Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 100 chapters

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Everyone in the hospital room was stunned. They looked at this scene incredulously.

Especially Senior Doctor Chen. His eyes were opened wide and round. They almost popped out from their sockets.

“How… how is this possible?”

He thought that he was dreaming and reached to pinch his face. He yelped in pain.

“Mingxuan!” Su Yun excitedly pounced onto the bed and grasped her son’s hands.

Lin Mingxuan moaned. His eyeballs turned and saw her. “Ma!” He mumbled.

Su Yun was crying tears of joy.

Secretary Lin was trembling. His face wore an expression of incredulity.

“He woke up! He really woke up!” Everyone was cheering with surprise.

“This is a miracle! He cured the patient with just a few needles!”

“He’s a divine doctor, a true divine doctor!”

Everyone heaped praises on to Tang Hao. They did not look at him with suspicion anymore, only with admiration and respect.

“Hah! He’s done it!” Liu Dajun slapped his thighs and exclaimed. “I knew that Lil Tang can do it!”

President Huang breathed a sigh of relief, as though a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

Everyone was emotional over this miracle, except for Senior Doctor Chen and the few nurses.

“How is this possible…”

As far as he knew, Western medicine had always been superior to Chinese medicine. If Western medicine could not cure it, then it would have been impossible for Chinese medicine to do so. There was no cure for a coma in Western medicine.

What he had just witnessed had utterly subverted his knowledge.

Was it merely acupuncture?

He had never heard nor seen before such amazing acupuncture skills!

Describing it as a miracle was no exaggeration.

“Mingxuan, Ma is here! Don’t worry, you’ll recover in no time” Su Yun said emotionally as she grasped her son’s hand.

“Shh!” Tang Hao shushed at her with a finger on his lips. “The treatment isn’t over yet. Also, the patient is still weak. Try not to agitate him!”

Su Yun hastily moved away from the bed and politely retreated to one side.

Tang Hao channeled qi in the needles for a while more, then finally removed the gold needles one by one and packed them in their case. He exhaled a long breath and announced, “Everything went smoothly. Young Master Lin has regained his consciousness. What’s left is for his body to recover naturally.”

He returned the case of golden needles to Liu Dajun.

“Lil… No! Divine Doctor Tang, I don’t know how to thank you!” Su Yun grasped Tang Hao’s hands tightly.

“No need to thank me, just doing what I can. Thank Big Bro Huang if you must!” Tang Hao smiled. “Also, please don’t call me Divine Doctor. I’m not worthy of that title.”

Secretary Lin walked in front of Tang Hao and bowed deeply.

“Little Brother Tang, I was wrong just now. Please accept my apology.”

“What are you doing, Secretary Lin!” Tang Hao was flustered.

“I am ashamed of my actions earlier. I had doubted you and I said some words that were offensive to you. I would like to ask for your forgiveness,” Secretary Lin said.

“You don’t have to do that, Secretary Lin!” Tang Hao smiled. He was not bothered by the earlier incident. He knew that anyone in Secretary Lin’s shoes would have doubted the same.

Secretary Lin was more ashamed of himself when he heard Tang Hao say that. “Little Brother Tang, your medical skills are legendary, and you have a great heart. You are truly a gentleman!”

“That’s right, a true gentleman!”

Everyone agreed with Secretary Lin. They looked at Tang Hao with eager eyes.

All of them knew that they would eventually fall sick, and they would like to be acquainted with a medical expert in case that happens.

“Divine Doctor Tang, may I have your phone number?”

“Divine Doctor Tang, this is my name card. I’ll treat you to dinner some time!”

Everyone crowded around Tang Hao.

“Silence! Silence! What are you all doing? This is a hospital room. Please leave immediately to not disturb the patient,” Senior Doctor Chen roared and drove them out of the room.

Then, he turned around and looked at Tang Hao. He looked ashamed of himself.

“Doctor Tang, I am sorry for offending you earlier! I did not expect that you possess such wondrous medical skills at such a young age. I have learned a lot today.”

“You flatter me, Senior Doctor Chen!” Tang Hao smiled.

“Eh! You’re too humble. I didn’t know a single thing when I was your age! Right, Doctor Tang, I wonder from whom you might have learned your medical skills?” Senior Doctor Chen asked.

“I don’t have a master. I learned all these medical skills by myself from a medical text I found,” Tang Hao said.

Senior Doctor Chen was shocked. He went slack-jawed and could not close his mouth.

His eyes were opened round and wide. The way he looked at Tang Hao was exactly like the way he looked at a monster.

‘He learned it by himself?

“Oh my god! Is this person still human?’

He stood there on the spot, dumbfounded.

“Let’s go, Big Bro Liu!” After Tang Hao exited the room and dealt with the group of people that crowded around him, he exited the hospital with Liu Dajun and the rest.

After another short chat, Tang Hao rode on his little three-wheeled motorcycle and returned to Tang Village.

“I’d like to make myself a set of golden needles if I have the time.”

While reflecting on the incident at the hospital on his drive home, he thought of that idea.

‘I’ll have to study more thoroughly on the Scripture of the Divine Herbalist too!’

The knowledge contained in the scripture was all-encompassing. He had only scratched the surface thus far.

The village was bustling with activity when Tang Hao returned. The villagers all greeted him eagerly when they saw him enter the village. The mothers treated him like some sort of treasure, crowding around him and chattering non-stop, trying to introduce a new girlfriend.

Tang Hao was intimidated by the display of hospitality.

The girls in the village also looked at him differently, which made Tang Hao feel awkward.

He finally reached home. Tang Hao turned on the lights and looked at the simple fixtures in the house. He began to feel emotional.

The paperwork for the new house was complete. He would be moving out in a few days.

He felt some reluctance when he thought of having to move away.

He sat at the balcony and enjoyed the night breeze. He did not say anything as he looked at the mountain.

“Pa! Ma! Your Lil Hao has finally made a name for himself. He’s doing just fine. Don’t worry!” He mumbled as he stared at the night sky.

Tang Hao woke up very early the next morning.

He rode on his little three-wheeled motorcycle and went to town. He bought a lot of cigarettes and fine wine before he paid Uncle Li a visit.

Tang Hao’s phone rang as he stepped out of the delivery store.

He saw that it was Sis Xiangyi calling him.

Tang Hao was surprised. After that night, he had not seen Sis Xiangyi for two or three days. However, they kept in touch with messages.

“Hey, Lil Tang! Are you free today?” Sis Xiangyi slurred over the phone.

“I’m free. What’s up?”

“I’ll be playing tennis with a bunch of friends today. Why don’t you come along?”

Tang Hao was surprised. He scratched his head. “Tennis… I’m not too good at the sport. I’ve only played it a few times in high school.”

“No problem. I just need company. Let me tell you, there’s this annoying guy who will be coming, so…” Sis Xiangyi also felt a little awkward telling him the reason.

Tang Hao immediately understood. Sis Xiangyi was using him as a pretend boyfriend.

“Alright, I’ll be there!”

After Tang Hao ended the call, he rode on his little three-wheeled motorcycle toward Azure Sky Gardens.