Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 100 chapters

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Traffic was busy on the road. A little three-wheeled motorcycle was seen speeding amid the cars.

In a short while, Tang Hao had already neared Azure Sky Gardens.

He was about to turn a corner when a car came speeding from his side and nearly hit him. Fortunately, Tang Hao’s reflexes were fast and managed to dodge in the nick of time.

“F*ck! Don’t you have eyes?” Tang Hao cursed. He glared at the car and prepared to leave.

The black Audi screeched to a halt. The car window rolled down and someone looked out.

That was a youth in his mid-twenties. His hair was impeccably styled with mousse and glistened under the bright noon sun. He wore gold-rimmed glasses and looked gentlemanly.

The words that came out of his mouth, however, betrayed his upbringing.

“Dammit, are you retarded? How do you drive? You can’t even properly ride a stupid broken three-wheeled motorcycle. What an idiot!

“Do you know how much this car costs? Do you think you can afford to compensate me if you scratched it? You look like a loser. Are you a peasant laborer? Or a delivery boy?

“Whatever, you all are country bumpkins and beggars anyway. If you scratch my car, that’s one month of your salary gone! You better watch out, hmph! Useless piece of trash!”

After an intense round of cursing, the youth sped away in his car and soon was out of sight.

Tang Hao stood dumbfounded on the spot. The youth was the one who drove recklessly and nearly caused an accident, but he did not feel the slightest sense of guilt at all.

He looked like a gentleman but every other word that came out of his mouth was filthy. An animal in human clothes.

“Idiot!” Tang Hao rolled his eyes and cursed his bad luck.

He continued riding toward Azure Sky Gardens.

He soon reached Azure Sky Gardens. The view after entering the housing area gave him a shock.

A car was parked in front of him. It was a black Audi and looked somewhat familiar, like the car that had almost knocked him down. He looked more closely and saw someone standing near the hood of the car. He was in a trim business suit and looked like a gentleman. He was exactly the idiot earlier!

“It’s him again!” Tang Hao mumbled as his face darkened.

‘Wait, isn’t where he’s standing House Number 9?’ Tang Hao was surprised.

House Number 9 was Sis Xiangyi’s house.

‘F*ck! So the ‘annoying guy’ Sis Xiangyi mentioned is him!’ Tang Hao immediately understood the situation. Then, he looked at him with disdain. ‘He is annoying indeed. Someone like him wants to court Sis Xiangyi? He must be daydreaming!’

Tang Hao chuckled, then slowly rode his little three-wheeled motorcycle over.

The youth was dressed in a trim business suit and held a bouquet in his hand. He occasionally straightened his suit and adjusted his hair, as if he was at the forefront of fashion.

“Xiangyi, this bouquet is proof of my love for you. Ninety-nine roses represent my heart…” He was mumbling to himself as if rehearsing his pickup lines.

Tang Hao cringed when he heard the cheesy lines.

The youth noticed Tang Hao as he neared. He glanced at him and was surprised. “It’s you!”

The youth frowned, and on his face was an expression of disgust and loathing. “Looks like you’re really a delivery boy! Otherwise, how can someone of your social class enter this high-class residential area?”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes and ignored him. He continued driving forward and parked his motorcycle next to the Audi.

“Hey, why are you stopping here? You’re in the way of my car! Get out of the way! If you don’t get lost quickly, I’m calling the security!”

“Go ahead and call the security then, idiot!” Tang Hao chuckled.

“You…” The youth was furious. His eyes bulged and he looked like he could murder someone. “You country bumpkin, you to challenge me? Don’t you know who I am? I can make a call now and you’ll be dead meat!”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes again. He calmly took out his phone and dialed Sis Xiangyi’s number.

“Hello? Sis Xiangyi? I’m here!” Tang Hao said. “I’m standing outside your door. By the way, why is there an idiot standing here spewing sh*t from his mouth?”

On the other end of the call, Sis Xiangyi laughed.

“Just wait for a moment, Lil Tang. I’ll be there right away!”

“You… How dare you curse me! What’s the meaning of this!” The youth was burning with rage. His gaze shot daggers at Tang Hao.

“Since you’re a delivery boy, then pass me her package. I’ll pass it to Xiangyi, and you can get lost. You’re an eyesore standing here.” The youth charged at him angrily.

Then, he took out a fifty-yuan note from his wallet and threw it at him. “Take this, and get lost.”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes again. He thought that this person was developmentally challenged in a way that made him think too highly of himself.

“Why are you still here?” The youth became angrier as he saw Tang Hao not going anywhere.

At this time, the door opened, and from it emerged a beautiful silhouette.

Tang Hao was stunned when he saw her.

She was dressed in a white T-shirt and a short skirt. The clothes had allowed her to flaunt her perfect body.

Her waist was slim and looked like it could be held in one arm. Her legs were slender and fair.

Tang Hao was distracted looking at her. As for the other guy, his eyes were sparkling and his Adam’s apple was rolling. He looked like a pervert.

“Xiangyi, look! These flowers are for you…”

The youth tidied his suit once more and stood up straight like a peacock spreading its tail feathers. He arrogantly held up the bouquet and walked forward.

Qin Xiangyi covered her mouth and smiled as she walked forward.

The youth’s heart almost melted and he was almost floating. ‘She smiled. She’s smiling at me. She must be touched by my relentless efforts!’

“Xiangyi, these ninety-nine roses represent my true feelings for you,” he spoke passionately as he handed the bouquet in his hands to her.

However, he froze the next moment.

Qin Xiangyi walked past him without even looking at him.

“Xiangyi!” He was flustered as he turned to call her name.

When he turned around, the scene that he witnessed was like a lightning strike to the head, causing him to be paralyzed on the spot.

“Oh, darling, you’re finally here! I was so anxious!”

The youth had thought Qin Xiangyi as an elegant but icy goddess. At this moment, she fell into the embrace of the ‘delivery boy’ and spoke in a fawning manner, as though she were a household pet looking for treats.

His face turned green at an instant and his expression was ghastly.

“Why is this…”

He could not believe his eyes. This scene in front of him was too ridiculous.

Since when did Xiangyi have a boyfriend, and why is he a poor kid? This was impossible! Xiangyi’s taste and social class should have forbidden her to be matched with a poor kid.

The youth’s heart burned with jealousy. His entire body was shaking.

‘She must have gotten something wrong! That must be the case!’ He convinced himself.