Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of 100 chapters

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Hand in hand, the two people left Sky City Plaza. Everyone stopped to stare at them as they passed by.

“The f*ck? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Isn’t that Qin the Femme Fatale?”

“Daaaamn, who’s that pretty boy?”

Everyone’s jaw dropped.

There were fewer people on the street outside the mall. Tang Hao exhaled a sigh of relief. He was on tenterhooks while walking in the mall. The people around looked at him with killing intent, as if they were going to flay him with their eyes.

Qin Xiangyi chuckled and joked, “How’s that, Lil Tang? Feeling pressured?”

“I’m… fine! I’m fine! Sis Xiangyi, you have such charm,” Tang Hao smiled, “Right, Sis Xiangyi, won’t this affect your reputation?”

“What reputation? I don’t have a boyfriend, so what’s there to be worried about? How about… you be my boyfriend!” Qin Xiangyi laughed slyly.

She sounded like she was joking, but also sounded serious. There was something different in the way she was looking at Tang Hao.

Thump! Thump!

Tang Hao’s heart was beating hard.

Qin Xiangyi laughed. “I was just joking! I’m not in the market for a boyfriend yet, but whenever I do, I’ll put you in consideration.”

“You’re torturing me, Sis Xiangyi!” Tang Hao laughed drily.

“Why, think you’re not on my level?” Qin Xiangyi said, “You lack confidence, Lil Tang. Look at you now, so handsome! Many girls will fall for you if you know how to sweet-talk.”

Tang Hao blushed.

Qin Xiangyi released Tang Hao’s hand, then tidied his clothes.

She did not stop chuckling, looking at how embarrassed Tang Hao was.

“Right, why did you suddenly buy clothes?” Qin Xiangyi asked.

“Oh! Bro Biao asked me to. He said he had a few friends who wanted to meet me tomorrow, and I had better get myself some decent clothes,” Tang Hao replied.

“That’s very good advice from Jin Biao. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be buying new clothes!” Qin Xiangyi said. She paused for a while, then continued, “I’ll come along tomorrow then. I know the friends that Jin Biao is talking about. Don’t worry, I’ll let Jin Biao know myself.”

“Oh!” Tang Hao replied.

“Why didn’t I notice that you’re so amazing before, Lil Tang? That beauty enhancement cream was wonderful. And I heard that you have weight loss and aphrodisiac potions too.” her face was blushing slightly when she mentioned the aphrodisiac potion.

“You already know?” Tang hao felt awkward.

“Why wouldn’t I? That fella Jin Biao is praising you to the high heavens. He says that you’re an otherworldly genius .”

Tang Hao rubbed the back of his head and replied awkwardly, “I’m no genius!”

Qin Xiangyi burst out laughing. “Even if you’re not, I guess your ancestors are! They left such amazing recipes for you.”

Tang Hao smiled and did not reply.

Both of them chatted as they walked. Soon, they arrived at a red sports car. It was Qin Xiangyi’s Ferrari. Tang Hao heard that it cost more than five million yuan.

“Want a ride?” Qin Xiangyi asked.

“I’m fine. I have a motorcycle.”

Qin Xiangyi was taken aback, then laughed out loud. “You’re keeping such a low profile! You must’ve earned quite a bit of money by now, you should go get a driving license and a nice car. Men need nice cars.”

“No rush!” Tang Hao replied.

“That’s true. See you tomorrow then! Right, can I ask for more boxes of beauty enhancement cream tomorrow? I have a few good friends asking for it. Do you have more?”

“I have a few.”

“That’ll do! See you!” After that, Qin Xiangyi opened the door to her car and scuttled in. She waved to Tang Hao as she ignited the car engine. In a short while, the sports car disappeared out of sight.

Tang Hao saw that she was gone before hopping onto his three-wheeled motorcycle and drove back to Tang Village.

The next morning, he delivered five boxes of beauty enhancement cream to Sis Xiangyi.

In the evening, he returned to Azure Sky Gardens. He was dressed in his new business suit, and he even made sure that his hair was neat.

President Biao was shocked when he saw him. “Oh my, you’re Lil Tang!?”

He dashed in front of him and scrutinized him from top to bottom. “Lil Tang, you look amazing. I’ll have to admit that you’re just a teeny bit more handsome than I was when I was your age,” he exclaimed.

