Chapter 63 - Taoist Master Submits

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

From the old well, the black smoke burst forth and took the form of a female ghost in a white dress.

Her unkempt black hair danced around wildly and covered most of her deathly pale face, revealing only a pair of terrifying, blood-red pupils.

She let out a high-pitched screech that threatened to deafen everyone nearby.

Then, the female ghost barred her fangs and claws as she leaped toward Taoist Master Chang Qing.

Suddenly, dark winds began to swirl around amidst the ghostly howls in the barren forest.

Liu Qiang hid behind a tree. When he saw the female ghost rushing at them, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fainted.

‘Damnit, useless shit!’ Liu Dajun cursed internally.

The expression on Taoist Master Chang Qing’s face changed. He sneered coldly, “You’ve got something up your sleeve! Unfortunately, you’re facing me! You lone beast, get ready to be banished!”

With a roar, his two fingers swished and flicked another yellow talisman, which landed on the female ghost. The yellow talisman exploded and burst into flames.

The female ghost’s figure turned sluggish for a second and she screamed.

“Damn beast, take one more of my talismans!” Taoist Master Chang Qing shouted again and sent another talisman over.

As the several talismans were continuously thrown, the female ghost screeched and screamed. She started to grow more furious and wilder.

“Shit, not dead yet?”

Taoist Master Chang Qing was taken aback. He could not stop himself from cursing.

Normally, the ghost would have been near death with the number of talismans he had thrown. Yet, it was clear that the female ghost before them was still alive and kicking.

“Damn, this old priest is going all out at you!”

Taoist Master Chang Qing started to feel nervous and gave a light cough. He snatched one of the calabashes at his waist, opened up the lid, and splashed some water at the female ghost.

“Taste my precious virgin boy urine!

“And taste my black dog’s blood!”

The Taoist master roared before opening another calabash.

Both virgin boy urine and black dog’s blood had certain restraining effects on spirits and ghosts.

Then, the Taoist master pulled out the peach wood sword strapped to his back and sliced one of his palms. Staining his peach wood sword with blood, he waved his sword at the female ghost.

It was a difficult fight.

Tang Hao could not help but nod discreetly at the old Taoist priest’s skills. He might not have a high cultivation base, but he was indeed a professional when it came to exorcism.

The fight went on for a while as the Taoist master slowly gained the upper hand. He rushed forward with his sword, and with a swing, his sword landed squarely on the female ghost.


She let out a pitiful screech. The female ghost took a lot of damage. Her figure suddenly blurred and transformed into wisps of smoke that dashed toward the old well.

“Don’t you dare run, monster!” Roared the Taoist priest as he chased after the ghost with his peach wood sword.

It was at this moment that a wave of blood-curdling screams came from the old well, as though innumerable spirits and ghosts were rushing out.

The Taoist master froze and blinked at the old well blankly. Black smoke billowed out and condensed to form more ghosts. They hovered in the air before charging at him with their fangs bared and claws out.

“D- Damnit!”

The Taoist master froze for a few seconds. His face turned as white as a sheet of paper.

He had no problem dealing one, but with so many ghosts out and about, how in the hell could he fight them all?!

Standing next to him, Liu Dajun’s face paled too as he realized that things had taken a turn for the worse. “Master, what should we do now?”

“What should we do? Run, of course!” Shouted the Taoist master as he swiftly turned around and ran.

Likewise, Liu Dajun lifted Liu Qiang from the ground and ran toward the villa.

As the two of them ran, they suddenly realized something was off. They turned around to see Tang Hao standing motionless as the horde of ghosts and spirits rushed toward him like a swarm of bees.

Seeing that scared the hell out of Liu Dajun. “Lil Tang, run!”

“Brat, what are you staying there for? Hurry up and run!” The Taoist master’s face turned green in terror.

He saw that Tang Hao was in danger, and there was no way he would let Tang Hao die without doing anything! However, if he tried to save Tang Hao, he himself might be sent to an early grave.

