Chapter 48

Chapter 48 of 100 chapters

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It was already evening when everything was arranged in the new house.

Tang Hao paced around his new house a few times. The mansion was spacious and the decorations were extremely luxurious. Outside of the house was a garden and a swimming pool. He had stayed in a small house all his life and was not used to living in so much space.

He stood in the middle of the living room and looked all around him. His heart was a mix of emotions.

He soon received a phone call from Secretary Lin.

“There are some complications, Lil Tang. Chen Sandao has escaped.”

Tang Hao furrowed his brows when he heard this news.

Chen Sandao was a gangster and was notorious for his cruelty. If he had escaped, there was a high chance that he would eventually return to take his revenge. He was not afraid of that, but he was worried about Sis Xiangyi’s safety.

“I have already assigned a task force to pursue him in the entire city, and we are hoping to capture him as soon as we can. Before this happens, I hope you can raise your alert, Lil Tang. I will also assign a police officer to guard you.”

“No need for that, Secretary Lin. Chen Sandao won’t be strong enough to hurt me. There’s someone else that needs protecting though. She’s the reason why Chen Sandao has a grudge with me.”

“Oh, Boss Qin, right? I have heard the news. I will arrange for that then. Right, we should invite Boss Qin for tonight’s dinner too!”

Tang Hao agreed to that, then ended the call.

He thought for a bit, then dialed Sis Xiangyi’s phone number and told her everything that happened today.

“What?! Something this serious happened today, and you’re only telling me now?” Qin Xiangyi complained.

“I didn’t want you to be worried, Sis Xiangyi. Where are you now? I’ll come with President Liu to pick you up and have dinner tonight with Secretary Lin.”

“I’m still at the factory!”

“Just wait there!”

Tang Hao ended the call and left for Sis Xiangyi with Liu Dajun. They went to Beyond Heaven Restaurant after that.

They met up with Secretary Lin and his wife at Beyond Heaven Restaurant.

“You’re here, Lil Tang!” Secretary Lin stepped forward and shook hands eagerly with Tang Hao.

“I’ve heard about what happened today. You’ve been through a lot!” Su Yun looked at him dearly.

“It’s nothing. It’s all thanks to Secretary Lin that I’m safe!” Tang Hao smiled.

“Why are we still standing here? Let us go upstairs!” After Secretary Lin shook hands with Liu Dajun and the rest, they all headed upstairs to a private room.

Everyone ate and drank to their fill at the banquet. The atmosphere was cheerful and festive.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiangyi was introducing the beauty enhancement cream to Su Yun.

“Sis Qin… are you saying that this beauty cream is that miraculous?” Su Yun beheld the small box of beauty enhancement cream in her hand.

“Exactly! It’s handmade by Lil Tang,” Qin Xiangyi explained, “It can whiten and moisturize the skin. The effects are amazing!”

All suspicion was erased from Su Yun’s mind when she knew that this was handmade by Tang Hao. “If Lil Tang made this himself, then there are no problems.”

She fondly held the box of beauty enhancement cream in her palm, then, as though she had just remembered something, she told Tang Hao, “Hey, Lil Tang! This beauty enhancement cream of yours is a big business opportunity. Have you ever thought of setting up a factory?”

Everyone became silent after she raised the question.

President Huang smiled. “Sis Yun, that’s not all that Lil Tang has. He also concocts his own weight-loss potions, aphrodisiac potions, hair-growth potions, and all sorts of other stuff. They’re amazing too.”

“Oh? They’re really that amazing?” Secretary Lin was piqued.

“Isn’t that so! Let’s just talk about the weight-loss potions. You can see the effects in a day just by drinking one bottle. You can lose more than ten pounds. Look at our bodies, Secretary Lin. How slim they are now! You remember that we used to be fat with beer bellies, right?” Liu Dajun said.

“Right! And also the aphrodisiac potion, it’s super effective!” President Biao shouted.

Secretary Lin was thrilled. “That’s wonderful! These are all business opportunities. If we can produce these on a large scale, they can be the main exports of Westridge District.”

Secretary Lin’s face was glowing as if he could see the bright future that will be brought to the district.

“Have you thought of that, Lil Tang? I will give you all my support if you decide to do it. The paperwork will not be a problem.”

Everyone around the banquet table looked expectantly at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao looked contemplative.

He had thought of expanding the business before. However, to produce the potions on a large scale, there were problems in both the supply of medicinal herbs and the production of the potions.

The biggest problem was that the supply of raw ingredients could not meet the demands of large-scale production.

Secondly, he needed to instill qi into every single herb before it was processed so that its potency can be fully unleashed. There was only one of him, and therefore he could not duplicate this method in a production plant.

If this step was skipped, the potions produced would not have such amazing effects.

With his foray into the art of talisman-making recently, he might have a solution to the problem of production. The remaining problem was the supply.

The most direct way to solve this problem was to acquire a piece of land and plant his own medicinal herbs.

Tang Hao thought through the issue and replied, “Secretary Lin, there are still some difficulties with producing the potions at a large scale. The biggest one is the supply of medicinal herbs, but I was thinking of solving that by planting the herbs myself. Perhaps we can acquire a plot of land as a plantation for medicinal herbs.”

“A plantation… Alright! Let me know when you have found a suitable piece of land and I will take care of the rest,” Secretary Lin said.

Liu Dajun and the others were piqued by this.

Back then when they brought up the idea, Tang Hao had immediately declined it. This time, he said that he could prepare a plantation first. This also meant an opportunity for them.

“Do you have any idea where to set up your plantation already, Lil Tang?” Liu Dajun asked.

“I haven’t! It’s crucial to find the perfect plot of land for a plantation. I’ll let you all know when I’ve found the ideal place.”

“No problem. You can look for us if you need any help!” Liu Dajun slapped his chest and proclaimed gregariously.

The banquet lasted for a few hours.

After saying goodbye to Secretary Lin and the others, Tang Hao walked with Qin Xiangyi to the parking lot.

“Can I stay at your house tonight, Lil Tang?” Qin Xiangyi suddenly asked.

Tang Hao was surprised. He remembered that Chen Sandao was still on the run, and it was not safe for Sis Xiangyi to be home alone.


Qin Xiangyi covered her mouth and smiled. “That means I get to see your new house too! Oh, I’ve got to pack a few things from my house first.”

Tang Hao sat into her car, and both of them arrived at Azure Sky Gardens.

Soon, Tang Hao realized what she meant by “a few things”.

He watched slack-jawed as Sis Xiangyi carried bags upon bags of clothes and other accessories from her house.

To Tang Hao, this was almost like moving house.

“Sis Xiangyi, you…”

“What about it? I need all this! I’m not only going to stay for one day! As long as Chen Sandao isn’t caught yet, it’s not safe staying here. I feel a lot safer staying with you.”

Qin Xiangyi smiled blithely. Amid that blithe smile was a hint of cheekiness.

Tang Hao was stunned. He blushed.

‘Does this mean that I’ll be living with Sis Xiangyi for the next few days?’

His eyes swept over her voluptuous body and slender legs. He could feel something heat up within him.