Chapter 45

Chapter 45 of 100 chapters

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Westridge District Police Headquarters.

In the deputy commissioner’s office, an old man of about sixty years old, dressed in a police uniform, was sitting in his chair next to the window.

He was short and slightly plump. He leaned back on his chair, looking pleased with himself with a cigarette in his mouth.

Suddenly, the phone on his desk rang.

He gave his cigarette a long drag, then picked up the phone. His round old face displayed a hint of delight. “Hey! Boss Chen!”

“How are things coming along, Deputy Commissioner An?” On the other end of the call was Chen Sandao’s sinister voice.

“Don’t worry, everything’s going smoothly! He’s just a village kid, right? How hard is it to get him to confess? Once he does and the sentence is passed, that’ll be the end of him.” Deputy Commissioner An smiled.

“Good to hear! Thanks to you, Deputy Commissioner An. I’ll transfer the seven million over soon!”

“Alright, nice working with you, Boss Chen!”

An Zhenghua’s mood was carefree when he hung up the call.

Out of the seven million, four and a half million was his. That would have padded his wallet by quite a bit.

He was due to retire in a few years. There was already no hope for him to climb the ranks. He would rather earn more money now so that he can live comfortably after retiring.

He laughed to himself again, then picked up his phone to dial Squad Leader Sun’s number.

The interrogation room was filled with cigarette smoke.

The sudden ringing of Squad Leader Sun’s phone broke the silence.

Squad Leader Sun stubbed out his cigarette and picked up the call.

“How are things in there, Lil Sun? Has the kid confessed?”

Squad Leader Sun furrowed his brows and spoke in a low voice. “There might be some complications, Deputy Commissioner.”

“What’s wrong?” An Zhenghua was suddenly anxious.

“I don’t know how this kid found out about our deal. He knows about the five million yuan!”

“What?” An Zhenghua’s face turned pale. He shot up from his seat. “How does he know?”

“I don’t know how he knows. He might have very sensitive ears and overheard our conversation.”

“Sigh! How could you be so careless?” An Zhenghua spoke frustratedly.

“Don’t worry, Deputy Commissioner, it doesn’t matter even if he knows. Once he confesses, he’ll be a convicted rapist and no one will believe him. If he doesn’t confess, I’ll put a bullet through his head.”

“Don’t be rash, Lil Sun!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure there are no loose ends. He’s just a village kid, who the hell would care if he dies? I think Boss Chen would be happier if he’s dead!” Squad Leader Sun said while looking coldly at Tang Hao.

“Well… alright! Do what you can, be careful!”

Squad Leader Sun grunted an affirmation, then ended the call.

He tossed the phone on the table, then tilted his head and said coldly, “Time’s up, kid. It’s time to make your choice!”

After that, he held his breath, then slammed his head onto the table a few times, causing his face to swell up. Then, he punched himself in the face a few times.

“Peh!” He spat a mouthful of blood foam. He stood up and grabbed the gun on the table. His face was savage as a hungry wolf.

“Now it’s up to you if you want to live or die, kid!”

In the office, An Zhenghua put the phone on his table and sat there with a grim look on his face.

The sudden change in events had caused him to be uneasy.

“Things should be fine. A village kid shouldn’t cause so much trouble!” He mumbled to himself, then breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the phone on his table rang. He picked up the receiver.

“Deputy Commissioner, Sec… Secretary Lin is here!”

“What!” An Zhenghua exclaimed and abruptly shot up from his seat. He turned around and he could see through the window that a black car was driving up to the entrance of the police station.

He put the receiver down. “Why is Secretary Lin here?’ His face was flustered.

He straightened his uniform before hastily stepping out of the office.

“You… and you, all of you, come here. Let us go greet Secretary Lin,” he yelled while jogging toward the entrance.

The entire police headquarters was immediately sent into a tizzy.

Police officers emerged from their offices and followed An Zhenghua to the entrance.

Secretary Lin was one of the highest-ranking officials in the district. A true VIP.

Soon, the police officers arrived at the entrance.

The black car stopped right in front of the entrance of the police station. The driver got out of the car, then opened a door at the back. A middle-aged man in a black business suit stepped out of the car.

He had a square face, and his thick eyebrows were like swords. He bore an intimidating aura.

“Secretary Lin!” An Zhenghua was all smiles as he greeted him eagerly. “I wonder if Secretary Lin is here for some official matters?”

Secretary Lin glared at him. His brows were slightly furrowed and his gaze was cold.

He did not say anything, but turned around and walked toward the front gate.

A fleet of luxury cars drove into the police station grounds one after another and stopped behind the black car.

Next, people emerged from each of those cars.

An Zhenghua was shocked when he saw this scene.

He knew a lot of these people. They were all rich businessmen in the district, especially Liu Dajun who, as the president of Brilliant Property, was one of the most prestigious people in the district.

‘That’s strange! Why are all these people here? It looks like they followed Secretary Lin here!” An Zhenghua was puzzled.

The police officers standing behind him were wondering too.

“Secretary Lin, what’s…” An Zhenghua asked as he took a step forward.

Secretary Lin glared at him coldly and spoke in a stern voice. “You should know very well why I am here, Deputy Commissioner An!”

An Zhenghua was confused. He looked blankly at Liu Dajun and the others and shook his head. “Secretary Lin. I really don’t know why you all are here!”

Secretary Lin smiled coldly. “Did you not bring in someone named Tang Hao today?”

‘Tang Hao? The name sounds familiar…’ An Zhenghua furrowed his brows and sunk into deep thought. Suddenly, his body trembled and he stood stiffly on the spot.

His eyes slowly widened and his face displayed a look of incredulity.

‘Isn’t Tang Hao that village kid?

‘What’s going on? How could someone as high up as Secretary Lin be acquainted with this village kid?

‘That’s impossible! Boss Chen said that he was just a normal country bumpkin without money or power. How was he suddenly connected to Secretary Lin?

‘They also looked more than mere acquaintances. Secretary Lin looks like he’s here to rescue him.

‘It’s all over!’

His face turned pale as beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead.

He had thought dealing with this simple village kid would be a piece of cake. He did not expect that this ‘simple village kid’ was connected to Secretary Lin.

If he had known about this, he would not have agreed to Chen Sandao’s request!

His intestines were in knots and he was cursing Chen Sandao to hell.

“I’m asking you a question, Deputy Commissioner An!” Secretary Lin roared.

“Yes! Yes! We did arrest someone called Tang Hao, he was involved in a rape…” An Zhenghua replied fearfully while he bowed.

“Where is he?” Secretary Lin interjected and asked sternly.

“He’s… he’s in the interrogation room!” An Zhenghua’s face turned white after he remembered what Squad Leader Sun said.

“Oh no! If he put a bullet through the kid’s head as he said, it’s all over!”

His body shuddered and his face turned pale as a sheet.