Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao woke up very early in the morning and went into town.

“How’s it going, Lil Tang? Are you feeling OK?” Uncle Li came up to greet him passionately when he saw him.

Uncle Li’s full name was Li Qiang. He was a little over fifty. His square face and glasses made him look like a scholar. He was a teacher many years ago, but when the delivery industry boomed, he quit his job and invested in a delivery business.

“I’m feeling great, thanks!” Tang Hao said as he slapped his chest.

“Good to hear, you’re still the same old,” Uncle Li said while pointing to a pile of packages next to him, “Azure Sky Gardens is still yours.”

Tang Hao did a rough count and found that there were sixty-odd packages, big and small.

“No problem.” He nodded at Uncle Li, then went over and shifted the packages onto his electric three-wheeled motorcycle.

When that was done, he hopped onto the vehicle and departed.

It was the morning rush hour and the roads were congested. Car horns blared as the cars stopped and started.

Tang Hao’s little three-wheeled motorcycle scuttled between the cars, traveling at full speed like a wild horse.

In about ten minutes, the three-wheeled motorcycle stopped near a residential area.

This was Azure Sky Gardens, one of the most affluent residential areas in the district. The people who lived here were all either very rich or well-connected.

Tang Hao got off the motorcycle and scanned the packages with his eyes.

“This is… instant hotpot? This one’s… junk food.” With his experience and the information on the delivery slips, he could discern the contents of each package with just a quick look.

“This one’s… bedroom toys?”

Tang Hao giggled as he picked up a package.

With the morals of society becoming more liberal, items like those were not a rare occurrence in his deliveries.

He regained his composure and continued looking through the items. His eyes fell on an item hiding in a corner.

“Azure Sky Gardens, House Number 9… Isn’t that for Sis Xiangyi?” he recognized the address as he held the package in his hands.

Sis Xianyi’s surname was Qin. She was a prolific businesswoman in the district and owned a fashion factory. Everyone in the district knew who she was.

She was an avid online shopper and had deliveries almost every other day. They were closely acquainted after frequent meetups.

Other than Sis Xiangyi, Tang Hao could also recognize most of the names of his customers in Azure Sky Gardens.

“She should still be at home at this hour!” Tang Hao fished out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

The call soon went through. A lazy and raspy voice was heard from the other end. “Who’s this?” She yawned, seemingly having just woken up.

“Sis Xiangyi, I have a delivery for you,” Tang Hao said.

“Oh, it’s Lil Tang! Alright, come on in!”

Tang Hao replied affirmatively. He headed over to the security post to identify himself, then rode onto his three-wheeled motorcycle and entered the residential area. The terrace houses here were all built in the Western style and looked majestic laid out in rows.

He turned a few corners and arrived at House Number 9.

He rang the doorbell, and the door opened a long while later. An alluring scene appeared in front of Tang Hao’s eyes.

Standing in front of him was a tall and slender woman with perfect proportions. Her body was nine heads tall, and all the curves were in the right places. A perfect S-shaped body.

Her face was beautiful and flawless, with a pair of enchanting red phoenix eyes. (TN: ‘Red phoenix eyes’ is the name for the perfect pair of eyes for Chinese women. Their outer corners are slanted slightly upwards.)

She was dressed in only a thin, black, lacy nightgown that barely covered her body. This added to her already charming sex appeal.

Tang Yu’s face turned red in an instant. He quickly averted his eyes.

She did not seem to realize his discomfort and lazily stretched and yawned.

Tang Hao’s face became even redder. He handed over the package as he lowered his head. “Delivery for you, Sis Xiangyi.”

Qin Xiangyi finally noticed why he was being so awkward. She lowered her head and looked at what she was wearing. Her pretty face blushed slightly.

However, she was not a little girl and was not embarrassed that easily. She thought it amusing that the boy in front of her was being so embarrassed, and so broke into laughter.

As she chuckled, she took the package and signed on the delivery slip with a pen.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, Lil Hao!”

“Oh! I was in the hospital some time ago because of an injury. I only got discharged yesterday,” Tang Hao replied.

Qin Xiangyi gasped in surprise. “Injury? What happened? Are you OK now?”

“I’m fine, very fine,” Tang Hao replied as he tore off the delivery slip.

As he lifted his head, he caught an eye of the underside of her nightgown again. Her snow-white skin was partly hidden by the cloth. The aromatic, tantalizing unique smell of a mature woman permeated the air.

“I’ll be on my way then, Sis Xiangyi!” He turned around and ran away as though he was escaping from something.

Behind him, he could still hear someone chuckling.

After hopping onto his three-wheeled motorcycle and driving a distance, Tang Hao could feel the fiery urge within him slowly cool down. He was only eighteen, the age of raging hormones. It was natural for him to be excited by that alluring scene earlier.

This was not a rare occurrence for him while on the job. He had seen his fair share of poorly-dressed people while making deliveries, and he did not feel awkward most of the time.

Sis Xiangyi was different. She was too beautiful. In fact, she might have been the most beautiful woman that he had laid his eyes on. She was mature yet seductive.

After calming down, he picked up the next package and scanned its information. “House Number 18… That’s President Biao!”

President Biao’s name was Jin Biao. He was a rich businessman who owned more than ten businesses downtown. President Biao was the typical glutton. His online orders were all of food.

He called President Biao and got through, then rode on his three-wheeled motorcycle to House Number 18.

The door opened very soon after he rang the doorbell. A man with a potbelly and round face appeared at the entrance. He wore a thick gold chain around his neck, and the reflected shimmering light made Tang Hao dizzy whenever he walked.

“Sign here please, President Biao,” Tang Hao said as he handed over his package.

President Biao took the package and signed the slip with an energetic scrawl.

A woman’s scolding voice was heard from inside the house. “You wretch, buying food again! You know nothing but eat every day. If you don’t lose any weight, one day you’ll flatten me in bed!”

President Biao’s face darkened. “This d*mn woman… I might as well die if I can’t eat what I want,” he grumbled.

Tang Hao looked at his body. He thought that President Biao should lose some weight. It would be a disaster otherwise.

“Sigh, I’d like to shed some pounds too! If only it were that easy!” President Biao spoke to himself while rubbing his bulging stomach. He then entered the house with the package and closed the door.

Faint noises of argument could be heard from within.

Tang Hao chuckled, then turned around and left. He stopped dead in his tracks after taking a few steps as if he had suddenly thought of something.

“Lose weight? Right, I remember the ‘Scripture of the Divine Herbalist’ had a recipe for that. I’ll be rich if I can concoct a weight-loss potion!”

Tang Hao’s eyes glistened. His big break was finally here.