Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao almost did not sleep that night. He ran into the mountain to test his strength.

After imbibing the Liquid of Spiritual Condensation, his body had undergone a total transformation. His speed, strength, and reflexes were far superior to a normal person.

Before this, his body was weak, and he could not even win a fight against a hooligan. Now, he could knock out one in a single punch.

He toiled for half the night in the mountain, then returned home to concoct the two other types of potions.

After a short nap, he left for work early in the morning.

Uncle Li could not stop peering at his face that morning, as if he did not recognize his worker.

“Hey, Lil Tang! Why do I feel that you’ve become stronger? And… is your skin fairer? It’s like you’ve stepped into someone else’s body,” Uncle Li said, puzzled.

He then walked toward Tang Hao and pinched his shoulder.

“Uncle Li, you might be mistaken! I don’t feel any difference.” Tang Hao pretended to be unaware of the change.

Uncle Li continued to peer at Tang Hao, then shook his head and mumbled, “Looks like I’ve mistaken. Sigh! These old eyes aren’t doing me any good these days.”

Tang Hao simply smiled. He loaded the packages into his ride and headed to Azure Sky Gardens.

President Biao was also shocked when he saw him as if he had seen a ghost.

“You’re… You’re Lil Tang? Did I remember wrong? Why do I feel that your skin is much fairer? You look different.” President Biao was confused too.

Tang Hao smiled and retrieved a big plastic bag from his three-wheeled motorcycle. He passed it to President Biao. “Bro Biao, here’s what I have left. Sixteen bottles in total.”

President Biao’s eyes shone and hastily grabbed the plastic bag. He looked into the bag and showed a face of delight.

“This is great! Lil Tang, thank you so much!” President Biao was over the moon. He held on to Tang Hao’s hands tightly.

“Sixteen bottles at six thousand yuan each. That’s ninety-six thousand. I’ll round it up to a hundred thousand. Lil Tang, do you want cash or should I transfer it to your account?” President Biao asked.

“Cash is fine!” Tang Hao answered after thinking about it for a short while.

The hundred thousand yuan would be used up very fast at the medicinal herb market. It was a lot more convenient to have cash on hand.

“Alright, wait a moment!”

President Biao went back into his house with the bag. When he emerged, he handed a black briefcase to Tang Hao.

He opened the briefcase and looked inside. Ten stacks of fresh banknotes. He was dazzled by the bright redness. His breathing became a little faster. He had never seen so much money before.

He inhaled deeply to regain his composure.

“Thank you, Bro Biao!”

“Eh! What do you mean, I should be the one thanking you! Remember, if you have more in the future, just send them over.” President Biao excitedly clapped Tang Hao’s shoulders.

“You bet I got that. Oh! Right, Bro Biao, I’ve brought something else as well. I wonder if you’re interested?” Tang Hao said.

“Oh? What’s that?” President Biao’s interest was piqued.

Tang Hao opened his backpack and retrieved a small bottle from within.

He coughed lightly, then lowered his voice and spoke mysteriously, “Bro Biao, this thing… can strengthen your manhood.”

President Biao’s eyes sparkled, then smiled obscenely. He huddled close to Tang Hao and asked in a low voice, “Really?”

He was not ready to believe him, though he was still excited all the same.

Middle-aged men already past their prime could not perform in bed as they used to. This was a miracle potion only found in his dreams.

“Of course, also it’s all-natural without side effects. I can guarantee that you’ll be full of energy after you drink it.”

President Biao could not hold back his excitement. Tang Hao’s weight-loss potion had convinced him that this potion would be equally as potent too.

His eyes almost shot beams of green light when he saw the bottle in Tang Hao’s hand. “Quick! Let me try!”

“Now?” Tang Hao was puzzled.

“Of course!” President Biao’s face turned red. He snatched the bottle, opened the cap and poured the contents into his mouth.

“Ah! Wait…” Tang Hao was too late in stopping him.

He was flustered after seeing President Biao drink half the bottle in one gulp. “It’s over!” he shouted.

“What’s over?” President Biao asked nervously.

Tang Hao snatched the bottle back. “Bro Biao, I forgot to tell you, this potion is very potent. You only need to take a few sips each time. Now that you’ve drunk half a bottle in one gulp, I can only offer my condolences.”

