhao laughed.

“Really? Why not take a peek inside?” The second question was spoken to Li Qiaoqiao.

Li Qiaoqiao hesitated for a short while, but still opened her handbag and searched through its contents. Her face changed, and she cried out, “How could it be?” She retrieved two boxes from the handbag.

Zhang Tianhao looked like he was struck by lightning.

“It’s impossible! Impossible! I had planted it in the backpack…”

He abruptly stopped speaking.

Zhang Tianhao’s face was a ghostly pallor.

“So it’s really you after all! Young Master Zhang, you’re such a genius!” Tang Hao smirked.

There was a sudden uproar in the crowd.

It turned out that the victim had been the perpetrator after all.

“Look, he’s so smartly dressed but he’s just a despicable and shameless crook!” The crowd commented as they looked at Zhang Tianhao with disgust.

“How could it end up like this…”

Zhang Tianhao was despondent. He did not understand how the box that he planted in Tang Hao’s backpack had ended up in Li Qiaoqiao’s handbag.

‘Unless… he knew right from the start?’

He could not believe it.

“Young Master Zhang, I could not believe that you wanted to frame me! You’re an animal in human clothing!” Tang Hao walked up to Zhang Tianhao’s face and glared coldly at him.

He then abruptly leaned next to Zhang Tianhao’s ear and whispered coldly to him. “You persuaded your father to expel me, right? I’ve never forgotten about this grudge!”

Then, he looked at Li Qiaoqiao. “Qiaoqiao, you’ve picked the wrong guy. He’s just a dishonorable crook after all!”

Li Qiaoqiao stood there, stupefied. She even looked a little pale.

“Stop farting from your mouth, Tang Hao! I, Zhang Tianhao, is more superior to you a hundred times, no, ten thousand times! Who are you, Tang Hao? You’re just a peasant laborer fated to toil for someone else forever. You lowlife!

“Qiaoqiao is now my girlfriend. Who are you to talk to her like that? Remember. She is my girlfriend. Not yours. Do you think you are a match with Qiaoqiao?”

Zhang Tianhao had lost control of his emotions and was yelling madly.

He rushed over and hugged Li Qiaoqiao tightly. A demonstration of dominance.

“I wonder which blind woman will fall in love with a poor kid like you. Qiaoqiao was right to ditch you and fall for me. What I can give Qiaoqiao, can you give too?”

Tang Hao was expressionless. He did not look at Zhang Tianhao but rather fixed his gaze upon Li Qiaoqiao.

Li Qiaoqiao remained silent, and her face became paler and paler.

“What are you looking at! Stop using your dog eyes to look at my girlfriend.” Zhang Tianhao’s face was close to insanity.

Tang Hao took one last glance at both of them, and his eyes displayed a hint of mockery. He crouched, picked up the backpack and its contents.

Suddenly, he heard a flirtatious voice coming from beside him. “Honey, why are you here?”

Tang Hao was shocked. He thought the voice sounded familiar.

He looked toward the source of the voice. Amid the crowd, a curvaceous silhouette was walking toward him.

She was wearing a black full-body dress adorned with crystals. She shone brilliantly under the light and all eyes were on her. Her body was voluptuous and seductive.

That dimpled face was enchanting, and she exuded grace and charm.

Her appearance had caused all the eyes in the mall to converge on her.

The men’s eyes were bulging as they swallowed hard.

“F*ck! Slender waist, long legs. This is a masterpiece!” Someone mumbled.

He had spoken the feelings of every male in the mall.

After that was a series of grunting and yelling in pain. It was the sound of men being pulled by the ears by their wives.

Tang Hao stood there, stunned. ‘Isn’t that Sis Xiangyi? Why is she here? And who was the ‘Honey’ she was referring to?”

He instinctively turned around to look at who she was calling.

Qin Xiangyi had already walked close to him. She smiled and reached for Tang Hao’s arm with her delicate hands. She then leaned over and rested her head on Tang Hao’s shoulder. A scene of tenderness and love.

“Honey, I’ve been waiting for you! Oh, who are these two?” Qin Xiangyi spoke with a flirtatious voice.

Everyone around them was stunned. If you listened closely, you might even hear the sound of hearts shattering.

“That’s Qin the Femme Fatale! Who could this kid be? How could she be interested in him?”

“There’s no justice in this world! Qin the Femme Fatale likes young boys!”

Wailing sounds were heard all around.

Zhang Tianhao and Li Qiaoqiao stood frozen in their place and stared at this woman who had abruptly arrived at the scene.

She was so charming and eye-catching, as well as sexy and seductive.

Zhang Tianhao’s mind was blank. His face was ashen.

‘This can’t be… this can’t be… how can this lowly person find such a beautiful woman to love him?’

Li Qiaoqiao, standing next to him, was nothing when compared to this woman.

It did not matter whether the comparison was of her appearance, or body, or upbringing. Li Qiaoqiao was utterly defeated.

Meanwhile, Li Qiaoqiao felt bitter in her heart.

She felt inferior when she was compared to this woman.

She looked at the boy whom she had once fallen in love and subsequently ditched, and now he had found someone ten times, no, one hundred times better than her. This was the feeling of being overwhelmingly crushed.

Tang Hao stood there stiffly.

“What are you doing, Sis Xiangyi?” Tang Hao whispered.

“I’m helping you! These two people are horrid. I saw everything earlier, so now I’m helping you to get back at them!”

Qin Xiangyi pressed her face against Tang Hao’s cheek and whispered into his ear.

Her red lips were slightly open and a fragrant breath was exhaled from her mouth. It tickled when she blew on Tang Hao’s face.

Her red phoenix eyes narrowed as she looked at Tang Hao’s side profile, then joked. “Oh, Lil Tang, I didn’t expect you to be so handsome after changing clothes. Even a big sister like me might fall for you.”

Tang Hao’s face became even redder.

He coughed lightly, then spoke, “These two… used to be my classmates.”

“Oh! Ex-classmates! But they don’t sound very kind to you! I heard him say that no woman in this world will fall for you! I think he’s blind! My honey is so outstanding, why wouldn’t any woman fall for him?

“As for this girl… she’s just so-so! Hm! Too thin, and the breasts are so small. A-cup, I guess? Well, B-cup at most. And her ass is so small too.”

Li Qiaoqiao was trembling and her face became even paler. She looked for a hole to jump in as she stood in front of such a formidable opponent.

Zhang Tianhao’s expression had turned ghastly.

“Honey, enough dealing with these people. They’re not worth our time! Let’s go!”

After that, she clung to Tang Hao’s arm and they walked outside.