Chapter 58

Chapter 58 of 100 chapters

It was already eight or nine o’clock in the morning when he returned to the village.

The village entrance was bustling with activity when he returned. A fleet of cars was entering Dragonrock Village in a single file.

The cars in front were all luxury cars. Tang Hao recognized that those cars belong to Liu Dajun, President Li and the other bosses. He did not recognize those cars behind.

One by one, the cars parked in the empty land near the village entrance and quickly filled up the place.

The entire village was brimming with excitement. Many villagers came out of their houses to see.

Shi Xuenong, the village elder, brought Uncle and the other members of the village council to greet them.

When Tang Hao went there, a group of people came to greet him.

Liu Dajun, President Biao and the others were the first to greet him. Then, it was the village elder and Uncle. Finally, a group of people led by a middle-aged man came to him.

“Oh ho! It’s great to meet you, Little Brother Tang! My name is Wu Bin, the mayor of Jade Town. I am sorry for what happened yesterday, and I’m here to apologize on behalf of the Jade Town Police Force.” Mayor Wu shook Tang Hao’s hand eagerly.

“Nice to meet you too, Mayor Wu!” Tang Hao smiled.

“I’ve heard that you want to set up a plantation here. This is a very good idea. Dragonrock Village boasts an excellent scenery with unpolluted nature and is the perfect place for cultivating medicinal herbs.

“The town council is all in favor of your proposal. Secretary Lin has also called me earlier to take good care of you. Don’t worry, you have all the support from the town council. Just let us know if you need anything.” Mayor Wu said excitedly.

“Thank you so much, Mayor Wu!” Tang Hao said gratefully.

“Haha, don’t mention it! We are honored to have such a young, talented individual like you to establish your business in Jade Town!” Mayor Wu laughed.

Liu Dajun came over. “Lil Tang, I’ve brought some people with me to make some measurements at the location. I’ve also brought the roadworks people with me to give some estimates.”

The people chatted as they walked toward the village council office, then they went to survey the location.

Tang Hao was finally free in the afternoon. He paid another visit to his maternal grandparents and Yan’er’s house before returning to town on his little three-wheeled motorcycle.

Once in town, he called Sis Xiangyi on his phone and had dinner together.

Back in his mansion, he retrieved the stalk of lingzhi from the pocket dimension and started concocting Liquid of Spiritual Condensation.

He held the ingredients in his palm one by one and activated their potency, then threw them into the mixing bowl. He sliced up the lingzhi and put it in the mixing bowl too. Only then he started pounding the ingredients with a pestle.

He had done this countless times and was extremely familiar with the motions.

In less than twenty minutes, the fragrance of medicinal herbs permeated the room.

“That’s centuries-old lingzhi for you. It even smells different!” Tang Hao exclaimed.

All the lingzhi he had used before were only decades old. There was no comparison to this centuries-old lingzhi.

Tang Hao stopped pounding a short while later. He tilted the mixing bowl and poured out a bowlful of golden liquid.

The liquid was slightly sticky and the color was more vivid than before. It emanated a pungent fragrance.

Unquestionably, this portion of liquid was tens of times more potent than the Liquid of Spiritual Condensation he used to make. Tang Hao dared not drink the entire portion in one sitting but instead drank half a bowl first.

Then, he sat cross-legged and started absorbing the liquid.

He only finished absorbing the entire down liquid after four or five hours. The qi in his body had increased greatly and he was close to the middle period of his current State.

“I might as well hit the middle period right now!”

Tang Hao retrieved the spirit stone that was the size of a marble and started absorbing it.

An hour later, Tang Hao’s body trembled and he opened his eyes.

In the darkness, his black irides shone like stars in the sky. He could feel that his body continued to transform as his cultivation reached the middle period. His corporeal body felt a lot stronger.

More importantly, he could feel the increased amount of qi in his body. He was already ready to practice sorcery.

“What should I study first?”

Many low-level sorcery spells were available to him. He thought about the matter for a moment, then settled on studying a spell called ‘Levitation’.

The Levitation spell was about floating in the air and riding along wind currents so that one could fly in the sky.

It was the dream of many to fly freely in the sky like birds. The same was for Tang Hao. That was why he picked this spell as the first in his repertoire.

He had already memorized all the words of the chant and also mastered the hand gestures required for the spell.

He sat cross-legged on the floor and chanted the words to the spell. His hands shifted as fast as lightning to perform the gestures. Soon, he could feel a gust of wind blowing past his body.

With another thought, he sent the gust of wind forth. The curtains danced.

Tang Hao familiarized himself with the spell by performing it a few more times. His control over wind was getting better and better.

Soon, he had mastered the Levitation spell. He could get the wind to lift him and spin rounds in the air.

After that, he left Celestial Foothill Gardens and ran toward a nearby mountain, then jumped off a cliff.

At the moment his feet left the ground, he leisurely performed the hand gestures. A gust of wind rose instantly and lifted him.

“Haha! I can fly! I can fly!” Tang Hao was ecstatic. He spun a few rounds in the air.

Above him was the boundless sky. Below him was the vast land and the brightly-lit city.

The feeling of flying freely in the sky had made him ecstatic.

He flew toward the city at full speed and landed on top of a skyscraper. He felt carefree looking at the city below him. He wanted to scream with joy.

He pushed his feet and, with a mighty leap, rode the wind to the rooftop of another skyscraper about a hundred meters away.

Then, he started hopping from the rooftop of a building to another.

At this time, in an apartment not too far away, a fat person opened the door to his balcony to collect the laundry.

He was a little sleepy and yawned repeatedly.

He lifted his head and noticed that not too far away, a silhouette flew past his eyes.

He was surprised, and mumbled, “F*ck me. Why is there such a big bird… Oh? It looks like a person? Haha, I must have been playing video games for too long. My eyes are playing tricks on me already.”

He rubbed his eyes then looked again.

He then became wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

The laundry in his hands fell on the floor.

“Oh my god! What the hell is that? This is the sixteenth floor!” He yelled, “Monster? Alien? Or Superman?”

He was in a daze for a few seconds, then he dashed into the house. “Hey darling, come out and look at Superman!”

Of course, Tang Hao heard all that. He nearly burst out laughing.

He did not want to raise a commotion, so he flew back to Celestial Foothill and back to his mansion.

It was already one or two o’clock in the morning by then.

Tang Hao concocted a few more bottles of potions, then studied some talisman-making before he went to bed.