Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 100 chapters

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The group of people chatted casually outside Sunshine Plaza.

Suddenly, President Huang jerked. His hands were between his legs and he looked agonized.

“Itchy, itchy!” He could not stop yelling while he danced around.

Liu Dajun and the other people were thrilled when they saw that. Some of them even took out their phones to snap photos.

“Quick, in the car!” Tang Hao said.

President Huang walked in an awkward, twisting way, then dove into his car.

Twenty minutes later, Tang Hao peeked into his car and he nearly burst out laughing.

President Huang originally had a bald spot on his head. Now the hair on his head was long and dense. The ring of hair around the bald spot had become even longer. It was a comical sight.

Nose hair shot out from his nostrils. They were about three to four centimeters long.

His pants were bulging. The hair was unnaturally dense down there.

Unexpected to Tang Hao, President Huang was not as panicked as he seemed. Rather, he used his phone as a mirror to look at himself happily.

“Look at this, Lil Tang! It’s growing!”

“What are you so happy about? Did you expect Lil Tang’s potion to not work? Go go go, let’s get it shaved off! We still have mansions to view!” Liu Dajun shouted.

President Huang got out of his car, then they huddled together and walked to the barbershop.

President Huang’s ridiculous looks still attracted a lot of attention while walking along the street. Many people had weird looks on their faces when they saw him, and some even burst out in laughter.

Everyone in the barbershop was shocked when they saw the group of people come in. They looked at President Huang from head to toe and fixed their eyes on his bulging pants.

“Damn! Look at the size of that thing!” A middle-aged woman shrieked in surprise. Her eyes were bulging and round.

President Huang’s face turned red immediately.

“What’s there to look at? My brother here has an innate condition that causes his hair to grow all over his body. Someone come help him shave all this off!” Liu Dajun stepped forward and threw a hundred-yuan note at the counter.

After some hard work, they finally shaved all the extra hair away.

As for the hair in his pants, President Huang shaved it off himself in the toilet.

After the incident, they all set off.

Tang Hao rode on his little three-wheeled motorcycle, while a fleet of luxury cars followed behind. It was an incredibly cool scene that attracted a lot of attention.

In twenty-something minutes, the fleet arrived at Celestial Foothill. The mansions were all located in this area.

Liu Dajun only had to show his face for the security guards in the area to immediately let them into Celestial Foothill Gardens.

The area boasted an enchanting view of mountains and lakes. Tang Hao fell in love with the place.

Each of the mansions had different designs and were furnished according to its building style. After looking at all the offerings, Tang Hao picked one with a modern building style. It was also equipped with a swimming pool and garden.

After making his choice, Liu Dajun brought Tang Hao to get the paperwork done.

To celebrate his recent mansion purchase, Liu Dajun and the rest decided to convene at Beyond Heavens Restaurant later in the evening to have dinner.

After parting ways with the group, Tang Hao returned to the delivery store.

Tang Hao had mentioned to Uncle Li about his resignation a few days ago. No one had showed up to replace him yet, so he stayed on his post.

Uncle Li came out of the store.

“Lil Tang, someone came looking for a job earlier. He used to be a delivery boy so he can pick up the job incredibly fast. He should be able to substitute your job immediately. I’ve asked him to come to work tomorrow.”

Tang Hao was surprised when he heard this news.

He did not expect this day to come so fast and felt a little reluctant to leave. He had worked there for a little more than a year and Uncle Li was a caring employer who had helped him during his most difficult period.

“Uncle Li, I…” He felt a little sad.

“Eh! Why are you feeling sad about, kid? It’s a good thing that you’ve found a benefactor to help you. At least you’ll have a bright future! It’s way better than delivering packages.” Uncle Li smiled. “I am so happy for you. If you’re free next time, feel free to drop by. Remember to bring me some fine alcohol.”

Tang Hao a lump in his throat. He wanted to cry.

Holding back his tears, he nodded.

“And this will be your last batch of packages. Go get them delivered!” Uncle Li pointed at a pile of packages at the side.

“Yup!” Tang Hao replied.

He rode onto his little three-wheeled motorcycle and drove toward Azure Sky Gardens.

Tang Hao had done this job repeatedly for the past few hundred days. It was as menial as it could get, but today he felt heaviness in his heart.

After delivering the last package, Tang Hao rode aimlessly on the wide road with his little three-wheeled motorcycle.

Without this job, he felt vacant inside. He had to somehow get used to this.

In the evening, he went to Beyond Heaven Restaurant.

Everyone ate and drank merrily at the banquet.

Halfway through, President Huang excused himself to pick up a call. When he returned, his face was grim.

“What’s wrong, President Huang? You look ghastly. Is there an incident?” Everyone looked at him curiously.

President Huang was silent for a while, then said, “It’s Secretary Lin’s son… he met with an accident and is currently in the ICU at the hospital. Things… aren’t looking great.”

“What?” Liu Dajun and the others were shocked.

“Who’s Secretary Lin?” Tang Hao was confused.

“He’s the Secretary Lin that always appears on television. He’s one of the top-ranking officials in the district. I’ve met his son a few times. He’s a good kid.”

“Also, Ol’ Huang is distant relatives with Secretary Lin.”

Tang Hao nodded.

“What accident, Ol’ Huang?” President Biao asked.

“I think it was a serious car accident. He was almost gone when he arrived at the hospital. The doctors say that there’s a slim chance of survival,” President Huang said sorrowfully.

Liu Dajun and the other people were silent.

“Sigh! I hope he makes it through!” After a long while, they lamented.

Twenty minutes later, President Huang’s phone rang again.

He excused himself and picked up the call away from the table. When he returned, his face was grimmer than ever.

“They managed to save his life, but… he’s still in a coma. He might remain that way forever,” President Huang said.

Everyone sighed.

“Hey, Lil Tang, do you have a cure for this?” President Biao asked.

“Right! Do you have a solution, Lil Tang?” President Huang looked at Tang Hao expectantly.

In his eyes, Tang Hao’s medical skills were legendary. He might be able to do something.

“Well…” Tang Hao hesitated.

He contemplated for a while, then carefully said, “There is a way, but… I’ve never tried it before. I can’t guarantee that the procedure will be a success.”

“That means that there’s still hope then?” President Huang was eager.

Tang Hao lowered his head. “There is a chance, but the patient is the son of a high-ranking official. What happens if I fail? I’m afraid of getting into trouble.”

“That’s true!” President Huang sighed. He thought for a bit, then said, “How about we go take a look at the hospital. We’ll decide after assessing the situation.”

Tang Hao hesitated for a while, then agreed.

The group of people left the restaurant and hailed a cab to go to First Public Hospital.