Chapter 30

Chapter 30 of 100 chapters

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After they exited Sunshine Plaza, Liu Dajun walked toward his Phantom and Tang Hao toward his little three-wheeled motorcycle.

Suddenly, Tang Hao stopped walking as though he remembered something. “Big Bro Liu, I nearly forgot that I need to deliver these potions to Big Bro Li and Big Bro Huang!”

Liu Dajun was surprised, then he grumbled, “Eh! Why don’t you just get them to come over here? That saves you the trouble of going all over the city.”

After that, he dialed President Li’s number on his phone.

“Hey, Ol’ Li! Come to my office quickly. I want to go look at properties with Lil Tang. You can pick up your items here!”

After that, he called President Huang and the others.

They waited for less than twenty minutes before President Li, President Huang and the others arrived. A fleet of luxury cars parked on the road next to Sunshine Plaza.

“Where are my potions, Lil Tang?” President Huang was the first to arrive. He rushed over after parking his car.

“It’s here, there’s no need to hurry!” Tang Hao opened his backpack and retrieved a bag with two bottles. Those were the hair growth potions that he brewed.

President Huang seemed excited when he took the bottles.

“So, Lil Tang… how’s the potency of these potions like? Can it solve this problem?” President Huang pointed to the bald patch on the top of his head as he spoke.

“No worry, it’ll definitely cure it!” Tang Hao smiled. “But…”

Before he could finish speaking, President Huan anxiously opened one of the bottles and gulped down half a bottle.

Tang Hao was shocked. The smile on his face froze.

President Huang stopped drinking after half a bottle. He wiped his mouth, feeling pleased with himself, but was shocked when he saw Tang Hao’s dumbfounded face. “What’s the matter, Lil Tang?”

Tang hao opened his mouth but did not say anything.

After a long while, he managed to squeeze two words out of his mouth. “It’s over!”

President Huang was scared out of his wits when he heard that. His face turned pale.

“There are no problems with these potions, right?” He sounded a little panicked.

“Well… there are no big problems, but there might be a lot of small problems.” Tang Hao wore a strange expression on his face. “I wanted to suggest to you that you should only take a sip every day. The potion is quite potent.”

President Huang touched his head and asked curiously, “Quite potent? Isn’t that a good thing then? The more potent the better!”

Tang Hao looked at President Huang’s head, then he shifted his gaze to his nostrils and armpits.

His face became more worried by the moment.

“When I said ‘quite potent’, I mean ‘incredibly potent’. You can feel the changes happening very soon. Also, this potion doesn’t only work on the hair on your head. It also affects your body hair, so…”

President Huang was stunned when he heard that. Then, his face changed.

“You mean… even hair on these places too?” President Huang pointed at his nose, his armpits and between his legs.

Tang Hao nodded seriously. “Yes. You’ll have a lot of hair growing from those places, and also… they will be very long.”

“Hahahahaha!” Liu Dajun, and also President Biao, President Li and the others who had just arrived all laughed at President Huang’s misfortune.

“It’s good to have so much hair, Ol’ Huang! You can hide two birds in that bush!”

Everyone burst out laughing again.

Even Tang Hao could not help it but laugh.

President Huang’s face was all red. His anxiety caused him to spin in circles.

“It’s over. It’s all over! What should I do now? Lil Tang, do you have a solution?”

Tang Hao shook his head. “You’ll just have to wait until the hair grows out. It’ll happen very soon.”

President Huang looked miserable. He placed a hand on his forehead while he mumbled. “This time… I’m really finished!”

“Stand aside, Ol’ Huang! Where are my potions, Lil Tang?”

President Li and the others were handed the bottles of potions they ordered.

Soon, transfer notifications appeared on Tang Hao’s phone. In a short while, he had an extra several hundred thousand in his account.

“I heard that you’re going to look at some properties, Lil Tang? I happen to be free right now. Let’s go together! If you think you don’t have experience in purchasing properties, you can run your ideas through me and I can help you with making a decision,” President Biao said.

“I don’t have anything going on right now too. Let’s go!” President Li and the rest all said.

“What are we waiting for then? Let’s go!” Liu Dajun said.

“I’m going too!” President Huang said, then walked toward his car.

“Don’t, don’t! You shouldn’t drive now, Big Bro Huang!” Tang Hao stopped him.

“Why? Why can’t I drive?” President Huang asked.

“It’s too dangerous. The potion will take effect in about ten minutes. When that happens, all the hair on your body will grow at incredible speeds. I don’t think that will feel very comfortable. I’d strongly suggest against you driving, President Huang.”

“What?” President Huang’s face turned ghastly. “The potion takes effect in minutes?”

He looked to his left and right. This was the city center and traffic was heavy. He would be thoroughly embarrassed if someone saw him.

“I did tell you that the potion is incredibly potent!” Tang Hao tried not to laugh.

“So what should I do? If I can’t drive and the hair will grow in minutes, you can’t just abandon me here!” President Huang looked incredibly anxious. Liu Dajun and the rest were killing themselves trying not to laugh.

Tang Hao thought for a moment. “How about this. When the hair grows, we’ll look for a barbershop somewhere and shave it all off. The potion takes effect quickly and the effects will also be over quick, maybe in about twenty minutes. So that’s thirty or forty minutes in total.”

“Alright, let’s do that!” President Huang said urgently.

Then, he rolled his eyes at Liu Dajun and the rest. “Lil Tang is still the best. You all are heartless.”

Liu Dajun was still stifling his laughter. “I remember there’s a barbershop not too far away from here. Let’s just head there later!”

Tang Hao nodded.

Thus, the group of people waited in front of Sunshine Plaza.

They talked about the incident yesterday. All of them took turns looking at the string of jade beads and exclaimed in wonder.

Inside the building, the group of sales clerks watched in amazement as this scene happened in front of their eyes.

They could see that all these people were incredibly rich. Some of them recognized that these people were some of the most prestigious in the district.

This group of prestigious people gathered around the boy and chatted as if they were in the same social class.

“Fangfang, this classmate of yours… who is he? Why is he friends with all these big bosses?”

“Fangfang, do you have his phone number? Can you ask him for me?”

“Fangfang, do you know about his preference in girls?”

The group of sales clerks crowded around Fangfang and bombarded her with questions.

Ma Fangfang could only stare at him wordlessly.

To be frank, she did not know who this boy was anymore.

Back then, Tang Hao was only a poor village kid. He kept a low profile in class, and she never bothered to talk to him.

Only a few years later, the boy experienced a turnabout in his fortune and became someone that even she had to look up to.