President Biao stared at him in puzzlement. A while later, his face changed and he cupped his hands over his crotch.

“Wait here, Lil Tang.”

President Biao rushed into the house as if his butt was on fire. Following that was a shriek. “Why are you in such a hurry, you wretch?”

Tang Hao was speechless standing outside the house. Even after covering his ears, he could still hear the happenings in the house because of his newly heightened senses.

He waited for a long while but did not see President Biao emerge from the house. He hopped onto his three-wheeled motorcycle to continue with his deliveries.

He returned to President’s Biao’s house an hour later.

President Biao was leaning against the wall. His legs were weak and his face looked dehydrated, but he was in high spirits.

“Lil… Lil Tang! Oh! That… that was a miracle! I, Bro Biao, had never been such a beast in bed!” He stuttered.

“Take it easy, Bro Biao,” Tang Hao said with a smile.

“I know, I know! Lil Tang, your potions are incredible! Do you still have any more? I’ll buy all of them! Twenty thousand a bottle.” President Biao proclaimed while slapping his chest.

“Just take this one first, I’ll give you some more tomorrow,” Tang Hao handed the half bottle over.

President Biao took the bottle from his hands. He went into the house again and emerged with another two stacks of banknotes.

“Thank you, Bro Biao! I also have something else for you. It’s a beauty cream for the missus.” Tang Hao produced a small metal box from his backpack. Inside was his beauty enhancement concoction.

He had concocted the beauty enhancement medicinal herbs into a cream for external use. It could whiten the complexion and remove any blemishes, rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin.

“Great!” President Biao hurriedly took the box from him.

After his deliveries, Tang Hao clutched the one hundred and twenty thousand yuan in his hand and bought more portions of ingredients for the Liquid of Spiritual Condensation. That used up more than half of the money.

He bought more ingredients to concoct weight loss and aphrodisiac potions and beauty enhancement creams. His backpack was bulging.

‘The weight loss potion is perfect. As for the aphrodisiac… I’ll need to dilute it more, otherwise, it would backfire on the drinker. As for the beauty cream, I still don’t know its effectiveness.’ Tang Hao pondered.

The beauty cream was different from the weight loss and aphrodisiac potions. It was to be applied externally. He realized that women had different skin types and therefore he needed a bigger sample size.

He did not have many female friends though.

‘This is a tricky problem indeed! Where am I going to find that many women to try my cream?’

Tang Hao thought as he sped on the roads on his little three-wheeled motorcycle. Suddenly, his eyes caught a flashing signboard in the distance.

“Paradise Bathhouse…”

Tang Hao parked in front of the building. Looking from the outside, the interior was bathed in a warm red glow. The atmosphere was intimate.

He hesitated at the entrance for a while, wondering if there was some shady business going on inside. His heart was thumping hard.

‘Should I go in and take a look?’

His heart thumped even harder.

He hesitated at the entrance for a long while more before he said to himself, “Never mind, I shouldn’t go in. It’ll be too awkward.”

At this moment, two women emerged from within. They were dressed skimpily and wore heavy makeup.

They saw Tang Hao standing outside and their eyes sparkled.

This boy may be plainly dressed, but he had a fit body and a handsome face. There was an inexplicable aura around him.

“Hey, handsome! Come in and play with us!”

They waved at Tang Hao and winked at him. One of them even walked toward him, grabbed his hand and pulled him inside.

“Ah! It’s, it’s fine,” Tang Hao’s face was bright red. His head was shaking like a baby’s rattle.

“Oh, don’t be shy! You’re so cute when you are shy.” The woman winked again at him as she continued pulling him into the building.

“Eh! I’m not… I… I’m here to market something!” Tang Hao shouted.

“A salesman? Great! Then you should come in.”

The other woman grabbed hold of Tang Hao’s other hand.

Tang Hao’s face was red like a ripe apple. His body was stiff and out of his control.

“What are you selling, handsome?” The woman on his left chuckled.

“Oh! Some beauty enhancement products. Cosmetics,” Tang Hao said, “It’s free to try.”

“Free? Then I’ll have to take some for myself later,” the woman chuckled.

They entered the building as they spoke. They had not walked too far before they heard screeching brakes coming from outside the building. Following that was a flurry of footsteps that barged in through the door.

“Don’t move! On the floor, now!”