Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 100 chapters

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“Fangfang, this classmate of yours looks pretty handsome. Too bad he’s too poor. There’s no future as a delivery boy.”

“Go deliver your packages then. Why are you loitering here? It’s not like you can afford the houses no matter how you look at them.”

“Look, he’s even wearing a string of jade bears on his wrist, and it’s red too. It’s a bootleg from the market. Heh! If he’s so poor, why is he pretending to be rich?”

The sales clerks stole glances while quietly mocking him.

Tang Hao frowned. He was a little ticked off but did not raise a scene.

He walked in front of a model building and looked at it carefully.

“Hey! What are you doing? Deliveries go to the reception desk. What’s there to look at here?”

“Right! You can’t afford it anyway!”

The few sales clerks chattered.

“What about it? Can’t I just look?” Tang Hao said, a little frustrated.

“Sure, why not! You can look as much as you want. You can’t afford it anyway.” A sales clerk said sarcastically.

“Your classmate is pretty stubborn, Fangfang!” Another sales clerk joked.

“Whatever. There’s no one else here anyway.” Ma Fangfang shook her head as she looked at Tang Hao, then looked elsewhere.

Tang Hao casually walked around the model buildings.

There were different types of properties. The cheaper properties cost seven or eight thousand per square meter. The more expensive ones were between ten and twenty thousand. There were also mansions for sale; those cost tens of millions.

Of course, there was a reason why the mansions were so expensive. Tang Hao looked at the exquisitely-designed mansions with some admiration.

“Too bad I can’t afford them yet!” Tang hao mumbled.

The sales clerks started talking about him again.

“Look at him, he’s looking at the mansions!”

“Heh! With that pittance of a salary, he wouldn’t be able to afford that even if he worked all his life!”

“Is he done yet? Why isn’t he leaving? Fangfang, go drive him away! He’s an eyesore!”

“Why me?” Ma Fangfang argued.

“Well, he was your classmate!”

Ma Fangfang had no answer to that. She walked toward him, then hesitated for a bit before speaking, “Tang Hao, which department are you delivering to? I’ll help you with the registration.”

“Who says I’m here for a delivery?” Tang Hao replied.

“Didn’t you say you were a delivery boy?” Ma Fangfang was confused.

“Yes! But I’m not here for work today. I’m meeting with your President Liu to hand him some things and also look at new properties in the meantime,” Tang Hao said.

“Handing some things to President Liu? Isn’t that delivery then? That can’t be! President Liu never has his items delivered to the office.” Ma Fangfang remained confused.

“It’s not a delivery. It’s something he asked me to bring for him.”

The sales clerks laughed when they heard that.

“Wow! He sounds like he knows President Liu personally!”

“What a joke! How can a mere delivery boy like him know President Liu? And he says that President Liu asked him to send some items over. Do you think he’s hallucinating?”

“I think so. He says he’s here to look at some properties too, as if he can afford anything here. I think we should get the security to throw him out.”

“Right, go get the security guards, quick!”

A sales clerk hurriedly walked away. When she returned, two uniformed security guards were following behind her.

“Hey, kid! What are you here for? Know your place and get out of here!” The two security guards shouted at Tang Hao when they saw him.

Tang Hao furrowed his brows. “I said I’m here to meet President Liu!”

“Oh, wow! Who do you think President Liu is, that any random person can meet him? If you don’t get out now, don’t blame us if anything happens to you.” The two security guards laughed coldly. They cracked their knuckles in front of Tang Hao, pretending to be ready to rough him up.

Tang Hao’s eyes swept over them and laughed coldly. “Wanna fight? Bring it on!”

“Wow! What a brag!”

One of the security guards laughed. He walked forward in great strides, as though preparing to pounce on Tang Hao like a tiger on its prey.

Tang Hao’s eyes flashed. He was preparing to retaliate when he heard tires screeching at the front door. Soon, a loud roar could be heard. “What are you doing! What do you think you are doing!”

Liu Dajun had arrived just in time.

“President Liu!” The two security guards and the sales clerks bowed courteously and greeted him.

“President Liu, this kid here isn’t leaving when we tell him to. He’s also blabbing about waiting for you. We’re in the middle of throwing him out!” One of the security guards said.

“Right! President Liu, I think that he’s mentally ill. He should be thrown out of the building as soon as possible!” Another sales clerk added.

President Liu nearly exploded when he heard that.

His anger caused his face to turn red. He took a step forward and delivered a tight slap to the security guard’s face.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the scene.

What was the situation? Why did President Liu slap one of his workers?

“Why did you slap me, President Liu?” The security guard asked miserably. He was utterly confused.

“What about it? I want to fire you too! You sure have a lot of guts to beat up my little brother? And as for all of you, how dare you speak like that? What do you mean by he’s hallucinating? You are all blind. He is my little brother!” Liu Dajun roared with anger.

The two security guards were utterly dumbfounded. Their faces turned pale as a sheet. Their bodies teetered and they nearly collapsed.

They were about to cry. How would they expect this plain-looking kid in shabby clothes would be so well-connected that President Liu called him his little brother?

Their legs trembled when they remembered that they were about to beat him up to show off in front of those pretty girls.

The sales ladies were all wide-eyed and slack-jawed. They had incredulity all over their faces.

This poor kid knew President Liu, and was even his little brother?

This sounded like an amazing fairytale to them.

‘How could this be…?’ Ma Fangfang’s jaw dropped. She did not close her mouth for quite a while.

‘Isn’t this Tang Hao just a nobody village kid? Since when he’s President Liu’s little brother?’

She wondered if she was dreaming.

“It’s over, it’s all over…” The few sales clerks came to their senses and turned pale as a sheet. They looked panicked.

They contributed to the mockery earlier. If only they could go back in time and slap their former selves…

He was President Liu’s little brother. It would have been the perfect chance to pitch to him some properties! Too bad they squandered their chance!

Now even their jobs were in danger!

“Fangfang, didn’t you say just now that he was your classmate? Why didn’t you tell us that he is related to President Liu?” One of the sales clerks complained.

“I…” Ma Fangfang did not know how to reply.

She did not understand this as well. As far as she knew, Tang Hao was a village kid through and through. He had also said earlier that he worked as a delivery boy. How did he turn into President Liu’s little brother in the blink of an eye?

She felt dizzy when she looked at the youth with a handsome face in front of her. In her heart, she could feel the pangs of regret welling up.