Chapter 43

Chapter 43 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao furrowed his brows. He was very sure that he was being framed.

Looking at the evidence presented, the framing was premeditated, too.

‘The situation isn’t looking good! I might just be found guilty!’

“Are you ready to confess yet, kid? You’ll be treated with leniency if you come clean on yourself, at least get a few years shaved off your sentence. Otherwise… you’re in for a good time!” Squad Leader Sun said sternly.

“Pah! You’ve got it all wrong! Even an idiot knows that! I didn’t do anything wrong anyway. I’m not confessing!” Tang Hao spoke with a smile, clearly unafraid of the danger.

“You…” Squad Leader Sun was raging.

“I didn’t do it. Last night I saw her fallen on the ground, so I helped her stand up. She was grabbing me last night, so that must have been the time when my hair and skin flakes were left on her body.”

“Still trying to find excuses? If you didn’t do it, why did she say that it was you? You also have a former record of ****. Who else could it have been?” Squad Leader Sun slammed on the table and roared.

“How would I know? She must be falsely accusing me! If not that, she might have remembered wrongly. She was drunk last night. As for ****, I didn’t do it. Didn’t we get that clear last time?”

“She’s falsely accusing you? That’s a joke! You’re a lot more shameless than I thought. Alright, I’ll see how many more excuses you can make!” Squad Leader Sun said angrily as he slammed the table.

“Hey! I can call my lawyer, right? If not, at least make a phone call?” Tang Hao said.

“Who are you calling?” Squad Leader Sun said coldly.

“A friend!”

“Lil Zhou, bring him his phone!” Squad Leader Sun ordered the police officer next to him.

The police officer walked away, then returned with Tang Hao’s phone.


Tang Hao unlocked his phone and dialed Liu Dajun’s number.

“Hey, it’s Lil Tang! What’s up?” Liu Dajun’s voice was heard from the other end of the phone.

“Big Bro Liu, I’m arrested!”

“What?” Liu Dajun jumped from his seat. “What’s wrong?”

“They say I raped someone.”

“Rape? That’s a huge joke! They must’ve been mistaken, right? Don’t fret, Lil Tang, I’ll think up something!”

After ending the call, Tang Hao placed the phone on the table.

“Now that you’ve made your call. Are you ready to confess yet?” Squad Leader Sun said.

“I didn’t do it! I’m not confessing,” Tang Hao said coldly.

“You…” Squad Leader Sun was ferocious. His eyes were as big as cowbells and shot daggers at Tang Hao.

Just then, his phone rang. He looked at it and his expression changed. ‘It’s Deputy Commissioner An.’

He picked up the call and left the interrogation room.

Tang Hao’s sensitive ears picked up Squad Leader’s voice from outside the room.

“Hello, Deputy Commissioner!”

“How’s the matter coming along, Lil Sun? Has he confessed?” The voice from the other end of the call was low and hoarse.

“He hasn’t. He’s a stubborn kid, this one. He’s not confessing no matter what! I think I ought to rough him up a bit, otherwise, we’ll be sitting here all day.”

“Alright, suit yourself then! You’d better get him to confess as fast as you can, and get this case settled as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Boss Chen gave us five million yuan this time. When the case is settled, we’ll each get half.”

“Yes, yes! Don’t worry, Deputy Commissioner. It’s not the first time I’m doing this. He’s just a village kid. Easy-peasy!” Squad Leader Sun lowered his voice, and he sounded somewhat fawning.

“Alright then. I know I can count on you to do the job. Let me know when it’s done.”


Squad Leader Sun ended the call and returned to the interrogation room.

“What did the Deputy Commissioner say, Squad Leader?” One of the police officers asked.

“He says he’s very concerned with the development of this case. We will need to solve it as quickly as we can,” Squad Leader Sun replied.

Then, he returned to his seat.

“Let me ask you one more time. Do you confess or not?” He questioned as he glared at tang Hao.

Tang Hao did not reply. Instead, he smiled curiously as he looked at Squad Leader Sun.

Then, he leaned over to Squad Leader Sun’s ear and whispered, “Squad Leader Sun, it’s a bad habit to lie. I’ve heard everything in the conversation outside.”

Squad Leader Sun’s expression changed.


He rose from his seat. His expression was scary and both of his eyes were transfixed on Tang Hao, as though something grew on his face.

His emotions were in turmoil and his back was already wet with cold sweat.

‘That can’t be. This interrogation room is soundproof and I’ve already lowered my voice. No one else could have heard me. He must be bluffing!

‘But why did he have to bluff me? Unless… he really knows something?’

“What’s the matter, Squad Leader Sun?” the other police officers saw his changed expression and asked out of concern.

“This kid just cursed me. Go outside and turn off the security camera.” Squad Leader Sun said sternly.

The other police officers were surprised, then they understood what Squad Leader Sun intended to do.

“You can’t do that, Squad Leader Sun! It’s against the law to force a confession.” Zhao Qingxue was anxious.

“Get out!” Squad Leader Sun roared.

“Let’s go, Officer Zhao! Squad Leader Sun knows what he’s doing,” one of the police officers said.

“Get out! Now!” Squad Leader Sun roared again.

Zhao Qingxue hesitated, then turned around and left the room.

Slam! The door closed.

Two people were left in the interrogation room.

Squad Leader Sun’s face was ghastly under the dim yellow light and looked even a little vicious.

Earlier, he had looked like the face of justice. Now, he was like a dastardly criminal.

“You dare bluff me, kid?” Squad Leader Sun said through gritted teeth.

“Bluff you?” Tang Hao smiled. “I did hear every word that was said earlier. You might look like a righteous person, but you do some really despicable things under the table. Tell me, are you still a policeman of the people?”

Then, Tang Hao smirked mockingly.

Squad Leader Sun shuddered and his expression changed. “Impossible! This interrogation room is soundproof. You did not hear anything.”

“Really?” Tang Hao said leisurely, “Five million is not a small sum, Squad Leader Sun!”

“You… how did you know that?” Squad Leader Sun’s face changed color.

“Didn’t I tell you I’ve heard everything?” Tang Hao said coldly, “It happens that my ears are unusually sensitive!”

Squad Leader Sun’s face changed color a few times. He was flustered at one time, then his face became ferocious.

“Silly brat, so what if you found out? No one will believe you. Do you think people would listen to a convicted rapist? Say another word and I’ll kill you!” He walked in front of Tang Hao then spoke viciously into Tang Hao’s ear.

“Squad Leader Sun, you can’t hide the facts forever. You’ll soon face the consequences of your actions!” Tang Hao said coldly.

“Looks like you’re tired of living, you brat!” Squad Leader Sun roared. His face turned savage in an instant. He reached out to grab Tang Hao’s hair.

Tang Hao dodged and rammed into his chest.


The headbutt caused Squad Leader Sun to stumble backward and slam into the wall behind him.