Chapter 61 - Haunted House

Chapter 61 of 100 chapters

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The next morning, Liu Dajun came to pick up Tang Hao.

Tang Hao saw the master in a cafe.

The master’s surname was Wu, and his first name was Qifeng. He was around fifty years old and carried himself with the bearing of a scholar. This left Tang Hao with a very good first impression.

“Boss Liu!” Wu Qifeng stood up and shook Liu Dajun’s hand.

“This must be… This must be Lil Bro Tang!” He shifted his gaze to Tang Hao and extended a welcoming hand.

After their handshake, Wu Qifeng said in anticipation, “Lil Bro, hurry up and show me.”

Tang Hao placed the bag in his hand onto the ground and gently unzipped it.

As he looked at it, Wu Qifeng’s eyes, which were completely focused on the package, widened. “Dear lord! Such a huge piece! Lil Bro, this is tremendous luck! This gigantic piece can sell for at least five hundred million in the current market!”

He continued after a pause, “That was a reserved estimate. Such exquisite pieces are diminishing in numbers and therefore, getting more and more expensive. I’ve not seen such an exquisite piece for a long time now.”

As he spoke, Wu Qifeng involuntarily rubbed his hands together in excitement.

“Master Wu, I place my trust in you!” Tang Hao responded respectfully.

“Alright! Don’t worry. I’ll definitely go all out in producing the perfect masterpiece with an exquisite piece like this,” said Wu Qifeng.

“Oh, by the way, Lil Bro Tang, your jade is huge, so it can be made into a lot of accessories. How many do you want to be crafted? What kind of accessory do you have in mind? Bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings?

“Also, are you customizing it for someone or otherwise?”

Tang Hao pondered and answered, “Customize it. I want whatever bracelets or necklaces that you can make. Might as well make a whole set. Oh, right, make Big Bro Liu a ring too.”

Hearing that, Liu Dajun chuckled, “Master Wu, make mine simple. It’ll be fine as long as it’s big enough.”

Wu Qifeng nodded and said, “Alright, I got it! Lil Bro, who are you customizing it for? Are there any pictures? To become the most perfect accessories, they have to complement the wearer’s appearance.”

Tang Hao rummaged through his phone and found a photo of Sis Xiangyi.

Wu Qifeng nodded thoughtfully after a long stare.

“Consider it done! I accept the challenge! Lil Bro Tang, I’ll come up with a few designs and then discuss this further. As for the jade, you should pass it to me then!

“I’m estimating that making a set of accessories won’t take up much time, and that there will be a lot of leftover jade,” said Wu Qifeng.

After that, the trio ordered coffee and started to chat happily.

Halfway through their chat, Tang Hao suddenly thought of something and said, “By the way, Master Wu, I have another small request. Can you craft another bracelet separately and set this bead inside it?”

As he said this, Tang Hao raised his right hand and tugged at his sleeve to reveal the blood-jade bracelet hidden underneath.


Wu Qifeng scrutinized it and sucked in a sudden cold breath.

“This… This… Is this a thousand-year blood jade?” He stood up agitatedly. Disbelief covered his face

“That’s right, this is a thousand-year blood jade. I want to take out one and turn it into another bracelet. What do you think, Master Wu?” Tang Hao said.

Nothing could enter Wu Qifeng’s head now, not even Tang Hao’s voice. His wide, beaming eyes locked onto the bracelet.

He paused for a long while before recomposing himself and sighing, “I didn’t expect to see two exquisite jade stones today—the glass-type imperial jade and the mysterious thousand-year blood jade. Both of them are invaluable treasures that all jade lovers dream to have.”

He looked at Tang Hao with a face that looked like it could burst into sobs at anytime.

“Lil Bro Tang, you’re no ordinary man!”

“You flatter me, Master Wu. I just got lucky,” said Tang Hao with a smile.

Wu Qifeng chuckled and appraised the bracelet for a while. His brows furrowed and he said, “Lil Bro Tang, there are twelve beads in this bracelet. Remove one, and it will be incomplete.”

“It’s fine!” Tang Hao replied.

With Chen Sandao constantly on the run, although he got Secretary Lin to arrange for a few police officers to watch over Sis Xiangyi, it was impossible to protect her twenty-four seven. There was always the possibility of him missing out on some crucial detail.

Even so, he could not keep protecting her this way. All of that protection would have to go away eventually.

Therefore, Tang Hao wanted to take out a bead from the blood jade bracelet and give it to Sis Xiangyi for protection.

This blood jade bead was both a defensive Artifact that could automatically protect the owner—it had its own spirituality—and could also expel evil spirits, hindering malevolent spirits from approaching the wearer.

“Alright, then! I’ll design another bracelet and set the jade bead into it.”

They continued chatting for a while before Qu Wifeng excused himself to prepare for his trip back to Shen City.

After sending him off, the two of them walked toward the car.

Suddenly, Liu Dajun’s cellphone rang.

“Hello!” Liu Dajun picked up the call.

In an instant, the expression on his face changed.

Tang Hao heard someone wailing at the other end of the phone, “Bro Liu, I’m doomed! Someone died in the villa!”

“What? What happened?”

“Bro Liu, I mentioned to you before about my suspicion that the villa is haunted. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but something happened the night before yesterday! The young couple who lived at the villa died.

“Also, their deaths were extremely horrifying! The husband hacked at the wife around ten times before hacking himself to death. There was so much blood! God, it’s horrible!”

With his forehead tightly creased, Liu Dajun replied, “Are you sure they were possessed and that this was not some psychotic incident?”

“Of course, I checked it out! I stayed there for a while yesterday night and heard unnatural sounds once midnight approached. I even saw the shadow of a ghost! I almost peed myself. Thankfully, I ran away fast. Otherwise, I’d have kicked the bucket.

“I’ve invited a Taoist priest over to exorcist this ghost. Do you want to come over, Bro Liu?”

“This…” Liu Dajun hesitated.

“Big Bro Liu, let’s go check it out!” Tang Hao butted in.

Tang Hao had some interest in ghosts and spirits. With his high cultivation base and good fortune, he could see things ordinary people normally could not—this was what people called the Third Eye.

Over the past few days, Tang Hao had already seen a few spirits when he cultivated sorcery at night.

However, since they were all harmless, Tang Hao did not get rid of them.

In truth, most spirits were usually harmless. It was the spirits filled with resentment that could cause harm.

“Why? Are you interested, Lil Tang?” Liu Dajun asked in a shocked voice.

“I’m slightly interested. I’m quite curious about how those Taoist priests exorcise ghosts,” replied Tang Hao. “Actually, I have some experience in exorcism myself, Big Bro Liu.”

Liu Dajun blinked and stared at Tang Hao blankly before saying, “You know about that too? Wait, no. Lil Tang, when did you learn how to exorcise ghosts?”

“Haven’t I told you before that I obtained a few medical books from the mountain last time out? Exorcism is recorded in one of those books,” said Tang Hao convincingly.

Liu Dajun’s expression was still blank as he stared at Tang Hao in disbelief.

“Let’s go, Big Bro Liu!”

Tang Hao got into the car first.

“That’s weird!” Liu Dajun scratched the back of his head confusedly. Then, he got into the car, started the engine, and sped off.