Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of 100 chapters

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“Hahaha, this son of a b*tch is mad!”

“Just a bunch of hooligans? Haha, this kid is mad! Let me be the first to fight. I’ll break one of his arms first so that he’ll kneel and beg for mercy.”

The burly men burst out with unbridled laughter.

This kid could not have looked more than eighteen, but he wanted to fight all of them alone. This was perhaps the funniest joke they had ever heard in their lives.

Tang Hao casually stepped forward, cracked the bones in his neck and loosened his necktie.

His face became serious and even looked ice-cold.

He had never been so angry in his life. This group of people had threatened to cripple him and even insulted Sis Xiangyi in front of his face.

“Unforgivable!” He said to himself, and his gaze turned colder.

“I’ll beat up you, stupid kid!” one of the men roared then raised a fist and aimed it at Tang Hao’s face.

His cruel face displayed a hint of glee. He knew that this fist will draw blood on the kid’s face. He could even already hear the agonized cries of this kid.

He did not expect the boy in front of him to be so composed. It was even a little scary.

In a flash, he looked upward, and his eyes were as sharp as lightning, and struck the souls of his opponent.

Then, as swift as lightning, he delivered a kick.


A dull thud.

His kick landed on the man’s chin.

The man became unconscious. Her brain became blank, and the next thing he knew he was flying in the air. Then, he fell heavily on the ground.

Everyone was shocked at that instant.

All the burly men standing around him looked at them with bulging eyes as they saw that hulking body fly backward for two meters and land on the ground.


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

The expressions of the burly men looked as if they had just seen a ghost.

“F*ck, what the hell?”

“He sent that person flying with one kick. Is this kid human?”

Chen Sandao could not look away. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“How could this be… how could this be…” He mumbled as his face became contorted.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiangyi standing by the side was also shocked. Her eyes were opened wide and her hands covered her mouth as she screamed.

Tang Hao remained composed. He retracted his leg and dusted his trousers.

He looked around him and said coldly, “Why are you guys just standing there? Are you all idiots?”

The burly men came to their senses and immediately became enraged.

“Brothers! Looks like this kid has learned kung fu before! Let’s f*ck him up!” Someone shouted.

A few others opened the car boot and pulled out baseball bats and machetes, then distributed to the rest.

“Nothing counters kung fu mastery like a good whack to the noggin! We’ll swarm you with numbers, you son of a b*tch!”

The group of burly men laughed sadistically as they swarmed onto Tang Hao, wielding the baseball bats and machetes.

“Ha! That’s only true against kung fu novices!” Tang Hao chuckled. He tore off his necktie and ran forward.

Facing down a burly man that was running into him, he nimbly dodged aside then punched his abdomen with a fist.

The burly man let out an agonized cry. His body was bent like a prawn and his face was white as a sheet. Foam gurgled from his mouth.

Tang Hao snatched the baseball bat from his hand. He shoved him aside, then hurled the bat at another burly man.

The baseball bat struck the man with a thud and he fell.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Hao had knocked out two men.

Tang Hao casually stepped forward and casually dodged the attacks. Facing this pack of wolves, he was a ferocious tiger. No one was a match for him. His actions were nimble and sharp, and he knocked out one person with every punch. There was a certain beauty in the violence.

After fighting against the bunch of hooligans last time, Tang Hao had devised a set of martial arts techniques of his own. As his cultivation grew, his techniques also grew stronger in power.

Agonized cries rang out from amid the crowd. People were sent flying and falling. The weapons were scattered all over the place.

Chen Sandao froze on the spot, unable to move. His face was pale, and his well-built body trembled with fear. Sweat drops fell from his forehead.

‘Oh my god!

‘Who the hell is this guy? How can he be so powerful? He’s like a monster!’

His trembling became more and more violent. His heart was panicking.

The scene that unfolded in front of him was like a living nightmare.

As for Qin Xiangyi, her charming eyes were wide and round, she could only stare at the valiant silhouette amid the crowd. The silhouette was not tall or burly, but it looked like a mountain in her eyes.


The final person fell.

Tang Hao flexed his wrists and walked toward Chen Sandao.

“Don’t… don’t come near me! Do you hear? Don’t come near!” Chen Sandao cried as he stepped backward.

Tang Hao only smirked. He continued stepping forward, then threw a punch.

“Weren’t you so arrogant just now? Didn’t you say you wanted to cripple me? Now let’s see who’s crippling whom!” Tang Hao threw punches one after another without holding back.

Chen Sandao fell onto the ground and curled into the fetal position as he cried for his father and mother.

Tang Hao continued punching until he was satisfied. He crouched to his level and spoke viciously, “Remember, don’t disturb me, and don’t disturb Sis Xiangyi. Otherwise, be careful of your life.”

Then, he stood up and walked back toward Sis Xiangyi.

Qin Xiangyi was still standing there with a dumbfounded look on her face.

She only came to her senses when Tang Hao appeared in front of her. She looked straight at him. “Lil Tang, can you tell me, just who are you? How are you so proficient in fighting?”

She looked as if she was talking to an alien from outer space.

Tang Hao laughed it away. “Well, I’ve been practicing since I was young. I’m not a kung fu master, but it’s good enough against hooligans like them.”

“Lil Tang, I think I almost don’t know you. You’re a great Chinese physician, and now I know that you know kung fu. Tell me, what else do you know? I’d like to be mentally prepared against any surprises you might pull.” Qin Xiangyi smiled stiffly.

“That’s all there is, really!” Tang Hao [waved his hands].

Qin Xiangyi stifled a laugh.

As she continued looking at Tang Hao, her charming eyes flashed brilliantly.

“Alright, alright. Put on your jacket then,” she handed the jacket in her hands to him.

Tang Hao took the jacket and wore it

Qin Xiangyi stepped forward to straighten his jacket.

Chen Sandao’s heart burned with jealousy as he saw this scene in front of him.

“Dammit, shameless b*tches! Just you wait!” He gritted his teeth, and his face contorted. A killing intent flashed in his eyes.

“Sis Xiangyi, I’ll follow you home. After we reach Azure Sky Gardens, I’ll take a cab from there.” Tang Hao said nervously as he looked behind him.

“Alright then, let’s go!” Qin Xiangyi opened the car door and stepped into the car.

After they reached Azure Sky Gardens and Tang Hao saw that he had safely entered the house, he left the place, hailed a cab and returned to Tang Village.

Once home, he sat down and imbibed another potion of the Liquid of Spiritual Condensation, then started cultivating.