Chapter 41

Chapter 41 of 100 chapters

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Thwack! Thwack!

The sound of a tennis racket hitting a tennis ball could be heard on the court.

Occasionally, someone would cry out in pain.

Qian Wei fell again and again. His face was swollen and disfigured from being struck by the tennis ball, while his opponent was casually waving his racket. His strokes looked casual, but every shot was deadly.

This was not a competition but a one-sided massacre.

Girls were squealing all around the tennis court.

“Wow, he’s so cool!”

The girls were thrilled. Their eyes were turning into heart shapes.

Coach Xu stood on the spot, dumbfounded. The boy’s performance on the court had stunned him over and over.

His heart was full of admiration, but at the same time, he felt bitter.

The boy’s performance could simply be described as ‘horrific’. The technique and strength he had displayed in the matches were world-class.

‘Prodigy! He’s an earth-shaking prodigy!’


Another ball struck Qian Wei. He grunted and fell limply onto the ground, unable to get up.

“I… I admit defeat! Please, spare me!”

Tang Hao was emotionless. He pointed toward another man. “You’re next!”

The person he pointed at went limp in his feet and nearly fell on his knees. Under the intense pressure from the crowd, he was forced to walk on the court. His fate was the same as Qian Wei’s.

Tang Hao ‘fixed’ the final person before stepping down from the tennis court.

“You’re too cool, Lil Tang! Didn’t you say that you only know how to play a little? Why are you so amazing?” Wu Xiaomo and the other girls exclaimed as they crowded around Tang Hao.

“Amazing? I’m just normal,” Tang Hao replied.

Qin Xiangyi walked over with a towel and wiped away his sweat.

“I’ve already said, there’s no need to worry,” Tang Hao said.

Qin Xiangyi rolled her eyes at him and mumbled, “You’re even so good at tennis. I wonder if there’s something that you’re not good at.”

Tang Hao smiled, embarrassed.

With his current physique, any normal sport was a walk in the park.

“You all can continue. I’ll take a break!” Tang Hao walked toward the bench next to the tennis court.

At this moment, he heard someone calling him eagerly, “Guru!”

Tang Hao was surprised. He turned around to see Coach Xu running over to him. When he neared, he seemed like he was going to fall on his knees. “Allow me to kneel before you, Guru!”

Tang Hao was shocked. He was wondering what his antics were.

“Please accept me as your disciple, Guru!” He grabbed Tang Hao’s hands tightly and his eyes looked at Tang Hao eagerly.

“Well… I can’t! I’m not a guru!” Tang Hao grinned.

“That’s a true blue guru for you, so humble!” Coach Xu’s eyes were sparkling. His admiration for the guru grew yet again.

“Guru, here, please sit down!”

“Guru, are you feeling warm? I’ll fan you!”

“Guru, why not apply for a membership? It’s free, so you can come here more often.”

Coach Xu was eager to please Tang Hao and circled him relentlessly. Tang Hao had a headache dealing with this, but no matter what he did, Coach Xu did not want to leave. Tang Hao just let him be.

After a while, Fu Renjie and the other men left defeatedly.

Qin Xiangyi and the other women played for a little while longer and left the club around noon.

The five of them went to have lunch.

After lunch, Tang Hao fetched Sis Xiangyi back to Azure Sky Gardens.

“Lil Tang, are you busy in the afternoon?” Qin Xiangyi suddenly said.

“Nothing. Why?”

“Then… how about we go on a date!”

Tang Hao’s hand shook. The little three-wheeled motorcycle nearly rammed into a lamp post.

“Cough cough! Sis Xiangyi, you must be joking, right?” Tang Hao was [abashed].

“I’m not joking. You are my boyfriend today… Also, your performance was amazing earlier. I should reward you! So, are we going or not?” Qin Xiangyi’s eyes were sparkling with a hint of cunning.

“Of course I’ll go!” Tang Hao replied urgently.

“Alright then. Send me back to my house first, I’ll take a shower and change clothes.”


Tang Hao replied, then sped along the road with his little three-wheeled motorcycle.

Back at Azure Sky Gardens, the security guard there went cross-eyed.

“F*ck me, it’s really them!”

“That kid Lil Tang, he must’ve struck a gold mine to have Boss Qin fall for him!”

After he sent Sis Xiangyi back to House Number 9, he waited for more than an hour before she came out again. She had changed into a fashionable set of clothes and wore makeup. She was more beautiful than ever.

“Let’s go!”

She walked over leisurely and hopped on the little three-wheeled motorcycle.

The motorcycle’s engine roared to life and the motorcycle sped away. At the entrance to the Gardens, the security guards were once again cross-eyed as they looked on with admiration.

“I wonder when can I be like Lil Tang and find a beautiful woman!” A young security guard said with admiration.

“In your dreams! Why don’t you look into a mirror and see how you look?” An older security guard mocked him.

“Hey! One can dream, right?” The young security guard sulked.

The two of them went to the theme park after leaving Azure Sky Gardens.

The couple spent the entire afternoon at the theme park, enjoying all the attractions there.

For Tang Hao, this was the happiest day in his life as far as he could remember.

He had been poor since young. His mother was gone since he was very small, and his father had struggled to raise him. He left, too, from being overworked.

One could say that he did not have a happy childhood.

This made him appreciate this moment of joy even more.

After leaving the theme park, they had dinner and watched a movie. Tang Hao sent her home at about eight o’clock at night.

“Lil Tang… I’m so happy today!”Qin Xiangyi was standing under a street light. Her enchanting face enveloped in the warm light was like from a scene in a dream.

Her red phoenix eyes were like pools of spring water: calm, gentle, inviting, alluring.

She blinked as she looked at Tang Hao. There was a certain fragility in her gaze.

Both of them were nervous as their eyes met.

She suddenly burst out laughing. She tiptoed, leaned forward and pecked Tang Hao on the cheek.

“Thank you so much for today, Lil Tang!”

Her pretty face turned bright red. She ran back into her house as though she were escaping from something.

Tang Hao stood there dumbfounded. He touched his cheek and mumbled, “Aw, man, I should have kissed her back.”

He chuckled at himself, then rode on the little three-wheeled motorcycle and returned to Tang Village.

At this moment, there was a black car parked not too far away from House Number 9. Chen Sandao sat in the car with a pair of binoculars in his hands. His face was gloomy.

“This b*tch couple. They’re even together now! What qualifications does this country bumpkin have to go after my woman? I’ll make sure that you’re dead!” He spoke to himself through gritted teeth.

In a fit of rage, he threw the binoculars to the ground, then stomped on it like a madman.

“Everything’s in order, boss! We’ve found the person, and Deputy Superintendent An has already agreed to it. This kid won’t get out of this.” The driver turned around to tell him.

“Alright!” Chen Sandao sat down and straightened his clothes.

“You brat, I’ll make sure you regret ever crossing paths with Chen Sandao.” His face was vicious when he said that.