Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 100 chapters

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On the road, the three-wheeled motorcycle sped like the wind.

In the driver’s seat was a teenager of seventeen or eighteen. In the back seat was a beautiful woman of a thousand charms.

She attracted many eyes all along the way.

Many car drivers went wide-eyed and slack-jawed when they saw her.

“F*ck! She’s beautiful!”

“Dammit, what has the world come to? You can score a beautiful girl even with your broken motorcycle? God must be blind!”

The car drivers exclaimed in surprise and envy.

Occasionally there were sounds of screeching brakes, and with people cursing loudly in between. The roads became congested all of a sudden.

Riders of three-wheeled motorcycles or electric motorcycles were also staring wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Their split in concentration made them ram into the vehicles in front, causing them to fly forward.

“He is absolutely godlike!” Many people exclaimed. They only had admiration for Tang Hao.

Tang Hao could only regret that Sis Xiangyi attracted too much attention. He remembered that kiss earlier and blushed.

Tang Hao regained his composure. “Sis Xiangyi, who actually is that Fu Renjie?” He turned around to ask.

“He? He’s an annoying guy. A friend of a friend. He’s been trying to court me ever since we met just once. He’s always full of himself and is such a hypocrite,” Qin Xiangyi replied.

“He does seem like an idiot,” Tang Hao said.

“Yes, he’s an idiot. He always thinks that he’s better than others, always boasting about how great he is. This kind of man is the worst,” Qin Xiangyi was indignant.

Then, she smiled gently. “Lil Tang, you’re still the best!”

Tang Hao grinned. His heart was filled with joy.

“So when are you moving, Lil Tang?” Qin Xiangyi asked.

“In a few days. Right, Sis Xiangyi, where are we going?”

“Oh! I nearly forgot to tell you. We’re heading to the north of town. There is a tennis club there.” Qin Xiangyi suddenly remembered.

“Alright!” Tang Hao replied, then turned the motorcycle around and steered toward the north.

Flying Wave Tennis Club was situated in the north of town, near the outskirts.

Six people, three men and three women, were gathered at the entrance of the club. They were all young in their mid-twenties and were dressed in sportswear.

They chatted casually while occasionally glancing at the road.

“Why isn’t Xiangyi here yet?” One of the women complained as she looked at the road yet again.

“She should be almost here. Bro Fu went to fetch her, so they should be here soon. I wonder if there were any ‘diversions’ along the way!” One of the men joked.

“Fu Renjie? Forget about it. Xiangyi doesn’t like him. She will never ride in his car. By the way, Qian Wei, didn’t we agree on not inviting Fu Renjie?”

“Don’t blame me, Xiaomo. He insisted on coming and I felt bad for saying no,” Qian Wei said, “I thought Bro Fu is quite a nice guy, and I don’t know why Qin Xiangyi doesn’t like him.”

“There doesn’t have to be a reason!” Wu Xiaomo replied.

“She doesn’t like him now, but that doesn’t mean she won’t like him in the future. Bro Fu has been devoted to her, and that might just melt the icy heart of the femme fatale,” Qian Wei said.

“Pah! The Xiangyi I know has very good taste in men,” Wo Xiaomo said nonchalantly.

In a while, a black Audi was seen coming from the end of the road.

“Oh, Bro Fu is here! I don’t see Xiangyi’s car anywhere. She must be riding with him!” Qian Wei shouted excitedly. He winked at Wu Xiaomo and exclaimed, “See, didn’t I tell you so!”

Wu Xiaomo was a little surprised.

The black Audi sped down the road and parked in a vacant space near them. A car door opened, and Fu Renjie stepped out, wearing a dangerously gloomy face.

The group saw that and was confused.

“What happened, Bro Fu? Where’s Xiangyi? Didn’t she come with you?” Qian Wei asked.

Fu Renjie did not reply. His face was sullen and green.

Another vehicle was heard driving down the road. However, it was not a car this time, but a three-wheeled motorcycle, speeding down the road like the wind.

Qian Wei and the others looked along the road. They ignored this little three-wheeled motorcycle.

“Where’s Xiangyi? Bro Fu, say something! Is she staying at home today?” Qian Wei pursued the topic.

Fu Renjie still looked sullen. His eyes were sharp as a hawk as he glared at the three wheel-motorcycle that was approaching.

The little three-wheeled motorcycle came near and stopped in front of them. A woman hopped off the back seat. Qian Wei and the others looked at her and were instantly dumbfounded.

“What… What’s going on here? Why did Qin the Femme Fatale ride on a broken three-wheeled motorcycle?” Qian Wei was puzzled.

That was something impossible in his eyes. Qin the Femme Fatale was undoubted a popular beautiful woman who had a family fortune of tens of millions. Did she not have any other ride other than this old, shabby three-wheeled motorcycle?

Wu Xiaomo was also confused, then, she burst out in laughter. “Xiangyi, you’re so random! Where did you find this ride? It must be hard to find, right?”

Qin Xiangyi turned to look at the people. When her eyes fell on Fu Renjie, she frowned.

Then, her expression returned to normal. She smiled and greeted this group of people.

Qian Wei saw that Tang Hao was still there, so he yelled at him. “Hey! Why aren’t you leaving yet? Oh! She hasn’t paid? How much is it? I’ll foot the bill for Qin the Femme Fatale.”

He took out his wallet while saying so.

His first impression of Tang Hao was that he was a motorcycle driver.

Qin Xiangyi smiled. “Qian Wei, you’re mistaken. His name is Tang Hao, and he’s my boyfriend!” After that, she walked close to Tang Hao and hugged his arm.

“Oh! Your boyfriend!” Qian Wei mumbled.

“What? Boyfriend?” He screamed when his brain finally processed the statement. He stood stiffly, his eyes were opened round and wide, and he wore an incredulous expression.

Wu Xiaomo and the others behind him were also dumbfounded. Their expressions looked like they had heard the most unbelievable news in the world.

All of them stared at Tang Hao with round eyes: The men with enmity, and the women with razor-sharp analytical gazes, as though they were dissecting him.

As they scrutinized him, their brows were locked even tighter.

No matter how they looked, this kid in front of them was as plain as he could be. His clothes were shabby, and his three-wheeled motorcycle was old. He was obviously a poor kid.

“Are you alright, Xiangyi?” Wu Xiaomo looked worriedly at Qin Xiangyi.

“Better than ever!” Qin Xiangyi smiled. As she spoke, she hugged Tang Hao’s arm tightly and leaned close to him.

Wu Xiaomo was dazed, and her expression was hard to tell.

She had assumed earlier that Qin Xiangyi asked this person to be her pretend boyfriend. Looking at how intimate they were, it did not look like she was pretending at all.

‘Who is he?’ She was intensely curious.

Qian Wei leaned close to her and mumbled, “Xiaomo, didn’t you say just now that Xiangyi has good taste in men? Look at her now! And who did she fall for?”

Wu Xiaomo stood stiffly on the spot, feeling embarrassed.