Chapter 67 - Lecher! Pervert!

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

The entire team of criminal police was so stunned their mouths hung agape.

After pausing for a few seconds, their faces turned as white as a sheet. Their souls almost left their bodies as they let out horrified screams and scrambled in retreat.

Bang bang!

They fired some shots, but the bullets passed straight through the ghost without any resistance. Naturally, the ghost was unaffected.

The vicious ghost snarled and leaped toward Zhao Qingxue.

Zhao Qingxue retreated in a frenzy. Her pretty face was dangerously blanched as both of her hands gripped the gun, aimed it at the ghost, and fired continuously at it. However, it did not seem to have any effect on the ghost.

Her face grew paler than pale as the panic on her face grew more visible.

After firing a dozen shots, she ran out of bullets. She chucked the gun aside, turned around, and bolted. In her panic, she did not look where she was heading. Thus, she turned around and slammed directly into Tang Hao.

Tang Hao had placed all his attention on the ghost and he did not notice her running at him either. Therefore, she crashed head-on into his embrace.

A moment later, he looked down and blushed.

“Are you an idiot? What are you spacing out for? Run!” Zhao Qingxue lost all her composure, so she did not realize what Tang Hao was thinking. She gripped Tang Hao’s sleeve and was about to run away again.

However, Tang Hao let out a small cough. He recomposed himself and said, “Didn’t I already tell you that there was a ghost inside? Look at all of you. This is what happens when you don’t listen to me!”

“This isn’t the time for that! Are you nuts?!”

Zhao Qingxue almost lost it when she saw the fast approaching ghost lunge at them.

“Ahem! Don’t fret, don’t fret. It’s just a small ghost!” Commented Tang Hao nonchalantly.

Zhao Qingxue rolled her eyes. She could only view this man as a wacko—this was a ghost! A real ghost! Not some random cat or dog! What was all this talk about them being small or big?!

At that moment, Tang Hao raised his hand. With a snap of his finger, he sent a blast of magical light that struck the vicious ghost. A second later, the vicious ghost exploded into a blazing fire.

All of a sudden, the ghost had perished.

Zhao Qingxue was dumbstruck. Her gorgeous eyes widened and were completely glued on Tang Hao. It was as though she had just seen the world’s most unbelievable miracle.

“You… You…” Her delicate, rosy lips trembled as she stuttered, unable to speak.

“What about me?” Asked Tang Hao confusedly as he turned around.

Zhao Qingxue’s mouth was agape as disbelief filled her face.

Tang Hao had always been a peculiar character. He was initially nothing but a country bumpkin from a village in the mountains, yet, he knew Secretary Lin and a circle of rich merchant friends. He was even regarded as a divine doctor.

Now, what? He could expel spirits now too?!

Who was he, really? Could he be… a Taoist priest too?

“Fellow Cultivator Tang, wonderful! Wonderful! This talisman of yours is so powerful! Do you have more? Sell some to me, please!”

Taoist Master Chang Qing walked up at this moment and let out a hearty laugh.

“No need. I can give you some!” Tang Hao stretched out his arm and passed the Taoist master five jade talismans.

Taoist Master Chang Qing took the talismans and examined them closely in his palm. Excitedly, he crooned, “Jade talismans! These are actually jade talismans! Fellow Cultivator, you’re very resourceful!”

“Let’s go! Let’s get rid of that fellow as soon as possible!”

Tang Hao turned around and walked toward the house.

All of the criminal police were frozen on the spot as they stared blankly at the duo.

Tang Hao glanced at them and then at Captain Zhou, who had fainted on the ground. The corner of his lips curved into an involuntary smile. “The few of you here should just stay put!”

Then, he kicked open the door and marched into the house.

Once they passed through the main door, they found themselves in a wide courtyard. A man sat on a stool in the middle of the courtyard. His face was terrifyingly pale, and his lips were starting to turn black. It was a harrowing sight.

Black smoke wafted around his body—they were other malicious spirits.

“Heehee…” The man suddenly let out a creepy chuckle. “I didn’t expect to attract two at the same time. My attainment will improve so much once I steal both of your essences.”

“Pfft, I, Chang Qing’zi, is here! Submit yourself to me this instant, you vile spawn!” Roared the Taoist master.

The man sneered, “What a stubborn old bull of a priest. You’re ambitious alright, I’ll give you that. Now, die!” His eyes lit up a blood-red and all the ghosts around him roared madly as they lunged at the Taoist master.

“Hmph! Have a taste of my talisman!”

