Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of 100 chapters

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In the interrogation room, Tang Hao sat up straight.

In front of him were two police officers. One of them was the beautiful lady.

The expression on her face was freezing. The gaze with which she looked at Tang Hao even had a hint of killing intent.

“What is your name?” The young male police officer sitting on the left asked.

“Tang Hao!”

“How old are you, and where are you from?”

“I am eighteen, from Tang Village.”

“Eighteen? You’re a student?”

“No, I dropped out of school long ago. I’m a delivery boy now.”

The male police officer furrowed his brows and displayed an expression of disgust. “No wonder you have this bad habit of ****. Do you admit guilt to whatever you did today?”

“What did I do today?”

“It’s ****!” The male police officer slammed the table and spoke with a louder voice. “Don’t try to play dumb, kid! You said you are innocent? How could it be that you are innocent?”

“I’m really innocent, officer!” Tang Hao was anxious. If he admitted guilt, he would be locked away for at least two weeks.

“Nonsense!” The male police officer’s eyebrows straightened and his face was grim. “We caught you inside! If you’re not in there for ****, what else are you there for?”

“I really wasn’t there for ****, officer! I was only there to promote a product.”

“You’re a salesman? Wait, didn’t you say you were a delivery boy earlier?”

“Yes, I’m a delivery boy. Who says that delivery boys can’t moonlight as salesmen?” Tang Hao said confidently, “Also, you don’t have proof that I broke any laws.

“As far as I know, for **** I’ll need to be caught in the act. You can’t lock me up with that.” Tang Hao realized that there was no point in explaining his innocence. He would have to fight for it.

“You… you’re a smart one!” The male police officer sneered.

He turned over to whisper at the female police officer. “Qingxue, this kid is a tough one! Looks like we won’t be able to lock him up with what we have on him.”

Zhao Qingxue’s expression was icy as she glared at the boy sitting in front of her.

She abruptly slammed the table and stood up. She forcefully glared at Tang Hao who was sitting down.

‘This kid… is so despicable!’ She thought in her heart as she remembered the scene earlier. She gritted her teeth, trying hard to stop herself from slapping the boy.

She did not believe his excuse that he was a salesman. This boy looked gentle and bookish and was even a little handsome, but as the saying goes, he might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Who knows if that innocent face concealed a perverted soul?

‘What are you looking at? I saved your life!’ Tang Hao rolled his eyes.


Zhao Qingxue slammed on the table again. He had ticked her off this time. ‘This kid knows how to get on my nerves!’

“So then, tell me, what product are you promoting?” The words were squeezed one by one from her gritted teeth.

“Oh! It’s a beauty cream.”

Tang Hao opened his backpack and produced a small metal box about half the size of his palm.

He unscrewed the lid. Inside the box was a pure white cream that emitted a relaxing scent.

“This beauty cream is an ancestral recipe. It can whiten the skin and remove any blemishes so that your skin becomes soft and shiny,” Tang Hao explained.

“Pfft! Who are you cheating? That’s all just plain deception,” the male police officer mocked.

“Let the product speak for itself then! I can swear upon my ancestors that the cream works. Do you want to try, officer? You can have it for free.”

“Save it for yourself. Who knows what’s inside this ancestral recipe?” Zhao Qingxue looked at it with a face of disgust.

“Never mind then!” Tang Hao said bitterly.

The door to the interrogation room opened. A police officer came in and whispered into Zhao Qingxue’s ear.

“We’ve run a check. No one expected that the guy was a murderer on the lam. That was why he decided to risk it to escape. Looks like we’ve done a great deed.

“As for this kid… he’s innocent. The two girls vouched for him.”

Tang Hao breathed a sigh of relief. Zhao Qingxue’s face looked terrible.

“May I go now, officer?” Tang Hao said as a wide grin appeared on his face.

Zhao Qingxue slammed the table as her face darkened. She stood up from her seat and glared straight at Tang Hao with her charming eyes. She turned around violently and left the room.

“You can go now!” The male police officer told him.

It was already dark when he left the police station.

“I gotta fetch my ride first. It should still be at the bathhouse.”

Tang Hao clutched his backpack closer to him and walked in that direction.

The city at night time was a melting pot of earthly desires. The sign of modern progress.

Tang Hao was relaxed as he walked along the streets, enjoying the cool nighttime air.

The course of his life was already changing. As long as he kept true to this path, he was sure to be rewarded with fame and riches. He nimbly strode toward his destination, full of determination.

While he was walking, he heard someone calling in front of him.

“Hey, beautiful lady, don’t just go yet! Come play with us!”

Perverted laughter broke out, indicating that there were a few people.

“Daaaamn, this chick is hot! She looks better than any celebrity out there. I’d pay with three years of my life to f*ck her once.”

“Pah! What’s three years? I’d pay five.”

The jeers continued, interspersed by the voice of a woman. “Go… away! Don’t… touch me!” She spoke haltingly and sounded like she was drunk.

Tang Hao furrowed his brows.

There were a few bars along the street ahead of him. These people must have come from there.

‘Time for this moral citizen to perform their civic duty!’

Tang Hao had always been a good Samaritan. He could not tolerate seeing someone bullied. The last incident that ended up in a hospital visit had intimidated him, but it did not cause him to stop helping others.

After he became a cultivator and his abilities grew stronger, he had even more reason to step in and interfere.

Furthermore, in the heart of every hot-blooded man was the desire to be a hero. Tang Hao was no exception.

‘This is the perfect chance to try my abilities!’

Tang Hao clenched his fists. He excitedly walked forward.

Very soon, he saw a woman stumbling toward him. Her hair was unkempt and he could not see her face clearly, though her voluptuous body was a breathtaking one.

She was a slender woman with curves at all the right places.

She was wearing a black western-style jacket and a tight miniskirt, flaunting the curves of her body. Her long and straight legs were in black pantihose.

On her feet were a pair of high heels that were seven or eight centimeters tall. She barely kept her balance.

Behind her were five or six men. They were dressed like hooligans and were obviously up to no good.

“Watch your step, beautiful lady! Let us help you. Don’t you know, my nickname is ‘The indestructible Golden Spear’. We can do ‘it’ seven times tonight, satisfaction guaranteed!”

The one who looked like their leader smiled obscenely and rushed toward her. He stretched out a hand to grope at the woman’s rear.

“Stop!” A booming voice was heard on the streets.

This frightened the lead hooligan. He looked shocked.

He looked around and saw a boy walking toward him.

“Hahaha! Where did this idiot come from? Wanna be a hero? Hahaha! This is hilarious!” He laughed uncontrollably while clutching his stomach.

The other hooligans behind him also started laughing too.