He had just finished speaking when Wu Yanyan came over and pulled his ear. “Nonsense, you! You only know how to brag, and you still want to compare yourself with Lil Tang?”

“Ow, ow! Darling, please let go!” President Biao cried agonizingly.

Wu Yanyan harrumphed and tossed President Biao aside. She smiled as she took a closer look at Tang Hao.

“Oh my, Lil Tang, you really don’t want Sis Wu to introduce a girlfriend to you? I can’t bear to see you fall into other hands!”

“No need! No need!” Tang Hao replied hastily.

Sis Wu had been trying to introduce him to a girlfriend every time they met. He was a little intimidated by that.

Just then, a red sports car drove by. The car door opened after the car was parked, and out came someone beautiful.

She was in a black one-piece dress, though the style was very different from yesterday’s dress. It was more delicate and grand, which added to her aura of nobility and exquisiteness.

“Oh! Qin the Femme Fatale is here!” President Biao shouted.

“Sis Yan! President Biao! Lil Tang!” Qin Xiangyi greeted each of them.

“Lil Tang, do you want to sit in my car or Qin’s car?” President Biao asked.

Tang Hao pondered for a moment, then replied, “I’ll sit with Sis Xiangyi then!”

“Wow, look at this kid! Hoes before bros!” President Biao grumbled, “Alright, you’ll sit in her car then! We’d better make a move, it’s not early!”

After that, he hopped into his Land Rover, while Tang Hao rode on the same car as Sis Xiangyi.

They headed north after leaving Azure Sky Gardens. About twenty minutes later, they arrived at Beyond Heaven Restaurant, one of the top-end restaurants in the district.

“Let’s go. Private room number 503.”

President Biao led the way upstairs.

The private room already had many people in it. Judging from their dress, they were very rich people.

“Oh! President Biao is here! Hm? Why is Qin the Femme Fatale here too?”

All these people stood up when they saw the party enter the room. They were surprised when they saw Qin Xiangyi come in.

“President Biao, is this the Brother Tang you were talking about?”

“That right, that’s him!”

Jin Biao stood aside and pointed at Tang Hao while introducing him. “This person here is Tang Hao, Brother Tang! What do you think?”

“Oh wow, Brother Tang looks talented and handsome! What a coincidence, my surname is Tang too! And my name is Changfeng.” A man walked over and enthusiastically grabbed Tang Hao’s hand, then shook it forcefully.

This man looked to be about fifty years old. His appearance was plain and was slightly plump.

“Brother Tang, I might look like this now, but a few days ago, I was a lot fatter. All thanks to your weight loss tea that I’ve lost about forty or fifty pounds in a few days. That was a miracle!”

He did not let go of Tang Hao’s hand as he continued speaking, “I say, Brother Tang, do you have… any more of that weight-loss tea? Give me a few more bottles.”

“Ah, Ol’ Tang, what are you saying? You’re going out of order!”

A fat man rushed over and shoved Tang Changfeng aside. He grasped Tang Hao’s hands and smiles piled on his face, then he said cordially, “Brother Tang! Don’t worry about him, give it to me first! He’s already so slim, what’s the rush?

“Oh, right! My name is Liu Dajun. If you don’t mind, you can call me Big Bro Liu.”

Tang Hao retracted his hand and addressed each of them. “Big Bro Liu, Big Bro Tang!”

He then hastily added, “Please don’t worry. When I make more in the coming days, you’ll be the first ones I’ll contact.”

“That’s a deal! Remember to give it to me first!” Liu Dajun exclaimed.

The other three people came over to introduce themselves one by one.

President Biao pointed at Tang Changfeng and Liu Dajun and introduced them to Tang Hao.

“Lil Tang, this Ol’ Tang, he’s in the construction business. As for Ol’ Liu, he’s in the property business and is super rich. Don’t hold back when naming a price for his potions.”

Then, he pointed at the other three people.

“This Ol’ Li owns a shoe factory. Ol’ Huang here runs a furniture business, and Ol’ Ma is an antique dealer. His nickname is Ninth Elder Ma, and he is one of the most prominent people in the antique business.

Tang Hao greeted each of them.

President Li and President Huang looked rather plain, both were about fifty years old. As for Ninth Elder Ma, he looked distinguished from the other people. He was dressed in a scholarly Chinese suit and stood straight. He was already more than sixty years old but still looked energetic.

“Come, let’s sit down!”

President Biao ushered everyone to their seats.