Chapter 47

Chapter 47 of 100 chapters

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The group of police officers lowered their heads when being scolded. Especially the squad including Zhao Qingxue, who was feeling absolutely ashamed of themselves.

Squad Leader Sun raised his head to look at Tang Hao, then turned to look at An Zhenghua.

He gritted his teeth. His face displayed an expression of hatred.

An Zhenghua had dragged him into this mess, and now he thought that his superior was going to push all the blame on him. It seemed that there was no use covering up the misdeeds since they were already exposed anyway. He decided to strike first and push away as much responsibility as possible.

With that thought in mind, he lifted his arm and pointed at An Zhenghua. “I’m just doing his bidding. He was the one who struck a deal with Chen Sandao to frame Brother Tang.

“This is all a ploy by him and Chen Sandao. It’s all fabricated evidence.”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise when they heard the statement. Especially the police officers.

“You… that’s a blatant lie!” An Zhenghua was hysterical.

“Hah! An Zhenghua, you still want to deny it at this point? Didn’t you threaten me to perform this dirty deed for you? You also ordered me to kill him off after he discovered our deal,” Squad Leader Sun spoke through gritted teeth.

The crowd roared with surprise again. All the police officers looked a little pale.

“Your bravery is commendable, An Zhenghua!” Secretary Lin was raging. He was also quietly apprehensive that Divine Doctor Tang might have been killed if not that he knew how to defend himself.

An Zhenghua trembled. His face was ghostly pale.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, Secretary Lin! Killing the kid was his plan!”

“So, you mean that everything else was your plan?” Secretary Lin answered coldly.

“I…” An Zhenghua was at a loss for words.

“The two of you, you think you are above the law? Can I have a volunteer to cuff these two up?” Secretary Lin roared.

A few police officers stepped forward and handcuffed the two of them.

An Zhenghua’s body went limp as if all his bones had dissolved. He nearly fell sitting to the ground and his expression was blank.

Squad Leader Sun managed to keep his cool.

“This… this is a major scandal! We will have to deal with this with the utmost urgency.

“An Zhenghua, you must have a lot of dirt in your history, right? We will settle this all at once!”

Secretary Lin was pacing back and forth, his face a stern color.

“So, let me ask you again, is this all Chen Sandao’s plan? He planned to frame Little Brother Tang?”

“Yes! It’s him! He agreed to pay me seven million yuan for the deed. I have evidence for that! I’ve recorded all my conversations with him,” An Zhenghua answered.

“This Chen Sandao has been a thorn in my side all this while. He has many gangsters under his control. This time, we will bring him to justice!” Secretary Lin said resolutely. He swept his gaze across the police officers as he spoke.

A middle-aged police officer stepped to the front. “Don’t worry, Secretary Lin, I will immediately mobilize a squad to bring Chen Sandao in!”

“Yes! You must eliminate this threat at its root!” Secretary Lin said.

“Yes, sir!”

The middle-aged police officer performed a salute, then left hurriedly with most of the police officers there.

“I am terribly sorry that this happened to you, Divine Doctor Tang! Do not worry, I will follow up this case closely and make sure that it is settled to your satisfaction.” Secretary Lin walked toward Tang Hao and said.

“Thank you for your service, Secretary Lin! Also, please don’t call me Divine Doctor. Just Lil Tang is fine!” Tang Hao said.

Secretary Lin grinned. “Alright, I will call you Lil Tang from now on then. That sounds a lot more approachable.”

“Are you alright, Lil Tang? All those blood…”

“Don’t worry, it’s not my blood. He’s not strong enough to lay a finger on me!” Tang Hao smiled. As he said so, he coldly glared at Squad Leader Sun.

Squad Leader Sun turned pale. His face displayed panic.

The scene earlier could only be described as a nightmare. The kid did not look muscular, but his strength was overwhelming and his martial arts techniques were incredible. The squad leader was toppled onto the floor in a few moves.

“That is good to hear!” Secretary Lin breathed a sigh of relief.

He noticed the handcuffs still on Tang Hao’s left wrist and beckoned to the police officers. “Someone come and take this off of him!”

A police officer immediately stepped forward and unlocked the handcuffs on Tang Hao.

“I did not expect that you are proficient in martial arts too, Lil Tang.” Secretary Lin smiled.

Tang Hao smiled humbly.

“Lil Tang, do you know, my Mingxuan has been recovering rapidly over the past few days. Even Senior Doctor Chen said that it is a miracle. I will have to properly thank you one more time. Are you free tonight? Shall we have dinner?”

“Alright!” Tang Hao agreed to it.

“It is settled then. Rengui and President Liu, both of you should come too! We will dine at Beyond Heaven Restaurant.”

“Beyond Heaven Restaurant? Then it’s on me, Secretary Lin!” Liu Dajun proclaimed gregariously.

“Eh! No need. This is my treat for Lil Tang, how can I ask you to pay?” Secretary Lin insisted, “Let us go out. We have spent enough time here.”

Secretary Lin then led Tang Hao out of the interrogation room.

Tang Hao breathed a sigh of relief when he stepped out of the interrogation room.

Fortunately, this was only a false alarm.

He felt even more indebted to Secretary Lin after this incident. If not for him, he would be in big trouble. He might even be locked away for a long time.

After chatting with Secretary Lin for a while more, Tang Hao retrieved his belongings and his little three-wheeled motorcycle from the police station.

At the front entrance of the police headquarters, Liu Dajun told him, “Lil Tang, your mansion is already ready to move in. Let’s move today! Moving house is an auspicious event. It can neutralize this bad luck.”

“Good idea! Let’s move today!” President Li and the others agreed.

“Alright then!” Tang Hao agreed after thinking about it.

To him, there was no difference to the day he moved. Since the others had suggested it, he had no qualms in agreeing with them.

Even so, there were not many things from his old house that were worth bringing over.

“Yippee! Let’s move! Lil Tang, we’ll be your movers!” Liu Dajun was ecstatic, even more so than Tang Hao.

Tang Hao then drove on his little three-wheeled motorcycle toward Tang Village. Behind him was a fleet of luxury cars.

Tang Hao’s return to the village caused another commotion.

“Lil hao is back! Look at that spectacle! A whole fleet of luxury cars following him!”

“Oh my! Lil Hao is sure lucky!”

His fellow villagers rushed out of their houses and pointed and commented at this fleet of vehicles. Their faces displayed total admiration.

Tang Hao hopped off his ride at the front gate of his house, then announced to everyone, “My fellow villagers, I will be moving away from Tang Village today. I, Tang Hao’s roots remain here, and I will still return here often to visit.”

Everyone cheered.

“Lil Hao is moving house! That’s good news!”

“Hey Lil Hao, remember to come back often!”

The villagers chattered.

Tang Hao went into his house and went around the place. He picked several things and President Biao and the others moved it to their cars.

With his fellow villagers lining both sides of the road, the fleet of vehicles drove out of Tang Village.