Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 100 chapters

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“No rush, one by one please!” Tang Hao said hastily.

“Ninth Elder, your waist and leg problems are simple to treat. I’ll just massage them for you and they should be cured in no time. You ought to take more nutritional supplements at your age.”

Tang Hao thought for a moment, then continued. “How about this. Some other day I’ll concoct a potion to strengthen your body and improve your health. I guarantee that you’ll feel a lot stronger after taking it.”

“Alright! Alright! Thank you Little Brother Tang!” Ninth Elder Ma said delightedly.

Then, Tang Hao turned toward President Huang.

President Huang’s hair was thin and he had a bald spot in the middle of his scalp. This was the typical case of male pattern baldness.

President Huang looked sincerely at Tang Hao. “Lil Tang, do you think you can do something about my hair?”

Tang Hao thought about it for a bit. He remembered that the Scripture of the Divine Herbalist had an entry on herbs that promoted hair growth. He nodded, and said, “It’s curable. I’ll concoct a potion for you another day.”

“That’s good news!” President Huang breathed a long sigh of relief. He looked grateful.

His baldness had plagued him for the longest time. He had taken many different types of medications and tried different alternative treatment methods, though none bore any effect. He was anxious about losing his hair bit by bit every day.

Tang Hao’s reply gave him a ray of hope.

“Lil Tang, come, a toast to you!” President Huang brought him a cup of liquor and toasted him.

Following that, Tang Hao diagnosed the problems for the rest of the party.

Body pains like the frozen shoulder could be treated on the spot by massaging, as for the other ills, Tang Hao had their cures, though he needed to concoct their potions at home.

“Lil Tang, you’re a miracle worker!” Liu Dajun clung to him and did not stop pouring liquor for him.

Tang Hao used to be bad with alcohol. However, as a cultivator, he could stomach this bit of liquor without feeling ill. He drank cup after cup and his face did not change color. President Biao and the rest were amazed when they saw that.

After dinner, they chatted for a little while longer before going home.

Before they left, President Huang and the rest asked for Tang Hao’s bank account. They all transferred some money to him. The least was ten thousand and the most was fifty thousand. In the blink of an eye, Tang Hao was richer by another two hundred thousand yuan and some more.

Tang Hao watched as the transfer notifications appeared on his phone. If this was before, he would have been ecstatic. Now that he was used to receiving huge amounts of cash, he remained composed.

President Biao was a little tipsy. Tang Hao walked him to his car while Wu Yanyan drove it away.

“Lil Tang, follow me!” Qin Xiangyi said with a gentle voice while looking at him.

She stood straight while clutching her handbag. The lights behind her illuminated her face in dreamy colors.

At this moment, she was hauntingly beautiful, and Tang hao was dazed for a long time as he looked at her.

He came to his senses a while later, and he was blushing.

Qin Xiangyi chuckled. This chuckle was like the blooming of a flower, and there were no words to describe that beauty. It felt like the night sky brightened.

Tang Hao scratched the back of his head, and he felt awkward.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Xiangyi covered her mouth and smiled. She flicked her luscious hair, then turned and walked toward her car.

Tang Hao jogged and caught up to her.

“Lil Tang, I realize that I don’t know you that well. I didn’t expect that you would know such amazing medical skills. You have such great talents, so why are you still delivering packages?”

Qin Xiangyi turned to look at Tang Hao. Her charming eyes reflected an indescribable mystery behind them.

“To make a living! But now that I’m earning quite a bit from the potions, I should be quitting the job sometime soon,” Tang Hao replied.

“That makes sense. Maybe you can concoct some more beauty enhancement cream and pass it to me then. I’ll sell whatever you give me,” Qin Xiangyi said.

“Thank you, Sis Xiangyi.”

“Eh! You don’t have to be so polite!”

Both of them wandered on the streets, chatting while walking toward nowhere in particular. An hour later, they returned by the original path.

“I’ll send you back!” Qin Xiangyi pointed at her Ferrari and told Tang Hao as they entered the Beyond Heaven Restaurant parking lot.

“It’s fine. It’s already so late. I’ll go home by myself! It’s quite far from here to Tang Village, and you’ll waste a lot of time on the return trip,” Tang Hao said, “I’ll just take a cab.”

“Hm…” Qin Xiangyi thought for a while, then nodded and walked toward her sports car.

Just then, a few black cars entered the parking lot. The tires screeched loudly as they braked in front of the two people.

The car doors opened, and several burly men with intimidating faces got out. They looked like they were inviting trouble.

Tang Hao’s face changed color. He scanned his surroundings, a little confused about what was going on. He noticed that the car in the middle was especially luxurious, and looked like it was the leader’s car.

The car door opened. Out came a middle-aged man who looked to be about thirty years old. He was well-built and his face was harsh. He had a knife scar on his left cheek which added to his viciousness.

“So you’re the pretty boy?” He glared at Tang Hao when he stepped out of the car. His gaze was like a ferocious wolf. “You’re a brave one. I, Chen Sandao, had never had my woman snatched from me before.”

Tang Hao furrowed his brows and looked at Qin Xiangyi.

Qin Xiangyi’s face was cold. She chided, “Chen Sandao, you had better be more respectful. I, Qin Xiangyi, had never had any relationship with you. I’ve told you many times, stop bothering me.”

Tang Hao understood after listening to what Qin Xiangyi said. This man was one of Sis Xiangyi’s pursuers.

Chen Sandao’s face twitched and he looked even more vicious. “Xiangyi, you are my only love. Why don’t you ever understand that? You’d rather fall for pretty boys like this and not accept me?

“Tell me! Which part of me cannot compare to this pretty boy!”

“Just give up already, Chen Sandao! I will never like you,” Qin Xiangyi said insistently.

“You… you ****! I’m only doing you a favor by loving you. If you reject my love, then there’s no reason for me to be courteous!” Chen Sandao was enraged. His expression was savage.

“Cripple this pretty boy! If I can’t get her, nobody else can,” he shouted his orders to his minions around him.

“You dare, Chen Sandao?” Qin Xiangyi began to panic.

“Hmph! Why not? Don’t you like this pretty boy? I’ll cripple him in front of your face!”

“Chen Sandao, don’t be rash. There’s nothing between me and him.”

“Nothing between? Who are you bluffing? You’re so protective of him. Stupid ****, you think I’m an idiot? Go! Go teach this boy a lesson now!” He yelled.

The burly men received their orders and closed around Tang Hao.

“How dare you!” Qin Xiangyi screamed as she stood in front of Tang Hao.

Chen Sandao became angrier when he saw this. His heart burned with the fire of jealousy.

“Beat him up! Break his arms and legs, then ruin his face. I’ll see who dares touch my woman from now on,” he roared viciously.

“Run, Lil Tang!” Qin Xiangyi screamed. Her face was full of panic and helplessness. “I’m sorry for dragging you into this!”

She sounded like she was about to cry.

Tang Hao stood there, he remained composed.

“Why aren’t you running away?” Qin Xiangyi was becoming more agitated.

Tang Hao smiled. He reached out to grab her shoulder and comforted her, “Don’t worry, Sis Xiangyi. It’s just a bunch of hooligans!”

Qin Xiangyi was shocked. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at him.

‘Just… a bunch of hooligans?’

‘What is he saying? Didn’t he see the size of this group? There are at least twenty people here. Each one of them is bigger and stronger than he is, and they don’t like they would be showing any mercy. How can he fight them all?

“Don’t worry, Sis Xiangyi!”

Tang Hao patted her shoulder, then took off his coat and handed it to her.

“Please hold on to this, I’ll be back soon.”

After that, he cracked his neck and coolly stepped forward.