‘This stupid brat, you’re such an idiot!’ The Taoist master internally rained profanities at Tang Hao.

However, after a momentary struggle, he raised his peach wood sword and got ready to jump back into the horde to rescue Tang Hao.

Tang Hao faced the horde of angry spirits with an indifferent look on his face, his face devoid of fear. Instead, his lips cracked open to reveal a smile. He was obviously anticipating this.

This gesture sent the angry horde into a frenzy. The ghosts hissed and screamed as they leaped forward maniacally.

Watching them, the Taoist master’s entire body jerked. He growled, “No!”

With that many angry spirits coming at him, even he himself would have to leave the world in unresolved hatred, what more this brat.

“Sigh!” The Taoist master heaved a long sigh.

It was at this moment that the corner of Tang Hao’s brow twitched. As the angry horde neared him, Tang Hao slowly raised a finger as though he was sketching lightly, and then tapped the air.

Suddenly, a flash of light flickered at his fingertip and flooded the area in bright light.

With his finger extended, billowing gales and roaring thunder gushed out from the tip of his finger in all directions. The force was overwhelming.

The horde of angry ghosts stopped for a moment as though they had just seen the most terrifying thing in the world. They appeared to be in a state of panic. Then, they turned around frantically and scurried away in a rout.

Yet, it was too late.

Lightning blasted each of the angry ghosts apart, disintegrating them in the process.

With one flash after another, explosions akin to fireworks lit up around him. It was rather spectacular to witness.

In an instant, the horde of angry ghosts was annihilated, leaving the sole female ghost floating emotionlessly in the air near them.

The female ghost’s eyes widened on her white, emotionless canvas of a face.

Nearby, Taoist Master Chang Qing, Liu Dajun, and Liu Qiang all stood with the same dumbfounded expression on their face.

In an instant, the barren forest sank into a spine-chilling, deadly silence.

Then, the crisp sound of a slap rang out in the silence.

It was Taoist Master Chang Qing who had slapped himself in the face.

“Damnit, it hurts! ****** I’m not dreaming!”

Upon reaching this realization, he looked at the young man standing before him and instantly sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

This was a master of the arts! A real expert!

Taoist Master Chang Qing’s legs turned to jelly, so much so that he almost kneeled.

When he thought about how he had bragged about himself in front of a true expert whilst simultaneously teasing Tang Hao about not knowing anything about exorcism, Taoist Master Chang Qing felt like digging a hole in the ground to bury himself inside.

Embarrassing! It was too embarrassing!

Who was he, with his lowly Taoist attainment, before this superior person?

His thoughts trailed away once more. His Taoist attainment could not even compare to the level of a kid despite his ripe, old age. His heart ached so much that his tears threatened to fall.

Next to him, Liu Dajun went blank.

He only heard Tang Hao mention that he knew a little bit about exorcism. Yet, now that Liu Dajun had witnessed it with his own eyes, he began to question exactly which part of it resembled the work of a newbie. With one move, he eliminated so many ghosts instantaneously. He was incontestably overpowering!

“A master! He’s a goddamned master!” Liu Dajun slapped his thighs emotionally.

Suddenly, the female ghost recomposed herself and let out a screech as she attempted to escape.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Tang Hao harrumphed coldly and waved his hand to send out a burst of spiritual light at her. The light turned out to be a talisman. It slapped onto the female ghost and she exploded instantly, leaving only flashes of lightning.

The female ghost let out one last blood-curdling screech and disintegrated.

The Taoist master watched Tang Hao’s move and froze in confusion. He lamented in respect, “Such a powerful talisman! As expected of an expert like him!”

Tang Hao walked to the old well and glanced into it.

There were still some leftover ghost spirits that made it dark and ghastly. However, after giving it a scan, he confirmed that there were no ghosts left.


He clapped his hands, turned around, and walked back to the group.