With a swing of his arm, the Taoist master threw a jade talisman at him.


The jade talisman exploded into a fiery blaze. The moment the ghosts came into contact with the fire, they instantly howled in pain and scrambled to escape in all directions.

The fire derived from the masculine yang was stored in this Blazing Sun Talisman. It was extremely effective against ghosts and spirits.

The man was slightly taken aback. Internally, he was surprised at the old Taoist priest who possessed quite a high level of attainment and such a powerful talisman. He would not be an easy target. Having said that, the brat next to him looked quite fresh. It did not seem like the brat brought anything with him into this fight either. Thus, he concluded that he should kill the brat first.

A split second later, he sprung into the air and dashed at Tang Hao with his claws bared.

The claw was as fast as lightning. Ghastly wisps glowed from the claws, emitting a spine-chilling dark aura.

Tang Hao’s sharp,

His sword-like eyebrows furrowed together as a sharp gleam flashed across his eyes. Instead of retreating, Tang Hao advanced and sent a palm flying forward.

In that instant, a surge of lightning appeared in Tang Hao’s palm as he threw himself forward.


The man screeched as Tang Hao’s palm struck him squarely in the chest, sending him crashing to the ground.

He was utterly dumbstruck!

This was obviously sorcery at work! How old was this stupid brat to know sorcery? Additionally, did he just use lightning-type sorcery? This was not right at all!

After a closer inspection, the man jerked in realization and almost let out a string of profanities.

This was no young man; this was obviously a seasoned monster with cultivation so profound that even he could not determine his level.

“Damnit, I’ve met a powerful opponent!”

The man cursed internally as he sprung up violently with his new afro hairstyle and started to retreat.

“Wanna run?”

With a sneer, Tang Hao swung his arm and sent fired jade talisman at the man.


The jade talisman blew up again and sent the fellow crashing heavily to the ground from the impact.

Tang Hao knew from the start that the possessed man had long died from having his essence sucked dry. Thus, he was no more than a walking dead body. Therefore, Tang Hao would have no reservations at all about delivering justice.

Tang Hao continuously swung his arms to shoot more jade talismans at the man.

Boom boom!

The man’s body blew up. Black smoke spewed into the air and frantically billowed toward the door.


The expression on Tang Hao’s face changed instantly. He stomped his foot on the ground and rushed behind it.

The black smoke burst through the main door and stirred up a great deal of murderous aura, sending the group of criminal police into a panic.

Bang bang!

A few more gunshots were heard.

“You’re staying with me!”

Tang Hao darted out of the house and threw another jade talisman at the black smoke.

After it was hurt by blast, the black smoke dissipated significantly and started to thin. Knowing that escaping was no longer viable, the black smoke swirled around suddenly and lunged at Zhao Qingxue.

Zhao Qingxue retreated in panic, but the black smoke reached her first.

Her body froze abruptly as the expression on her face immediately transformed into a peculiarly seductive one.

Facing Tang Hao, who was running toward her, she threw him an enticing glance and raised her delicate hands to her chest. She looked like she was about to unbutton her shirt.

All of the criminal police in the area watched her with noses that threatened to start bleeding at any moment.

“Whoa! This is too much!” Said one of the criminal police officers as his eyes widened to stare at her, unable to peel his gaze away. As he spoke, he raised a hand to wipe the blood from his nose.

Even Tang Hao felt torn at the situation. However, he mostly just felt weird about it.

After all, it was not Zhao Qingxue, but a man who was making all these movements.

She continued to pose in an alluring manner before suddenly, her hands reached for the gun at her waist and aimed it at Tang Hao.

She pulled the trigger but only clicking sounds were heard.

“Dumbass! It ran out of bullets a long while ago!” Tang Hao rolled his eyes and flitted forward. With a finger extended, Tang Hao hit her in the spot between her eyebrows.

Zhao Qingxue made a sudden jerk as black smoke sprung into the air from her body.

At this moment, the Taoist master who rushed out from the house let out a harsh roar and sent a jade talisman flying, blasting the black smoke into oblivion.

A small moan escaped Zhao Qingxue’s lips. As strength escaped her body and she threatened to fall, Tang Hao reached out and caught her in his embrace.

As her consciousness slowly returned, she was shocked to see Tang Hao’s face dangerously close to hers. Then, she looked down at herself and screamed.

“Lecher! Pervert! Die!”

As she screamed, she covered her breasts with one hand and swung another flying at Tang Hao.


A crisp slap rang through the air.