Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 100 chapters

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Thwack! Thwack!

At the tennis courts, one could always hear the sounds of tennis balls being hit by rackets and people shouting.

Tang Hao was sitting by the side of a tennis court while looking at an ongoing match.

In the tennis court, a woman was running back and forth swinging a tennis racket. Her long hair danced in the wind and her miniskirt waved, exposing her long legs which were dizzyingly fair and slender.

As she sprinted across her court, the twin peaks on her chest wobbled. It was a stimulating sight.

Her presence on the tennis court had attracted the eyes of all the males in the vicinity.

The male players on the tennis court to her left and right unleashed all their hidden techniques. They wanted to attract this beautiful woman’s attention.

Qian Wei, Fu Renjie and the other men were sitting not too far away from Tang Hao. They occasionally whispered among themselves while stealing hostile glances at him.

Men are all like this.

When they see a beautiful woman, even though they might not want to claim them as their own, they would still feel uncomfortable when they see the woman fall for someone else.

This was what they were thinking at this moment.

In their eyes, this scenario was like a beautiful rose stuck on top of a pile of manure. Their hearts were burning with indignation, and also a little bit of jealousy.

Especially Fu Renjie, who was gnashing his teeth at the moment.

Two women were sitting on the other side of the court. They also occasionally glanced at Tang Hao, and in their gazes were sheer puzzlement. They did not understand why Qin Xiangyi fell for a poor kid like him!

A while later, Qin Xiangyi came off the court to rest.

“Hey, Xiangyi! Come here!”

The two women rose to their feet to drag Qin Xiangyi to their side of the court. They were planning to interrogate her.

“Xiangyi, who is he? He’s really your boyfriend?”

Qin Xiangyi blushed and silently nodded.

“Are you serious?! Xiangyi, maybe you should get your brain checked! There are so many people going after you in the entire Westridge district that they can form a line from the west border to the east border, but you picked a poor kid? So what’s so good about him?”

“That’s right! There are so many people for you to choose from, so why did you fall for him?”

The two women were continuously dressing him down.

Qin Xiangyi was not angry, but instead, she smiled. “Don’t you’ve always wanted to know where the beauty enhancement cream and weight-loss potions come from?”

The two of them were stunned and their faces displayed utter incredulity. “You mean… that’s from him?”

The two women turned and looked at Tang Hao in amazement.

“That’s right, he concocted those! He’s not poor at all. In fact, he had just purchased a mansion at Celestial Foothill Gardens!” Qin Xiangyi said.

“What? Celestial Foothill Gardens? Those mansions with astronomical prices? Tens of millions each?” One of them exclaimed softly. Her eyes were opened round and wide as she found it hard to believe.

“That’s right! The developer of the area, President Liu of Brilliant Property, is his sworn brother!” Qin Xiangyi continued.

“President Liu? You mean Liu Dajun?” The other woman also cried out in surprise.

“That’s right! He has an amazing array of talents. He knows medical skills and kung fu. Look at him, he looks pretty cute too…” Qin Xiangyi started counting with her fingers.

“Stop! Stop!”

“Stop speaking, Xiangyi! You sound like a bimbo!”

Her two friends could not take it anymore.

The two women looked at Tang Hao again and felt a little flustered. ‘If you’re so rich, why are you still dressed so shabbily and rode a broken three-wheeled motorcycle? Who knows that you are rich?’ They thought.

Tang Hao blushed when he realized that two women were looking at him.

He had overheard every word of their conversation.

‘So… I have so many good points!’ He mumbled to himself.

“Xiangyi, I’m going to the washroom. Do you all want to come along?” Wu Xiaomo came over.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Xiangyi and the other women stood up and headed for the washroom.

The few men sitting around the court moved into action when they saw the girls leave.

Fu Renjie stood up first and walked over to Tang Hao. The four men surrounded Tang Hao. Their faces were hostile.

“Hmph! You’re indeed a little white face. Your looks are not bad, I didn’t expect Qin the Femme Fatale to fall for your style.”

“Kid, if you know what’s good for you, leave Qin Xiangyi at once. Have you ever considered that you’re not on her level?”

“If you dare to disobey us, you’d better watch every step!” Fu Renjie laughed coldly with a sinister face.

Tang Hao’s expression went cold. “You guys think you can touch me?”

“Dammit, you brat! Getting arrogant now, are we? You think you’re somebody now just because you’re under Xiangyi’s care? I’ll beat you up into a pulp!”

Fu Renjie, burning with anger, clenched his fist and aimed it at Tang Hao’s face.

Tang Hao smirked. A weak punch like that posed no danger to him.

He lifted his hand and grabbed his opponent’s wrist. He tightened his grip, and Fu Renjie squealed like a pig being sent to the slaughter. His face became pale as a sheet.

“Let go of me! Let go!”

He screamed in agony. He felt that the hand that grabbed his wrist was like a steel clamp. He could not move a millimeter.

‘What the hell? How can this kid possess so much strength?!’

Tang Hao narrowed his eyes. There was a glint of coldness in them as he strengthened his grip.

Fu Renjie’s cries became louder and louder.

Many people curiously came over to look at the source of the screaming. Qian Wei and the others were all shocked beyond belief. They did not expect this scrawny little kid to be so strong.

“What are you all doing?” Qin Xiangyi’s voice was heard from afar.

Tang Hao immediately let go.

Fu Renjie stumbled backward and fell on his rear. It was an extremely embarrassing sight.

“Qian Wei, what are you all doing? Are you bullying Lil Tang?” Wu Xiaomo was also yelling.

“Are you OK, Lil Tang? All of you are grown adults! How can you do this? I’ve mistaken you for good people!” The two other women also rushed over anxiously.

Qian Wei and the others were all confused.

‘What’s gotten into all of them?

‘Weren’t they ignoring this kid earlier? Why did they suddenly start calling him ‘Lil Tang’ as though they are old friends?’

“We’re not bullying him. We only want to invite him to a tennis match. He’s already here at the tennis court anyway, so he should at least play a match, don’t you think so?” Qian Wei explained.

Wu Xiaomo and the others were exasperated. They were not idiots. They had seen the events that transpired earlier.

Tang Hao spoke. “I’m not good at tennis. I’ve only played several games when I was in high school.”

Qian Wei and the others were happy when they heard that.

“Don’t worry, it’s the taking part that counts. If you’re a real man, come play a match with us.” Qian Wei smiled hospitably.

In his heart, he was cackling with glee. He thought that he could take this kid down a notch in front of Qin the Femme Fatale.

“Well…” Tang Hao hesitated.

Fu Renjie clambered from the ground and yelled at him.

“Hmph! Tang, if you’re a real man, you will compete with me! If you lose, you will leave Xiangyi forever. Do you dare?”