Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao took a step backward and roared.

“Still trying to deny it?” The middle-aged police officer smirked.

Tang Hao was a lot more composed. “Officer, your surname is Zhang, right? I wonder if you know a certain Zhang Tianhao?”

The middle-aged police officer’s face changed, but quickly regained his composure and he looked more vicious than ever. “Yes, my surname is Zhang, but what about it? I don’t know who this Zhang Tianhao is.

“I warn you, if you don’t give us your fullest cooperation, we will arrest you by force. I don’t think you would want to lose face in front of all your fellow relatives and villagers!”

“I can at least make a phone call, right?” Tang Hao replied casually.

The middle-aged police officer was surprised, then he smirked.

‘He is only a poor kid from a rural village. He’s probably lucky that he has a cute face and has a sugar momma. What kind of person might he know? He’s just stalling for time.’

“Alright, make your call then! I’ll tell you, there’s no use even if you called The Emperor for Heaven,” he boasted.

Tang Hao calmly took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Liu Dajun’s number.

Liu Dajun was in the property business. He was very well-connected and carried a certain authority. He should be able to help him.

The dial tone beeped for a few times before the call went through. On the other end of the call was Liu Dajun’s spirited voice.

“Hey, it’s Lil Tang! Missing me so early in the morning?”

“Big Bro Liu, I’m in some trouble now. Two police officers looked for me, they said I’m involved in a robbery and want to arrest me.”

“What?” On the other side of the call, Tang Hao could hear Liu Dajun jump.

“Dammit, which bastard wants to frame my Brother Tang? What robbery is he talking about? What a mess. With your talents, why would you need to go rob money? They’re definitely mistaken!”

“Big Bro Liu, they’re adamant in saying that the eight hundred thousand yuan in my bank account is stolen loot,” Tang Hao said.

“What? Stolen loot? Dammit, these two police officers must be blind! Can’t they trace the transaction records? Don’t tell me… they’re framing you?”

Liu Dajun realized what was going on.

“Don’t panic, Lil Tang. Do not go with them. Now, hand them your phone,” Liu Dajun said.

Tang Hao agreed, then handed the phone to the police officer.

The middle-aged police officer furrowed his brows and was puzzled. He took the phone anyway.

“Who’s this?” Liu Dajun asked.

“Who the hell are you? I tell you, there’s a suspect of a serious crime here. I’m bringing him back to the police station for interrogation,” the police officer shouted into the phone.

“Dammit, I am Liu Dajun! Do you know who Liu Dajun is? Who are you, tell me your name!” Liu Dajun started scolding him over the phone.

The middle-aged police officer was confused. The name ‘Liu Dajun’ sounded familiar.

“Which Liu Dajun is this?”

“Dammit, how many Liu Dajuns are there in the entire Westridge District? Brilliant Property, ever heard of it?”

The middle-aged police officer trembled and broke out in cold sweat.

Liu Dajun was the president of Brilliant Property. How would he not know who he was? He was one of the most prolific people in the entire Westridge District.

He would not have been intimidated if he was on official duty and if there was an actual serious crime. However, he was there to prank the kid.

His face turned pale, and his heart thumped in his chest.

‘Dammit, how can this country bumpkin have any relation with the president of Brilliant Property? I thought he had a sugar momma! I’m finished. If he lets my boss know about this, I’m totally finished!’

The police officer swallowed hard. He raised his other hand to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

“You… you are really… President Liu?”

“You don’t say?”

“Pre… President Liu! This… this is a misunderstanding!” He stammered out of anxiety.

“Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding my ass! You just wait there, I’m coming over. Don’t even think of running away!” After President Liu finished speaking, he hung up the call.

The middle-aged police officer’s face was ashen. His hand was trembling as he grasped the phone.

He was already cursing Zhang Tianhao down to hell in his heart.

‘What did he mean by ‘He’s just a country bumpkin, you’ll have a good time tormenting him’? It’s all a trap! If he can get the president of Brilliant Property to come to his aid, how can he be an easy target?

‘I’m finished! I’m really finished this time!’

He was as on edge as sitting on a hot skillet. Behind him, the younger police officer also looked anxious. He knew that he had hit a snag this time.

“Brother… Brother Tang!” The middle-aged police officer greeted him with a forced smile as he handed the phone back to Tang Hao.

“Who’s your brother?” Tang Hao’s face was cold.

The middle-aged police officer could only smile awkwardly at the snub. His face became greener and greener.

“Didn’t President Liu say earlier that you should wait for him? Then we’ll just wait!” Tang hao said coldly. Then, he leaned on his little three-wheeled motorcycle and waited silently.

The crowd of villagers were starting to get confused.

What kind of drama was this?

Were they not trying to arrest Tang Hao earlier? How did the situation develop like this? Why did the police officer look like he was afraid of Tang Hao?

“Hey, aren’t you police officers? If he committed a crime, why aren’t you arresting him?” His aunt yelled.

“Arrest? I’ll arrest you!” The middle-aged police officer roared out of panic.

His aunt was intimidated and kept her mouth shut.

As time passed, the crowd that surrounded them became bigger. Almost half the village had gathered in front of Tang Hao’s house to witness and discuss this uncanny scene.

About twenty minutes later, they heard a commotion at the entrance of the village.

Everyone turned to look and saw a cavalcade of cars traveling along the village road.

All the cars in the cavalcade were luxury cars. The car in the lead was a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Behind it were Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs. Everyone was awed by this opulent spectacle.

“Wow, these cars are so pretty! Each one of them must cost a few hundred thousand!”

“Pah! A few hundred thousand? More like a few million!”

“Where did all these big bosses come from? Why are they here at Tang Village?”

The villagers were confused.

Tang Village was just a small rural village by the mountain. Strangers rarely visited the place. Today, they were visited by a police car, then a cavalcade of luxury cars. It was strange indeed!

The cavalcade paraded down the road and stopped in front of the crowd.

The car doors opened and people stepped out of the cars. Each one of them was dressed handsomely and had an aura of authority.

Almost the entire village was gathered there. The scene was crowded.

“Wow, they’re all big bosses! Why are they all here?”

“Don’t tell me they like this piece of land and want to build a factory here?”

The discussions became more agitated, they almost forgot about the issue with Tang hao.

They did not think that these two incidents were related.

At this moment, the group of big bosses walked toward Tang Hao and greeted him passionately.