Chapter 44

Chapter 44 of 100 chapters

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“You’ve got balls, kid!” Squad Leader Sun massaged his chest, his face becoming more and more vicious by the moment. He narrowed his eyes which pulsated with danger, like a venomous snake.

He flicked his wrists, then stepped forward abruptly and aimed a punch at Tang Hao’s face.

Tang Hao lowered himself and dodged the punch. He then kicked toward the opponent’s calves.

Squad Leader Sun grunted and fell forward. His forehead hit the corner of the chair and blood spurted.

“Bastard! I’ll kill you!”

He stood up and touched his forehead. He was on the brink of madness looking at the blood on his hand.

He panted heavily and his body shuddered. He finally calmed himself down, then walked in front of Tang Hao and sat down. He reached behind his waist and unholstered his gun, then slammed it on the table.

He narrowed his eyes and said chillingly, “This is what will happen next: You will ask me to go to the bathroom, so I will remove your handcuffs. You will try to snatch my handgun, and in the struggle, I will accidentally discharge a bullet and kill you!

“In that case, I will be acting out of self-defense and will be let off scot-free. As for you, no one will care if a rapist dies.”

Squad Leader Sun paused for a while.

“This is your first option. The second option is for you to confess, then watch your mouth in the future. In that case, I can spare your life. So… what’s your choice?”

“What if I don’t choose either?” Tang Hao laughed.

“You do not have any other choice. It’s either the first option or the second option. It all depends on whether you want to live. I’ll give you some time starting from now to think carefully!”

After that, Squad Leader Sun took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He leaned back on his chair and spewed clouds of smoke.

Liu Dajun, Jin Biao and the rest were huddled in a conference room in Sunshine Plaza.

Liu Dajun was on a call on his phone.

After a while, he ended the call. His expression was grim.

“What’s wrong, Ol’ Liu?” Jin Biao and the others asked worriedly.

Liu Dajun furrowed his brows and spoke gloomily. “It’s not looking good. The person behind this is quite powerful and they’ve done their preparations. They’re prepared to lock Lil Tang behind bars for a very long time.”

“No matter how perfect their plan might be, there should be some flaws in it! ” Jin Biao exclaimed.

“That’s for sure. However, the other party has connections in the police station. I’ve heard that Deputy Commissioner An is taking care of this case, and that’s why it’s being fast-tracked,” Liu Dajun explained.

“An Zhenghua? That old fox? I knew that there’s something dirty going on with him,” President Li said indignantly, “If this guy’s hands are in the case, any dubious case can result in a guilty verdict.”

“There aren’t too many people connected to him. If I may hazard a guess, it’s that Chen Sandao. He’s been going after Qin the Femme Fatale for a long time, and recently she’s been very close with Lil Tang,” Jin Biao said.

“Looks like that has to be it. It’s Chen Sandao’s handiwork,” Liu Dajun said.

Chen Sandao was also in the property business. However, his methods were not entirely orthodox. He used to be a gangster who terrorized Westridge District. Liu Dajun was in the same line of business and he knew this very well.

“Should we… let Qin know about this?” Jin Biao asked hesitantly.

“There’s no need!” Liu Dajun shook his head. “If she knows that Lil Tang is framed because of her, she’ll feel bad about herself. We can tell her after we settle the issue.”

“So what do we do now? With that An Zhenghua’s hand in this, we can’t bail him out. We need to find some way to prove Lil Tang’s innocence,” President Li said.

“How do we prove that?” Jin Biao frowned.

“Now they have material evidence and the victim as a witness. The situation isn’t looking good for us unless we can find the victim. This victim should be manipulated by Chen Sandao. If we can find something on her and get her to retract her accusation, we can restore justice to Tang Hao.”

“That makes sense. Can you find the identity of the victim though?” Jin Biao asked.

“It won’t be easy. I don’t have connections in the criminal department. My contacts will need time to dig for the information,” Liu Dajun said.

“Time? We don’t have time. Now that Lil Tang is in their hands, they will force a confession out of him so that he can be sentenced immediately. Things aren’t looking great if this goes on!” Jin Biao said worriedly.

Everyone sighed and frowned.

Suddenly, President Huang’s phone rang.

President Huang took out the phone and exclaimed, “It’s Secretary Lin!”

Everyone was shocked, then expressions of happiness appeared on their faces.

Liu Dajun slapped his thigh and shouted, “Our savior is here! Quick, pick up the call!”

President Huang hurriedly answered the call.

“Hey! Secretary Lin!”

“Rengui! Well… I have been busy these few days and I am only recently free. I would like to invite you and Divine Doctor Tang for a dinner gathering tonight to thank him for what he did for our family,” Secretary Lin’s voice was happy on the other end of the call.

“Let me tell you, Mingxuan’s recovery over the last few days has been speedy. Even Senior Doctor Chen thinks that it is incredible. It must be all thanks to Divine Doctor Tang’s miraculous medical skills. I will need to thank him personally.”

“Well… Secretary Lin, wouldn’t you know… Lil Tang is in a bit of trouble now,” President Huang said.

“What trouble?” Secretary Lin was surprised.

“He was arrested. Someone framed him of rape.”

“What?” Secretary Lin’s tone of voice changed. It had suddenly become a lot more serious. “What’s going on, Rengui?”

“It’s that Chen Sandao. He has a grudge with Lil Tang and framed him. Also, he has connections in the police force. Even that An Zhenghua is involved in this.”

“An Zhenghua… Deputy Commissioner An? He’s also involved?”

“That’s right! It’s been a while since Lil Tang was arrested. I’m afraid something might happen to him!”

“Rengui, I trust in Divine Doctor Tang’s character, but are you really sure that he was framed?” Secretary Lin contemplated.

“I’m a hundred percent sure! He is definitely framed!” President Huang slapped his chest.

“Alright! I will see that the matter is settled. This An Zhenghua dares to abuse his authority for private matters and frame the innocent. I wonder if he thinks he is above the law?.” Secretary Lin slammed the table and stood from his seat.

“Rengui, I will come over now. Let us meet at the police station and get Divine Doctor Tang out of there.”

“Alright!” President Huang said emotionally, “I’ll depart immediately with President Liu and the others.”

After that, he ended the call.

“We’ve done it! With Secretary Lin on our side, all our problems will be solved!”

Liu Dajun and the others breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that.

“Now that everyone’s ready, go go go, let’s fetch Lil Tang!”

All of these people left the building as though it was on fire. They hopped onto their cars and sped toward the police station.