Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of 100 chapters

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Prostitution crackdown. These two words smacked Tang Hao on the head like a mallet. He felt a little dizzy.

‘Sh*t. Are they going to arrest me too?’

Tang Hao was nervous. He was about to turn around and head straight out when a group of police officers rushed in through the front door and descended upon the occupants of the building like a pack of wolves.

The two women next to him screamed in panic.

“Crouch on the floor now! Do you hear me?” The police officers ordered fiercely as they pointed at the three people.

“Officer, um… this is none of my business. I’m not here for the girls,” Tang Hao said weakly as he sheepishly raised an arm.

“Hah! You’re already here. Why else would you be in here if not for prostitution? Oh, and you’re looking for a threesome too! You look young, but you’re already such a player!” A police officer sneered at him. “I’ll tell you that I’ve caught many others who said the same thing. Crouch down now, do you hear me?”

“Officer, I’m really innocent,” Tang Hao argued.

“Down! Now!” The police officer sprang at Tang Hao and pinned him on the floor.

Tang Hao felt anger surge within him. He instinctively wanted to fight back, though he restrained himself in the nick of time. Attacking a police officer was a bigger offense.

He swallowed his pride and crouched on the floor. He was extremely frustrated.

“I’m so sorry!” The two women apologized to him.

“Oh! Why am I so unlucky?” Tang Hao sighed helplessly.

He thought it was all over for him. There was no way he could prove his innocence.

The police officers raided the rest of the building. Screams of surprise and panic were heard everywhere. It was chaotic. Some people dashed out of the rooms without wearing any clothes. They were pinned down by the police on the floor.

“The more you know…” Tang Hao mumbled as he looked inside.

He heard another set of footsteps coming from outside. He turned around to see who it was and the sight made him gawk.

A female police officer came in from the foyer. She had a delicate, round face with a sharp chin. her eyebrows were like brush strokes and her lips were alluring. Her beauty touched his soul.

Her skin was white as snow or like mutton fat jade1. Her long, straight hair was untied and swayed gently as she walked.

Her curvaceous body was explosively sexy. Her legs were long and slender and caught the eyes of every hot-blooded male.

The standard police uniform on her looked fashionable and even attractive.

Tang Hao was not the only one staring at her as she walked through the door. Even the johns that were crouching in the corridor could not take their eyes away from her. Their mouths were agape, and they drooled uncontrollably.

“F*ck! This is a masterpiece!”

“I’ll be satisfied for the next ten years if I get to fondle those legs!”

A few johns catcalled her. Their drool formed a puddle on the floor.

The female police officer furrowed her brows and displayed a look of disgust. “All of you are scum, trash!” She squinted slightly as her eyes scanned across the group of men crouched on the floor. She paused her gaze on Tang Hao.

Her umber brows were locked even tighter. “What are kids learning these days? Becoming human scum at such a young age.”


Tang Hao felt that he was wrongly accused. He had not done anything perverse but was treated as a sex maniac. “I haven’t done anything. I’m just a salesman.”

“Hmph, don’t think I’ll believe you,” the female police officer sneered, “Stay down there and don’t move!”

The female police officer continued walking toward the interior of the building. Catcalls and whistles were heard continuously.

Soon, the interior became silent. A group of police officers escorted a group of people toward the exit.

“Get up and start walking!” One police officer yelled at the group of people including Tang Hao.

“Officer, I…” Tang Hao stood up and tried to explain himself.

“Shut up. If you have anything to say, you can make a statement back at the station,” the police officer said in a fierce tone, “Move. Now.”

Tang Hao had no choice but to obediently follow the group toward the exit.

The female police officer caught up with the group as they neared the exit. She stood at the door, her expression as cold as a glacier.

This did not dampen the spirits of the group of johns. Their eager eyes gawked upon the officer’s curvaceous body as they made animal noises.

“What are you doing!”

The group of police officers was impatient and forcefully shoved the group out of the door.

Tang Hao was pushed along by the crowd. He stole a few glances at the female police officer.

She noticed that Tang Hao was looking at her, and glared fiercely at him.

Tang Hao did not think that the female police officer’s glare was intimidating, rather he felt pleased with it. It was a different feeling than the other times he was looked down upon.

Tang Hao tightened his lips and averted his eyes.

Just then, he noticed at the corner of his eye that a man broke free from the crowd and rushed toward the female police officer. In his hand was a box cutter.

Everyone was shocked by the abrupt attack, even the police officers did not react in time. Cracking down a prostitution ring had always been an easy task, and they had not expected to encounter a violent criminal.

They were not more than two meters apart. The female police officer was shocked and stood on the spot, all color gone from her face.

The man was already up to the female police officer’s face.

Without a second thought, Tang Hao instinctively dashed forward and hugged the police officer. Both of them fell on the floor.

He instantly felt warmth and fragrance in his embrace. The body that he was hugging was soft as if she had no bones. Her aroma plucked his heartstrings.

His eyes happened to meet with hers. They were profound, clear, and enchanting, like gemstones.

They were stunned for a while as they locked eyes.

The next moment, a look of shame and anger appeared on her charming face.

“Ah! I’m so sorry!” Tang Hao cried as his face flushed bright red. As he struggled to get up, his hand slipped and groped onto something soft.

“What’s this?” Tang Hao reflexively gave it a pinch.

The female police officer’s eyes grew big and round as if they could spit fire.

Tang Hao realized the mistake he made. His body stiffened and his face was red as a ripe apple. “I… I didn’t mean to…” he spoke timidly.

The female police officer gritted his teeth and shot daggers from her eyes. Before she could say anything, the man rushed onto her with the box cutter.

“Go away!”

She flipped Tang Hao aside and kicked the box cutter out of the man’s hand.

“Nab him!”

The other police officers came to their senses and piled on the man. They finally subdued him and cuffed him up.

Tang Hao stood up, still a little dazed. The scene earlier happened like a dream.

He looked at his left hand, then at the female police officer.

She glared at him again and chided, “Despicable, shameless!”

Tang Hao felt like he was wrongly accused. He had saved her life, and furthermore, he did not mean to grope. How was he being despicable and shameless?

‘The injustice!’ Tang Hao sighed again and became more frustrated.

“Walk faster!” The police officer at the front of the crowd yelled.

Tang Hao was escorted into a police car which then drove toward the police station.