Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 100 chapters

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“Don’t fret, Lil Tang! Your Big Bro Liu is here! Ol’ Tang and Ol’ Li also got the news that you’re in some trouble now. You can’t imagine how frantic their faces looked! They’re all here as well.” Liu Dajun walked toward him in big strides.

“Don’t worry, Brother Tang, your Big Brothers are standing with you!”

“Dammit, who dares mess with my Brother Tang? I’ll make sure he’s dead!”

President Tang, President Li and President Biao were all behind Liu Dajun. There were a few others that Tang Hao did not recognize, but he could tell at first glance that they were powerful people too.

All these people rushed over and stood beside Tang Hao.

Everyone in the village was stunned. They all had expressions of bewilderment on their faces.

“Oh my god! Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Lil Hao knows all these people?”

“That’s… that’s right… they even called themselves Lil Hao’s big brothers…”

The villagers’ cries of surprise could be heard all over.

His aunt stood there dumbfounded, unable to say anything. Her eyes were round, and her mouth was wide open. You could put an egg in there.

Her mind was blank at this moment.

‘Isn’t this Tang Hao just a hooligan? Isn’t he doomed to be a delivery boy for the rest of his life?’ In her eyes, Tang Hao was a useless piece of trash. How was he acquainted with so many VIPs?’

‘Acquainted’ was probably the wrong word. They were already calling each other brothers.

His aunt felt a little dizzy. She wondered if she was dreaming.

The two police officers were also slack-jawed.

These people that showed up were famous and respected who would not be seen on a typical day. Now all of them showed up at the same place and were chatting freely with this village kid and even calling each other brothers.

The middle-aged police officer wanted to slap himself hard on the face to see if he was dreaming.

Otherwise, how could there be such a ridiculous scene?

His face turned paler and paler. His legs were trembling like threshing rice.

He knew that his career was already over.

“Big Bro Liu, Big Bro Tang…” Tang Hao greeted them one by one. “Thanks for rushing over to my aid!”

“Eh! It’s no big deal. Whoever dares to bully our Brother Tang will have to go through us!” Liu Dajun spoke gregariously while slapping his chest.

He turned around and looked at the two police officers with hostility.

“You two sure have guts! As the police of the citizens, you dare abuse your power and frame a good person. Mess with my Brother Tang here and you’ll be dead.

“I’ve called your superior earlier to ask about this matter. There is no such incident. The eight hundred thousand in his bank account were all from us.

“Now get lost and prepare to face disciplinary action!”

The two police officers bowed obediently and groveled. They did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

After Liu Dajun finished speaking, the middle-aged police officer’s phone started ringing. His face turned white as a sheet when he saw the name on the call notification. He picked up the call and heard his superior yelling at him.

“Look what you’ve done, Zhang Dong! Get back here at this instant. Haven’t you shamed yourself enough?”

“Yes, yes!” Zhang Dong could only agree. Sweat poured from his forehead.

After he hung up the call, the two police officers defeatedly rode on their police car and left.

The villagers now realized what was going on.

“Oh, so Lil Hao was framed! These two police officers are the bad guys!”

“Eh, I already knew that! Lil Hao is a good kid, why would anyone think that he’s a thief? He must be framed!”

“Oh, can’t you see? Lil Hao is already showing some promise! He knows so many big bosses. We all in Tang Village can share the glory.”

The villagers changed their tone of voice immediately. Their admiration for Tang Hao was evident.

His aunt’s face became pale when she heard that. She did not feel so good.

Tang Hao had been a useless piece of trash in her eyes all along. She could not accept that he had suddenly turned into a popular person.

“Everything’s OK now, Lil Hao. By the way, what happened? Who framed you?” Liu Dajun asked.

“It’s an old classmate of mine. His name is Zhang Tianhao. He’s the son of the principal of First High School,” Tang Hao replied.

He then proceeded to briefly explain the grudge between them.

“Is that so! This Zhang kid is cunning and underhanded. He thinks he’s untouchable just because his dad is a school principal?” President Biao said indignantly.

President Li finally spoke. “I’m quite familiar with First High School. I’m an alumnus of the school. The current principal is Zhang Hong. I’m acquainted with him, though we aren’t too close.

“Speaking of that, I don’t actually like him. This person has a bad work ethic, and there’s already rumors saying that he harasses the female students there. He’s a pervert, with the face of a human but the heart of an animal.”

“However, no one dared touch him, and that’s why he’s still principal to this day. Now that his son dared to mess with my brother, they have already gone too far. I’ll have to mess with him for a bit, maybe at least get him sacked and let him taste the fruits of his evil deeds.”

“That’s the way to do it, Ol’ Li! I can never stand this kind of hypocrite who abuses his power for his selfish gain. Count me in, too,” Liu Dajun said.

“Count me in too!” President Huang and the rest chimed in.

“Thank you, my brothers!” Tang Hao said gratefully.

“Eh! Don’t mention it. Come here, let me introduce to you a few more friends,” Liu Dajun said. He pointed at the new faces while introducing each one of them.

“I have heard about you, Little Brother Tang!” Those people came forward and shook hands enthusiastically with Tang Hao.

“I say, Lil Tang, why are you still staying in a hovel like this? I’ll recommend a nice house for you some other day.” Li Dajun frowned hard when he looked at Tang Hao’s house in front of him.

“Yes, yes! As your big brothers, we cannot stand seeing you living in such deplorable conditions,” President Biao agreed.

“It’s fine! I’m used to living here. There’s no rush in moving! I guess the matter is settled now. Let’s go!” Tang Hao said.

“Alright, let’s go! You can hitch a ride in my car, Lil Tang!” President Biao said.

“Eh, Ol’ Biao, you must be mistaken. Lil Tang needs to be in my car,” Liu Dajun shouted.

“No, you all got it wrong. Lil Tang has to sit in my car,” President Li joined in the ruckus.

The villagers were once again dumbfounded when they saw the big bosses arguing over who gets to fetch Tang Hao to work.

They could not figure out why the plain-looking Lil Hao was the object of affection for all these big bosses.

“It’s fine, big brothers… I have my own ride!” Tang Hao coughed and pointed at his little three-wheeled motorcycle.

Liu Dajun and the other people were shocked when they saw that. They did not say anything for a while.

“He wanted to keep a low profile!” President Biao blurted while slapping on his thigh.

“Yes, a low profile! He doesn’t want to flaunt his talents!” The other people agreed.

Very soon, a bizarre scene appeared in Tang Village.

On a little three-wheeled motorcycle sat a handsome boy with a clean face wearing a white button-down shirt. Behind him was a cavalcade of luxury cars following the motorcycle closely.

All around them, the villagers looked on with admiration.