Chapter 52

Chapter 52 of 100 chapters

Shi Xuefeng, sitting in the wheelchair, looked at the contract and painfully closed his eyes.

This was all his fault. If he had not gone into the mountain that day, or if he had not met with that accident, none of this would have happened.

His family was in shambles because of the accident. His wife and daughter were also burdened.

Because of him, Shi Yan’er had quit school. He would not allow any more harm to come to her.

“We will not sign this contract. Shi Yan’er is our daughter. We cannot have her marry someone like you,” Shi Xuefeng opened his eyes and said angrily.

“I will gather the one hundred and fifty thousand yuan as soon as I can and return the full amount to you. If you want to force my hand now and insist on marrying my daughter, I would rather die together with you right now.”

After that, he pulled out a kitchen knife from behind him.

Hu Dahai trembled when he saw that and took a step back. “What… What do you think you’re doing? Let me tell you, don’t be rash, it’s against the law to point a knife at someone.”

“Illegal? I don’t even want my life!” Shi Xuefeng’s eyes bulged, displaying a hint of insanity.

“Don’t… don’t…” Hu Dahai retreated hastily behind the two police officers. “See that? He’s threatening me with a knife in broad daylight.”

One of the police officers frowned and stubbed out his cigarette. “Put the knife down now, Shi Xuefeng, otherwise I’ll arrest you and lock you up for a few days.”

“You can ask him to get lost! I’m not putting the knife down as long as he is still here!” Shi Xuefeng roared madly.

Zhang Hongfang could not bear to see all this. She covered her face with her hands, then crouched and started sobbing.

The crowd of villagers were furious.

“Hu Dahai, get out of Dragonrock Village!” Many villagers were yelling.

Hu Dahai was instantly filled with anger. “Who said that? Who’s telling me to get out? Come out here now!”Behind him, the group of hooligans glared with hostility in all directions.

The commotion weakened after this threat.

Nobody dared to stand against a tyrant like Hu Dahai!

“Pa! Ma!”

Yan’er had finally reached. She pushed through the crowd and arrived at the scene.

She rushed over to Shi Xuefeng, snatched the knife from his hands and flung it aside. “Pa, what are you doing!”

“It’s all my fault, daughter!”

Shi Xuefeng could not hold back his tears. His body trembled as tears streamed down his face.

“Oh, Yan’er is here! Be a good girl, Yan’er, and sign the contract! Your debt will be written off after you sign it. You’ll be my wife after that.” Hu Dahai walked to her and smiled courteously.

“I might be uneducated, but I know how to treat you well! I won’t mistreat you if you’re my woman. I’ll buy you anything you want: Rings, necklaces, brand name handbags, anything!”

Hu Dahai’s shifty eyes had a hint of perversion in them. His Adam’s apple rolled in his throat as he swallowed.

“Don’t listen to him, Yan’er!” Shi Xuefeng said angrily, “No matter how downtrodden I might be, I will not pawn my daughter away! Just give it up, Hu Dahai!”

“Pah! Damn cripple, it’s Yan’er’s business if she wants to follow me or not. What can do you about it, you useless father?” Hu Dahai laughed coldly.

Yan’er stood on the spot. Her face was pale.

She was trembling slightly. She turned around to look behind her. Her eyes were empty and lifeless.

There was no other choice. If she did not sign the contract, what could her family do? One hundred and fifty thousand yuan was a fortune for their family.

She closed her eyes in agony. When she opened them again, she seemed to have made up her mind. With trembling hands, she reached for the contract.

Hu Dahai looked almost ecstatic at that instant.

Everything would fall into place as long as Yan’er agreed. His body was shaking with excitement when he imagined this masterpiece of a woman would soon belong to him.

Meanwhile, Shi Xuefeng’s eyes were bulging in rage and his body shook with anger.

“Yan’er! Don’t sign it!” Suddenly, someone yelled from the crowd.

Yan’er was stunned. Her hand froze in place.

Hu Dahai was furious. “Which bastard said that? Come out here now!”

A plain-looking boy in a white button-down shirt came out from the crowd.

“Dammit, who the hell are you? Are you trying to be a hero? I’ll kill you!” Hu Dahai roared.

The crowd of villagers looked at him with curiosity.

“Who’s this? I’ve never seen him before…”

“Oh, I remember now! He’s Lil Hao, Caifeng’s son and Grandpa Jianyun’s grandson.”

“Oh, so that’s him! I know the kid!”

“Brother Hao!” Shi Yan’er called out to him. She was at a loss.

“Don’t sign that thing, Yan’er. Don’t worry too, I will help you solve the problem!” Tang Hao smiled as he walked toward Shi Yan’er.

He turned to look coldly at Hu Dahai.

He looked at the ugly, fat person in front of him with disgust. “It’s just a hundred and fifty thousand, right? I’ll pay for it!”

Everyone cried in surprise when they heard that.

“Where did Lil Hao get that much money from?”

“I’ve heard that he was kicked out of school and delivers packages for a living now. How could he have that much money?”

Shi Xuefeng was shocked. He looked at Tang Hao and shook his head.

He knew that the boy did not come from a rich family and had no means to procure a hundred and fifty thousand yuan. However, he was moved by the boy’s gesture of defiance.

Hu Dahai was worried that the kid might actually have the money to repay the debt. Then he would have no excuse to make the family’s life difficult, and the chance to claim the beautiful girl as his would be gone forever.

He was relieved when he overheard the conversation about this kid being just a poor delivery boy.

He laughed mockingly. “You’re just a delivery boy, where will you get the hundred and fifty thousand yuan from? Hmph! You’re just a country bumpkin and you want to play the hero? How about you get lost now?”

“It’s just a hundred and fifty thousand. You’ll get your money soon, Boss Hu,” Tang Hao replied coldly.

“Hah! You speak as though you really have the money! I wonder where a poor piece of trash like you will get the money from!” Hu Dahai roared with laughter.

“You will see very soon if I have the money,” Tang Hao remained calm.

Hu Dahai was shocked at his apparent composure. ‘Don’t tell me he really has the money?’ He thought.

Yan’er rushed to him and said urgently, “I can’t take this money from you, Brother Hao! This is the money you need to start your business! What will you do if you don’t have the money?”

“Don’t worry, Yan’er!” Tang Hao comforted her.

“But…” Yan’er was on the verge of tears.

“Oh! This Lil Hao is loaded!”

“Didn’t you hear, it’s the money to start his business!”

“No wonder. But where did he earn that much money though?”

The villagers were discussing.

Hu Dahai was becoming anxious. Things were not looking positive.

He clenched his jaw and a look of viciousness appeared on his face. “Mind your own business, kid. Didn’t you hear that they don’t want your money? Careful if I break your legs.”

Then, he indicated a signal to his left and right.

The hooligans understood his meaning. They laughed coldly as they surrounded Tang Hao.