Chapter 46

Chapter 46 of 100 chapters

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Secretary Lin furrowed his thick eyebrows and said sternly. “I will deal with you later. You had better bring me to the interrogation room now.”

“Yes, yes!”

An Zhenghua wiped away the sweat on his brow, then led Secretary Lin into the building.

Liu Dajun and the rest of the bosses, as well as the contingent of police officers, followed behind. The massive crowd reached the interrogation room.

In front of the interrogation room, Zhao Qingxue and the other police officers were waiting anxiously.

They suddenly saw a large group of people appear at the end of the corridor.

The scene caused them to be dumbfounded.

“What’s going on?” Zhao Qingxue’s eyes were wide open. Her beautiful face was full of shock.

“That’s Deputy Com… Oh! The other person looks somewhat familiar. Oh my god! It’s Secretary Lin!”

“Why is Secretary Lin here?”

The other police officers exclaimed in surprise. None of them knew what was going on.

“Deputy Commissioner, you are…” One of them went forward and asked.

“Lil Zhou, I’m asking you, where’s Squad Leader Sun? Is he still inside?” An Zhenghua asked him urgently.

“Yes! He’s still inside. That kid is pretty stubborn. I don’t think he’s confessed yet,” that police officer replied.

“Open the door, quick!” An Zhenghua became more anxious. He walked ahead toward the interrogation room.

At this moment, everyone heard a dull bang in the interrogation room.

It was the sound of gunfire!

An Zhenghua’s body teetered. He could only feel the heavens and the earth spinning and he nearly tumbled to the floor.

‘It’s all over! It’s all over!’ That was the single thought left in his brain.

“Open the door!” Secretary Lin was pale in the face and was extremely nervous. He roared at the two police officers next to the door.

The two police officers panicked and urgently opened the door. The group of people rushed into the room and were stunned by what they had seen.

The scene that they were presented was the exact opposite of what they had in mind.

A boy stood at one corner of the interrogation room. His clothes were disheveled and there were bloodstains on his white button-down shirt.

His expression was as cold as ice. In his hand was a gun that was aimed at a middle-aged man sprawled on the floor and looked flustered.

Secretary Lin’s jaw dropped. He had thought that Divine Doctor Tang was shot, but he was surprised to see that the opposite was true.

An Zhenghua was also dumbfounded.

How could a veteran squad leader that had been through countless fights lose to a boy?

The other policemen were also extremely shocked.

For an instant, the interrogation room was deathly silent.

Next, Squad Leader Sun screamed. “Lil Zhou, Lil Li, quick, gun him down! He snatched my gun and tried to kill me!”

The police officers reached for the guns at their waists.

“Everyone! Stop this instant!” Secretary Lin roared.

The few policemen were shocked and reflexively stopped their movement.

“What are you doing? Shoot him quick! He has a gun in his hand! Are you blind?” Squad Leader Sun roared madly.

Tang Hao laughed coldly. With a wave of his hand, he tossed the gun aside.

“Why aren’t you restraining him?” Squad Leader Sun was shocked at the motion.

“Shut up!” Secretary Lin roared.

“Who the hell are you to ask me to shut up? I’m a squad leader here, and you tell me to shut up?”

Squad Leader Sun was extremely frustrated that he was thrown to the floor by a kid. Secretary Lin’s orders had riled him, so he pounced up and cursed at Secretary Lin.

Soon, he realized something was amiss. ‘Why does this person look familiar?’

The other police officers standing at the door were twitching. They only wanted to cover their faces with their hands.

“Squad Leader, he’s…. He’s Secretary Lin!” The police officer named Lil Zhou reminded him with a low voice.

Squad Leader Sun trembled. His face turned pale as a sheet as he stood stiffly on the spot.

“Secretary Lin? Secretary Lin, why are you here?”

“Pretty impressive, Squad Leader Sun!” Secretary Lin remarked coldly, then he walked toward Tang Hao with an eager face.

“Divine Doctor Tang, I am sorry for being late! You must have been through a lot!”

He grasped Tang Hao’s hands tightly and shook them.

Squad Leader Sun trembled and his mind went blank.

‘What the hell is going on?

‘Why is Secretary Lin being so hospitable toward this village kid? And he’s calling him Divine Doctor too? Isn’t this kid just a country bumpkin?

‘Isn’t Secretary Lin one of the top-ranking people in the district? How would he be connected to someone like this kid?’

His eyes were opened round and wide, and his face displayed a look of utter confusion.

The scene that happened in front of him had struck him like lightning.

Then, he came to his senses and all blood drained from his face.

He knew this time that his life was over.

No wonder the kid had remained composed all this while. He was connected to Secretary Lin! Squad Leader Sun could only feel regret. In his heart, he cursed Deputy Commissioner An and Chen Sandao down to hell.

Zhao Qingxue and the other police officers stood stiffly at the door.

“How could this be?” Zhao Qingxue exclaimed with her hands over her mouth. Her beautiful eyes were opened round and wide.

‘Isn’t this Tang Hao a perverted lowlife? How is he connected to Secretary Lin, and why is Secretary Lin calling him a Divine Doctor?

‘Which part of him looks like a doctor? Don’t tell me he’s a con artist too?’

Her eyes were transfixed on Tang Hao, as though she wanted to find something on his face.

“Secretary Lin, Big Bro Liu…” Tang hao greeted them one by one with a smile. “Sorry to trouble you again this time.”

“Eh, what do you mean! We’re all brothers, it’s no trouble at all!” Liu Dajun stepped forward and gregariously slapped on Tang Hao’s chest.

Jin Biao and the others also squeezed into the room and stood next to Tang Hao.

“Lil Tang, you’ve been through a lot!” Jin Biao expressed deep concern when he saw the bloodstains on Tang Hao. Then, he glared at the group of police officers. “Is this how the police conduct investigations? I will lodge an official complaint about this!”

Secretary Lin’s face became gloomier by the moment.

According to the standard operating procedure, two police officers were required to be present in the room during interrogation and a security log was to be kept. When they came, only Squad Leader Sun was present in the interrogation room.

He raised his head to observe that the light on the security camera was off.

The situation could not have been more obvious.

The scene they saw when they came in could be interpreted as Tang Hao acting in self-defense.

“All of you performed excellently today! I am proud to have such an elite police force in my district!” Secretary Lin scolded sarcastically.